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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Daily Essential: Umbrellas That Suit You

The umbrella is a often a forgotten accessory, but whether you recognize it or not, it is making an impact on your day, and your overall style. Nothing will brighten you dark, rainy days, quite like an umbrella that sings your song, and lifts your spirits. 

The following are example of umbrellas with individual character. Which one are you?

                                      THE ROMANTIC

This is one of my favorite umbrellas, and appropriately I am a hopeless romantic. Love can make you see through rose colored lenses but there is also darkness associated with this romance. Such an umbrella is perfect for those who live their lives in love. 

                                          THE STARLET

A red umbrella is almost always used by the starlet in a movie. It is whimsical, beautiful and powerful. Not to mention the boldness of the color photographs beautifully. 
Such a beautiful color is sure to put you center stage. 

                                     The TRAVELER

Umbrellas with themes from different countries allow you to take a mental trip far away from your rainy reality. It's funny how some simple drawings of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or Empire State Building can get your mind thinking about uplifting memories, or hopes for future travels!

                                         THE ARTIST

The Artist is all about using the umbrella as a way to enhance your style by color. Whether it be unexpected pops of color, designs, or textures, they are carefully mimicked and utilized throughout their outfit.

                                 THE CLASSIC

The classic umbrella is a twist on the normal "black". Black and white is always a classic, and this type of umbrella is perfect for those sophisticated, elegant styles. 

Join me tomorrow for more daily Fall style!


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