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Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris Is About Life

For those of you who are long time readers of Talk Fashion, are aware of my love for France. 
My heart, once set on fire by this breathtaking city of lights, it is electric, breathtaking and unforgettable. Paris is LIFE. 
Unlike anywhere else in the world, Paris is buzzing with dreams, beauty, and love. Supremely poetic, and infinitely free in artistic nature, it is no surprise it is a strong leader of fashion, literature, art, and music. The attack on such a place of "Life" is the biggest tragedy of all.

Such a tragedy in a social media world, has quickly led the world to send prayers under the #prayforfrance . However, should we really pray for France?

Interestingly enough, French cartoonist, and ex Charlie Hebdo artist, Joann Sfar,has asked the world not to pray for the city of lights, but rather understand what paris is really about.


Rejecting prayers from around the world is controversial, and it is no surprise that it has stirred quite a global debate. 
Sfar brings an interesting point about how we easily create hashtags about things we know nothing about. "Praying" for an issue revolving around religion itself, is logically not the most sensitive nor smartest choice of words. However, do any of us actually think beyond what we feel, and what we want to do? Perhaps, largely this very human characteristic is the cause of most of our problems. 
 Sending thoughts of love is a beautiful thing, but, creating a positive change requires global empathy and universal understandings. Research the real issues of how and what is happening to our world. Write about it, speak about it, and together, lets find REAL solutions.

Take care, be safe, and spread love. #parisisaboutlife


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