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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Puzzling Game of Style

How is it possible to have so many clothes and nothing to wear?

I have asked myself this question countless times, and with much thought I have found my answer.
The problem is not with the clothes "individually", but in their abilities to match with other pieces in my wardrobe. I would simply buy a beautiful blouse one day, and then a skirt another, and neither match each other,  nor anything else in my closet. It was as if I was collecting a wardrobe full of left shoes. Individually gorgeous but quite useless in combining a complete look.

This made me realize, my shopping approach had been totally wrong. 
A wardrobe is actually like a puzzle, and therefore, blindly buying whatever you like will never boost your closet style. 

Style is all about finding the missing pieces and linking them together. A wardrobe like a puzzle, should be strategic. 
For example, take a Fashion Week runway show. Back stage, the clothes are carefully organized on racks, with the entire individual outfit, completely pre-styled. From outfit, shoe, bag, accessories, and even make up.  High style is a "complete" outfit. If you look at the entire collection you will notice almost all the pieces are interchangeable. One jacket matches nearly all the pieces of the collection and a certain shoe is versatility matched  to every look as well. More matches, means more possibilities to be worn. 

This does not mean in anyway, that you should go buy a head to toe look each time you shop. However, it does mean to always keep in mind what you already own and what items will help "complete" a look. 



  1. See? that's where I go wrong. I buy what I like and I end up with nothing to wear.

  2. hi barbs,
    lol. we all do sweety. :D