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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall Daily: 4 Ways to Wear Knee High Socks

Fall style is all about warm colors and cozy comfort. Soft knee high socks are a fun, easy way to quickly add spice to any outfit. Depending on your styling choices, it can be worn soft and romantic, extra girly, tomboy cool, or preppy chic.
Either way you chose to wear this very snuggly style, you are guaranteed to feel flirtatious and feminine. 

4 Ways to Wear Knee High Socks:

                                   SOFT And ROMANTIC

Soft and Romantic is personally my favorite, and closest to my Fall Style. The entire look is effortless, and ultra feminine. There are no rough edges or harsh fabrics. Everything is soft and snuggly, styled with quirky blouses, and blanket sweaters. Make up is worn minimal and hair is styled in relaxed waves. 

                                            GIRLY GIRL

The girly girl, usually styles knee high socks with a A-line mini skirt. It is feminine and flirtatious without being overtly sexy. There is a level of innocence that keeps the look tasteful, and sweet.

                                          TOMBOY COOL

Tomboy Cool, is also one of my favorite styles to pair knee high socks with shorts. The entire look is interesting due to the opposing characters of boyish charm, and sexy sweetness. This look is effortless cool and fun to pair with loose cotton Tees and a stylish hat. 

                                        PREPPY CHIC

Preppy Chic is inspired by school uniforms. It is a fun translation on a rather orthodox look. Pair your knee high socks with plaid skirts, blazers, and collared shirts. 
The look is elegant, sophisticated and playful!



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