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Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Daily: "A Touch of Love"

Jewelry is often a simple fashion statement. However,  sometimes, if you are lucky, you will be gifted a piece that is a touch of love.  These pieces are magical, sentimental, and heartfelt. They touch you in a way that goes beyond fashion, and straight to your heart. 

My "touch of love" pieces, were gifted to me by my mother. She received the the ring from her mother, and the necklace from her father when she was a young girl. I loop the ring into the necklace, and wear them together, and something about it, fills my heart with magic. 

My mind is flooded with imagery of what it must have been like to be my grandfather as he went shopping around stores looking for this very necklace to gift to my mother. What must have rushed through his head as he debated which item to choose, and what she would like. I wonder what it must have been like to see my mother's reaction as she opened this very gift, and now to have it strung around my very neck, I cannot help but melt into smiles. 

Although, my grandfather is no longer with us, I still remember him daily. His relationship with my mother was a beautiful one, and something I admired greatly.  I am not close to my own father, and quite honestly, do not know much about what having a father is really like. Such love between father and daughter is a beautiful one, and although I may not have that in my life, I feel blessed to have a token of that love between my mom and grand-daddy. 

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