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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Daily: 3 Ways to Style Like a Fine Wine

Did you ever wonder why so many people desire the color of  burgundy during Fall and Winter months? What is it about this color and this season, that makes so many people desire it?

Like a glass of fine wine, the color burgundy is visually warm, smooth, and full of character. It exudes a mysterious depth of history, which adds just the right amount of femininity and strength. 

Just as one checks the color, smell, and flavor to determine a fine wine, here are my 3 ways to STYLE like a Fine Wine.

1.) Color: 
Finding the right "red wine" color for your skin is a learning process. Whether it be oxblood, burgundy, berry toned, or maroon, they are all shades of red wine that match different skin types. Some have a more berry tone, verses others that have a stronger brown undertone. This is also true for lip colors, blushes, and eyeshadows. Don't be quick to assume this color is not for you just because one outfit or lip color did not work. There is a tone of red wine that will work for everyone.

2.) Smell?
When you smell wine before you drink it, there is a bit of mental investigation that takes place. Does it smell sweet, sharp? What are the ingredients? 
Similar to this process, when styling outfits with burgundy, you should consider staying true to the character of who you are. Whether your style is sweet, simple, or eclectic, remain true to your style. Harmonize.

3.) Texture:
Always consider the texture in correspondence to color. Personally, I love burgundy on knits, silk, velvet, and leather, because it provides some color variety in the shading of its uneven textures. The light bounces off of certain textures in different ways, creating a much different effect on the same color. 


Join me tomorrow for more Daily Fall Style! (Posting Everyday October, November)


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