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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Daily: Designing with a Children's Toy?

It's always around this time of year, that knitting becomes a bit of an obsession of mine.There is something rather therapeutic about repetitive motions of needling soft yarn through my fingers while sipping a cup of hot tea. 
Currently, I discovered this children's toy that I purchased several years ago in Brussels. It creates a rope type effect, with selected yarn and currently my guilty pleasure. 
Ironically, my mom saw my toy and informed me that she also played with a similar toy when she was a child. It made me laugh, because here I thought it was new, and yet again, I have realized I was born in the wrong generation. 

Inspiring several accessories of my winter collection, here is one I recently finished. It is a black and gold, chain necklace adorned by two vintage pins, and currently my favorite. 

Currently I am working on this varying shade of moss green, and feeling rather inspired to adding some beading details. 

Will keep you posted!


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