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Friday, September 4, 2015

Is Your Fashion Style Getting Boring? Lets Refresh!

Do you ever feel like your clothes lose its appeal after wearing it once? How do you keep it fresh and prevent your style from getting stale and predictable over and over again? 
The key lies in your brain. Think of your style as like a conversation with a friend. When you speak with your friend would you use the exact same words, to say the exact same ideas, over and over again? When your life starts to get repetitive, your mind gets stuck. In order to keep that wheel of life moving you have to keep on challenging yourself. 

Fashion is just like life, and it is easy to get stuck on a style that works. Whether it be a certain haircut, how you do your makeup, or a clothing preference. It is easy to get comfortable and fall into a routine.

Why take a risk when you find something that works? 
Change will create change. This does not mean to throw away who you are, or to forget all your previous fashion preferences. This simply means, try something new. It is the equilvalent of trying "Ethiopian" food, or some other exotic cuisine your palette has never touched. Yes, you may hate it, but then again you may love it. Either way, new experiences keep your mind fresh. 

 One of my favorite ways to shake up my style is trying clothing and accessories from different regions. Either you can travel and find  local markets, or you can even try finding ethnic jewelry in your own town.
Surprisingly, it does not cost much to make a difference. Change works like a domino effect, started by a singular idea.
 If it feels scary but you some how desire it, give it a try. As long as it is not permanent, what's the worst that could happen? 

Recently I cut off my hair. (If you follow my blog you would already know this, and if you follow me on instagram you may have even watched me do it. )
To summarize, my hair has been unbelievably long for most of my life, and cutting it off was terrifying for me to do. However, to my surprise, I quite like it. All my clothes look different on me, and my overall appearance is slightly different. You would be surprised how changing one thing, causes you to slightly change other aspects of your style. Shorter hair gives off a sportier, playful vibe, and this has me wearing my clothes in a different way. My style these days has become more minimalistic, cleaner lines, and less color.
If I debate with myself regarding my style now verses before, there would be no comparison. You see, all of it is still me, no better, no worse,  just changing.
I can feel myself evolving and growing, and there is something quite beautiful about that.  When you change something in your your style, you change something in your thoughts.You see things you might not ordinarily see, and challenge choices you may not ordinarily take. 

Whether you go extreme or try something light, keeping your style fresh means trying something new!

Good Luck!



  1. I feel you on the getting caught in a routine, I did hairdressing school last year so the clothes I was wearing got covered in bleach from 20 eager students and full of hair, so I and everyone else pretty much wore the same boring outfits for a year so that our nice clothes didn't get ruined. I'm now finished and working on breaking the routine of wearing boring but comfortable..

    1. HI Elise,
      Enjoy getting back into the fashion game! Its a bit daunting at first, but a lot of fun! keep me updated!