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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall Daily: Eyeglass Style and Firmoo Review

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Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyewear store, and the second time I have worked with them. All the prices of their eyewear is remarkably affordable, while still maintaing high quality. 
With such reasonable prices, eyewear is no longer simply functional but fashionable. You can mix and match outfits to feature or compliment all your outfits. Inspiring new forms of fashion styling! 

To compliment my frames I styled my outfit with the same pink and black combination. The only difference is a slightly lighter pink hue found in my trench coat. The lining of black mimics the movement and waves found in the design of the frame. 
My nails, also inspired by the textures found in the frames added an edgier touch. This look is in every way classic, modern, edgy, and fun. 




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