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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Daily: My Umbrella Style!

Umbrella style is all about featuring your umbrella and working around it. When I use to live in a colder region I would always consider my coat, umbrella, rain boots, gloves, scarf, and bag, as a unified outfit. It is essential to consider how these garments all work together, rather than purchasing each one with an individualistic idea.

Start off by knowing what you are working with and what you need. Do you already own a beautiful coat or bag? 
Lets say you have a beautiful forest green, cashmere coat, and matching rain boots.
Now lets go find a beautiful umbrella with a tiny bit of green but maybe a bit more eccentrically colored. Pull out the colors of the umbrella and look for a scarf that mimics the artsy style of the umbrella. 
From there, I would keep the tones of the gloves and handbag as similar as possibly avoiding too much noise.
The trick is balancing color, style and texture. Don't overwhelm too many ideas at once. Edit, and avoid looking like a hot mess. 

Good Luck!

Join me tomorrow for more Daily Fall Style!



  1. Such beautiful and elegant umbrellas! It's such a great way to accent any outfit. We all know that nothing can ruin an outfit like a downpour of rain but so can a really shabby brolly. Its definitely worth it to invest in a highly decorated or print brolly to see us through the colder seasons to Spring. Thanks for the share. :)

    Jo x

    1. hi Jo!

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I couldn't agree more. They are such a fun way to style outfits on a rainy day!