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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Daily Essential: Suede Skirt + 3 Ways I Style It

Suede skirts are currently the "IT" Fall item of 2015. However, in all honesty, suede skirts are nothing new to Fall. During the colder months of Fall and Winter, suede skirts "have been" and will always be, a wardrobe staple.

As beautiful, and flirty as they look, they are equally warm; making them practical and functional. Over the past 10 years,  I have collected a small collection of my favorite suede skirts, and they vary in colors, shapes, and lengths. For me, they are classic pieces, that take all Fall pieces to the next level. I look forward to bringing them out each Autumnal season and styling them in new ways as I grow older and evolve.s 

If you do not own a suede skirt, it maybe interesting for you to add one to your Fall  wardrobe! I highly recommend searching vintage shops and purchasing real leather verses fake. Not only will you get more bang for your buck, you will also prevent the killing of more additional animals. Fake leather is not something I would recommend, simply because this is a "staple" piece and should be an item you can wear year after year. 

My Top 3 Ways to Style a Suede Skirt:

Top #1 : Chunky Knit Sweater

This is absolutely my top pick of how and why I love wearing suede skirts with ultra cuddly soft, warm, knit sweaters. The look is relaxed, and effortless. My hair and make up would be natural and soft, creating an overall vibe of comfort, elegance, and warmth. 

Top #2 : Light, Feminine Blouse

Light, feminine blouses are a wonderful contrast to the textures of a suede skirt. 
During colder weather, I would pair it with a V-kneck sweater, or sweater vest. The look is 
flirty and playful, and perfect for those days you are feeling feminine. 

Top #3 : Denim Top 

Pairing a Denim top to a suede skirt is the quickest way to achieve a more casual look. It is relaxed in attitude, and yet somewhat studious in structure. It is a look I gravitate to on my coffee dates with friends, or casual business meetings. 

Join me everyday for more Fall Style!



  1. I love the chunky knit styling with the suede skirt, it looks effortlessly cool! x

    1. Hi fashion memoir! That one is my favorite too. :)


  2. I love the second look with the light feminine blouse. It looks really cute and chic.

    Jess xo
    Life: Live, Love and Laugh

    1. Thanks Jessica,
      "Live, love, and laugh"..... love that!