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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Daily: Confessions of a #SELFIE


Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies, and thanks to her, the world has adopted the shameless embrace of human vanity. 
So this is me joining the ferris wheel of vanity, and posting a #selfie. 
Join me as I explore all the shameful little secrets of a confessing Selfie. 

1.) Duck Face Joke.
Oops! If there was ever a more hilarious joke played on mankind, it would be the falsified rumor of "duck face" as being sexy.
 If it would have stopped as a ridiculous protruding of the lips it would have been fine. However,  now duck lips has become the real deal? The bigger the pout the better. The lips are puffed up with fillers and overly lined to extremes. Yes, you look like a duck. Congratulations?

2.) It's All About the Angles.
I think by now we all know photos taken from above, will slim the face, while the reverse happens as the angle lowers. Therefore, whether you have  a double chin or a perfect shaped head, it is in the angles alone that the best selfie view is created.

3.) Filter it Different.
Filters are used on almost everyones photos. They are tools of manipulation and the images you see are not true to life. The right filter on the right selfie, tells two totally different stories.

4.) #nofilter #no makeup.
Just because you see flawless skin on a no filter or no makeup selfie, it doesn't mean it is true.
The answer to flawless skin is in catching the light on your face, and it will magically buff out imperfections on your skin.

5.) Face Obsession
Whether you like it or not, taking selfies makes you more aware of your face. The problem is, what you see and what you may or may not like is not reality. We all know how angles, light, and filters are just a few ways an image can be manipulated. Therefore, so much attention should not be focused around what you think you look like, but how you feel despite what you "think".



  1. Forever putting filters on my selfies!
    Charlotte //