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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Daily: Fashion for Depressing Days!

Lets be honest, not everything about Fall is pumpkin spice and everything nice! The weather is getting colder and there is an ominous hint of gloom and darkness. Add some rain to that and things can start to look pretty negative. 
Fall and Winter are the easiest months to fall into depression and on those darkest days, I like to dress exactly as I feel. Nothing bright, nothing complicated, and everything as soft as can be. 

My Gloomy Day Style:

My color palette is rather dark. I gravitate to the color trio: grey, black and a hint of burgundy. Bright colors or happy patterns, rather annoy me on bad days, and I prefer to see somber colors when Im just not feeling so great. 

Nothing I wear can cause me extra stress; therefore, I recommend easy style. I prefer no buttons, zippers, uncomfortable shoes, or even a purse that falls off my shoulder. All these little things cause me more stress and therefore, pushing my mood even darker. 

Soft is your friend. Cashmere, is actually the king of softness, and I will prefer it over anything on my crabby days. There is something about a big, soft sweater to protect you from the darkness and provide you with a comforting hug all day. Kitten soft UGG boots, are another cuddle for the feet. 

Hide Me:
A great big, floppy hat, is a great way to feel hidden from the world. Yes, people can still see you, but for some reason, you feel like they cannot. On my depressing days I just don't want to socialize, or pretend Im feeling good. Sunglasses are also a great way to be anti-social.

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