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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Daily Essential: Ankle Boots + How to Pick the Right One

Ankle boots are an essential Fall wardrobe piece and picking the right one takes some fashion wisdom. After years of my own mistakes of shopping by "impulse", I have amassed quite a collection of shoes. There is a clear divide between the shoes I actually wear, verses the shoes I do not.

Over the years I have learned valuable tips to preventing shopping mistakes, and finding a product you will love for years to come. Here are my ankle boot recommendations:

If you do not own any ankle boots and plan on investing on your first pair, think practical. Do not reach for the first boot that may scream, "Awesome", but matches nothing. Control yourself and start by selecting a classic style boot, in either the color black or brown. 

                              THE CLASSIC STYLE

The classic style is simple, clean lines, and with very few embellishments. It may not be the most exciting, or creative in design, but it is extremely wearable.  This type of shoe should be part of everyone's wardrobe. It matches everything you own and can be styled up or down. 
Your only job is to consider the height of the heel or to opt to have no heel. This will all depend on your lifestyle and how much walking, and standing your day requires. Try it on, walk around and make sure it feels good.

                               POINTY STYLE

To point or not to point? 
Being quite petite and small, I have learned over the years that a pointy tip will lengthen, and slenderize your legs. A rounded tip gives you a chunkier more casual vibe, and knowing the difference, gives you knowledgeable control. As I own both types in my collection, I tend to have rounded tips with my higher heels, and pointier tips with smaller or no heels. 

                                LACE UP STYLE

Lace up boots, give off a casual vibe, and best suited for those with a more carefree lifestyle. They are extremely comfortable, and great for walking; however, they are a sportier style and are not appropriate for all situations. You can also mix this type of boot with a feminine soft style. It is a fun way to add a spicy element to a normally sweet tone. 

                             EMBELLISHMENT STYLE

If I belonged to a category, it would definitely be this one. I love embellishments and unique little touches! The problem is, they are not always the easiest to style. You really need to know your wardrobe very well, and how to balance color, textures, and embellishments, in total harmony. The look can easily look a bit crazy, and become overwhelming. My number one tip is keep your clothes with the same color tone, and match the embellishments on your shoes with your accessories. It works every time!

                        PEEK-A-BOO TOE STYLE

The peek-a-boo toe is a perfect alternative for those who live in a warmer climate. It gives off the effect of a boot but can still be warn like a sandal. I would not recommend this particular style to anyone living in a colder climate, or a place that rains. 

Join me everyday for more Fall Style!


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