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Sunday, August 30, 2015

What's Closet Popularity?

Everyday we linger in front of our closet, and are faced with the same question, "What will you wear today?"
Whether it takes you 2 seconds or 2 hours, you scan over your collection of clothing and "usually"  there is a small collection  of clothing that become the most worn, "Popular Ones". 

Would you say these pieces are the best, or the most innovative in  your collection? No. Quite contrary, they are usually the lazy pieces that some how look good while letting you think as little as possible. 

My "Popular Style"

My most worn pieces or "Popular Style", consists of my favorite James Perse Tee, stretchy black 7 Jeans, Boyfriend Jean, beige sweater top, and my black James Perse Jersey Dress. 

Why are they the "chosen" ones? To be honest, they are simply the most comfortable, while still looking stylish. Little effort is needed to look rather acceptable, and surprisingly, I receive more compliments in my "I'm not trying attire". 
Early morning bed hair? Check. Minimal make-up with a splash of color on the lips? Check. 
Is this fashion at my best? Not really, I'm just being lazy. 

In many ways, popular is success at impressing without intimidating. It is a celebration of medicrity and doing what is relateable. Nothing too bold, too eccentric, or ever thinking too hard. 

The "Special Ones"

In society the "Special Ones", have adopted quite a negative impression as "oddballs, misfits, or losers." They are the people, who just don't fit in and very few can relate to. They are the artists. 
To be "special " in fashion is rather the same concept. You can easily be fashionable by falling trends but it is only in the risks of uniqueness, that one can become an artist of style. 

Now lets take those crazy purchases that leave us shaking our heads and wondering, "What was I thinking?", or those dusty pieces in our closet, with their price tags still dangling lonely in the back of our closet, and challenge ourself!

Sometimes a garment of clothing seems off not because it is a mistake, but because it is not styled correctly. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a piece of clothing that I never wore, not because I didn't like it, but because it felt incomplete or off. 
Then by a freak chance of innovation, I challenged myself to match my "odd ball" piece with a rather unexpected choice in my current wardrobe. The match was the perfect compliment and the entire look now made sense.

The key is to constantly challenge your sense of style, and take risks. Step outside the box of comfort and problem solve.  What may not work now, maybe the missing piece to another outfit. 
If you always wear what is easy, and follow the trends, there is no level of "challenge".

Dare to think.