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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WHAT I WORE: Versailles

My style is entirely inspired by the grandeur, romance, whimsy, and mystique of Versailles. There is no place in the world that ignites my soul, and imagination, quite like Chateau de Versailles.

By borrowing from the old world, and mixing with the new, I feel my style is timelessly eclectic. 


The choker is by CHINE, and made of silk, faux fur, and vintage ornaments. It is quite similar to the chokers worn by Marie Antoinette and add a unique texture of glamour that is something quite different from a modern day necklace. 

The cardigan is by MOSCHINO and a vintage treasure! As soon as I found this turquoise delight I knew it belonged to me. Like roses bursting in the wind, it shares an air of whimsy that leaves me imagining leaves dancing along the winds of Versailles. 

My coat is created by one of my favorite Scandinavian brands, Noa Noa. I bought it several years ago in Antwerp and fell in love with it largely for the color, and delicate turquoise embroidery. 

There is something about the color palette of burgundy and turquoise that excites my eyes. It is unpredictable and yet pleasing. 
To my surprise, the color duo is found all over the Versailles interiors. 

My dress is by BCBG and is turquoise wrap dress adorned with short silk sleeves. The burgundy turtleneck is by Zara and a basic winter essential.

The boots are by Kenneth Cole and the softest, most comfortable boots I own. 

My gloves are simple vintage velvet in a red toned burgundy. 

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