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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Daily: Makeovers for Gadgets and Social Media?

The first step to embracing Fall Style is to start "thinking" about it. The world is so fast paced these days, people have no time to connect with their surroundings. With most heads held down, and eyes and ears glued to their smart phones, the gentle flutter of a fallen leaf will go right on being unnoticed.

The solution? 
If your world is the virtual web then bring Fall to that world. Change up the wallpaper on your computer,phone, social media accounts, or anywhere else you will be sure to see it. Choose a photo that gives you the feeling of Fall and gently reminds you why this season is so special to you. Once you inject Fall into your space, it sparks inspiration and it will enhance your desire to go out and experience it in "Real" life. 
For me, Fall is all about the leaves, and my wallpapers on my phone and twitter were changed today. (see above screen captions from my phone and twitter account @maya_horikawa) Now, every time I open my phone, or social media accounts, I feel excited to embrace the season with my fashion style and food. Something as simple as changing out a photo is the difference between remembering to "live" in FALL, verses just letting it float on by.

Take care, and join me tomorrow for more daily Fall Style. 
FALLing in love with Fall. ❤


  1. great idea. fall is such a beautiful season!! xx Lita

    1. Hi Lita,
      Yes! Fall is very beautiful, and it goes by so fast! thanks for commenting.