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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blogmas Day 3: 5 Style Factors on Snowflake Style

1.) Icy 

Snowflakes style has an icy element, and therefore incorporating that aspect into style is key. You can recreate the essence of it, by using elements that sparkle. Whether it be beads, sequins, or glitter it is an excellent way to achieve a icy effect.

2.) Geometric

It is important to note the beauty of nature lies in symmetry. Snowflakes have one very common trait found in their hexagonal formation. With that in mind, play around with geometric shapes, that are uniquely dividable.

3.) Light 

Have you ever noticed how snowflakes just flutter through the sky? There is a lightness to its character that makes it appear weightless. You can achieve this style by picking light materials such as chiffon, lace, feathers, or knit. 

4.) Fragile

Snowflakes by character are extremely fragile. Just as soon as you may see one, it can just as easily melt into oblivion. This aspect of beauty in the moment, gives it a unique fragility that is intoxicating. Mimic this breathtaking display of innocence by mixing different soft textures of white. Keep make up simple, and natural, and really let your beaut shine through. 

5.) Unique

Above all else, snowflake style is all about being the star you were born to be. Celebrate your ideas, and what you find interesting to wear. Let your mind wonder to the unknown, and find yourself finding who you really are. 


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