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Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Daily: 4 Ways to Style All Black

Wearing all black is often misunderstood as simply "gothic", but in reality it is an extremely chic way to play with textures, attitudes, and moods. It is a powerful, professional, and  cool styling skill every fashion lover should master.

First of all, in order to style black well, we must understand the very nature of it. Black unlike color, does not reflect light but absorbs it. Visual impressions experienced while looking at black is the lack of light itself.
So how does this, scientific mumbo jumbo have anything to do with fashion?
Fashion is all about the visual expression and manipulation of what we see and feel. The more you understand it, the more interesting your style will evolve.

Here my 4 Ways to Style Black:

                                 SHINY and EMBELLISHED

With black being the absence of light, nothing catches your eye quite like shiny, or reflective black material. Materials like, leather, pleather, vinyl, silk, or velvet are all edgy ways to attract attention while deflecting it. This look can be styled from ultra chic to rocker cool in a matter of seconds. 

                                           MATTE BLACK

Wearing loose, matte black is an excellent  way to pull off an elegant and sophisticated look. It is a combination of modesty while still maintaining high level of  mystery and seduction. There is an air of confidence and simplicity to the various layering of black on black.

                             SHEER BLACK & SHOE STYLE

Sheer black strategically maneuvered with matte black is an interesting way to play with visual textures. Add a fun shoe and your entire look is elevated to a visual museum. 

                                   COVER ME BLACK

A colorful hat with all black is a cool way to spice up an outfit and add playfulness. However, if the hat is dark and covers most of your face, while wearing dark sunglasses, be aware of the message you are sending to the world. "Leave me Alone."
This is definitely my go to look when I feel like being anti-social, and pretending I'm deaf and cannot recognize anyone. Dont deny,we've all done it. 


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