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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blogmas Day 4: A Winter Secret

In a world dying to be perfect, and cloning ourselves to be just like everyone else, snowflakes whisper the secret style tips on phenomenal style. 

What makes a snowflake a natural phenomena?
No two snowflakes in the world are found to be the same. The possible snowflake patterns are infinite. This is how nature works. Just like the fingerprints on our hands, varying circumstance create various outcomes.

The thing is, snowflakes follow different journeys through the clouds, and thus the patterns are represented in it's own unique way. 
A snow crystal may begin as a tiny hexagonal prism, but as it flies through the clouds,varying temperatures and humidity, variate possibilities of individualism and artistry.

So what's this ultra secret message sent from the sky?
You may not see the beauty in your own individualism, but wanting to dress or be exactly like someone else, is the equivalent to a plastical ornamental snowflake. You may look similar to it but you hold no essence of it. 
Just like a snow crystal, your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and ideas are individual. These are characteristics that will help you develop your secret formula of style. Society will tell you to be cookie cutter and do as everyone else does. However, fight the urge, and embrace your ability to be phenomenal.


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