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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Daily: How to Pick a Sweater that Snuggles You!

Sweater weather is officially here, and picking the right sweater can be the difference between a good day, and a bad one. 
My inspiration is rather simple. 
Imagine a cold crisp day, a cup of hot cider, a good book, and the most lusciously warm knit blanket enveloping you in a massively huge hug. That instant moment of utter satisfaction is what I look for in all of my Fall/Winter, sweater ensembles. It is literally fashion that "hugs" you. 

Sweater Factors to look for:

1.) Is it comfortable? Don't be lazy try on the sweater, move your arms around, twist and turn. Does it feel good on your skin? 

2.) Snuggle factor. Does it feel like a massive hug? I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way about the "snuggliest" sweaters, but they make me instantly want to give myself a little hug.

3.) How warm can you go? On a practical note, it is important to know how cold or warm your climate is. Some knits are made for the coldest temperatures, verses others which can be worn lightly, and provide less warmth. 

Join me tomorrow for more daily Fall Style! (Posting everyday: October and November)



  1. In dire need of some fall sweaters! These are great tips for some much needed sweater shopping. xx Lita

  2. Hi Lita!
    Thanks for your comment! I hope you find some snuggly sweaters. :)