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Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 Ways Not to be BORING!

It is so easy to preach, "Don't be Boring!", but what are some real solutions to solving this "snoozing" dilemma? Here are my top 5 tips to never be boring!

1.) Normal is Boring! 
Despite everything you have learned at school, "fitting in" is probably the worst behavioral skill we obsess over. "Normal" is a state of mind, and an idea cemented into our brain as "the way we all should be". It doesn't matter if the idea is ridiculous or lacking in logic, simply because we don't even realize we are doing it. 
Looking to others as guidelines for our own lives is normal, and almost all of us do it. However, is it the smartest way to live?
It really depends on what you want for your own life, but if creativity and individuality is something you desire you will have to shut off the desire to be "normal". Why not start desiring to be YOU?

2.) Understanding the Difference Between Copying and Being Inspired.
With social media in full swing, it is very hard to not be influenced by what the world is currently doing. Every second Instagram can be refreshed with new photos of other blogger/celebrity style. With so much information flooding our psyche how is it possible to know what is your idea and what is not?
The key to originality is to never copy and to find inspiration from a broader spectrum. 
Think bigger. Pick things you like from different designers, eras, nature, etc. Look in unlikely places. The more you limit who or what you are inspired by, the more likely, you will just end up copying. 

3.) Popular Does Not Mean Good.
Whether it be trends, like buttons, or social popularity, quality has nothing to do with how many people like you. Therefore, never base your judgements or desires by the humber of people who approve your decision. The most important thing is your own opinion. What do you THINK? Do any of us ever listen to that voice in our heart that sings with creativity? 

4.) Your Finger Print is a Reminder
Considering how many billions of people have roamed this earth, it is pretty amazing that not one has the same pattern of finger prints. This should be a constant reminder to all of us, that we have the potential for so much individuality. We were not born to be the same. If everyone truly cherished the uniqueness they are born with and stopped trying to fit into a one size fits all cookie cutter, we would all be far more interesting!

Take care.



  1. OMG! I love this! It is exactly what I believe in! Normal is boring! XOXOIndividual!

    1. Hello Heidi!

      If you love this article, you will love all the upcoming changes on this site. The whole motto is evolving to individualism, self expression, and thinking globally. I hope to hear from you again!