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Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall Daily: Thankful Style

As I spent this Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, gathering around glorious food, warm chatter, and humble festivities, I couldn't help deny the warmth the holiday season brings. Such genuine cheer, laughter, and positivity, that our world can definitely use more of. 
 I started to wonder about the possibilities of implementing kindness into a statement of fashion. What would  it even look like?

A simple "Thank you", when spoken genuinely, is incredibly moving to the heart. Therefore, thankful style should also be an image of warmth. Neither too flashy or trying to hard, it is a style that sparks the human side of people. 

Elements of a Thankful Style?

Be genuine.

Being genuine is like a forgotten art, and for most of us, it is not so highly placed on our list of priorities. Sometimes the greatest challenge of all, is knowing what your core is, and then having the courage to embrace it. For me, I find my core through feelings of love. Favorite people, places, music, and history are all forms of inspiration that strengthen my core.

Embrace your past.

 Pay respect to who you are and where you come from. Whether this maybe your social, economic, cultural, or ethnic background, embrace it. Don't try so hard to be someone else, while denying who you were. If you are a bit ghetto but now a bit posh, find a healthy medium that keeps you real.

No more Manipulation.

Fashion is often used as a tool of manipulation. Whether it be to appear richer, smarter, cooler, or sexier, say no to manipulation. Try embracing the best parts of who you are, rather than manipulating the parts you least appreciate. 

Like a second skin, thankful style will find you celebrating the aspects that make you unique. When you treat yourself with love,  you are more open to giving  it.

Take care.


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