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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Daily: Candle Light Inspired Style

There is nothing quite like the gentle glow of a softly lit candle. It is a romantic combination of fragility and power. Similar to love, it is capricious and unpredictable. 
Just as easily as it can be blown out, it can also burn into a raging flame of destruction. It is a beauty that requires a playful balance between dark and light, climaxing only in complete partnership.

Wouldn't it be amazing to achieve such appeal in your Fall fashion style?


Candle light Style, is inspired by pulling the 3 most beautiful aspects of Candle Light.

1.) Color
The main colors of candlelight is an ombre effect around the color orange. It ranges from orange modulating shades towards white and in reverse towards black. 

(Basic colors: Orange, burnt orange, copper, brown, black, yellow, white, and some golds.)

2.) Power and Femininity
Candle lit style is a combination of powerful mystery, and ultra femininity. It is in this aspect a lone that candle light style is unbelievably romantic and sexy. You can achieve this style by mixing soft materials with harsher accessories, or vice versa. 
For example, a romantic soft boho, cream colored blouse, against harsh chocolate brown leather pants, bridged together with the warmth of beautiful orange accessories, is candle light style.

3.) Sparkle and Light
The beauty of candle light is obviously the light itself. Therefore, to achieve the style it involves some form of sparkle, glimmer, or shine. You can either add the glimmer through your make up, and allow your face to shine like a chandelier. Or you could use jewelry or accessories to playful maneuver the reflection of lights. 


Join me everyday for more Fall Style!


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