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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Looking in the mirror is a reflective experience (literally, and figuratively).
There is this strange psychological banter between what you see, feel, and identify with. Who is that person you see?

From quite early on, we learn the powers of fashion. It can make you look like anyone you choose to be. Just pick and idol, watch what he/she wears and copy it. This is the nature of how people dress, and it focuses primarily on how you look, regardless of the person inside. 

The question is, why do we do this? Why do we dress without considering what we represent on the inside? Do we even know who that person is?

When I look at people, I see them as books. What is their story? Each person has this mysterious past, present, and future, and it is constantly changing and shaping them into this unique being.  

What would your book cover look like? This is the question people should ask themselves when they try to find their personal style. What would be on that cover? What would represent your current lifestyle, and events? 
When you start approaching fashion with this kind of mindset you will see how strange it is to desire to look like someone else. Maybe you think Kylie Jenner is gorgeous, but your responsibility lies in representing your story. 
 Listen, I have gone through my fair share of fashion trends, and style snatching. I admit, copying beautiful people is a super easy way to look better. Their tips work, and compliment almost everyone instantly. However, the satisfaction lies only in your ability to please others. You feel better, because others view you as better. The person you actually are, is left ignored. 
For me, it was a feeling of detachment.  On the outside, I could look like this "cool, trendy" girl, but  on the inside, I was this awkward girl sitting in the corner reading a book that told a very different story. 

 Dressing to look good verses dressing to cultivate your character, may seem like a small difference but it holds two entirely different outcomes. Anyone, can look sexy, or beautiful, "physically", but to feel it from the inside out, is a different story. 
It is only when you choose to be a copy that you become boring. Who wants to read the book, The Girl Who Pretended To Be Helen Keller? (Not going to lie, that sounds pretty hilarious. I might read it.)

You might be thinking, I am not defined by what I wear, it doesn't matter. Which can be true if you live in complete seclusion on an island somewhere. However, in this fast paced world, an accurate representation of who you are, will open the right doors to the places and people suited for you.   By not putting importance on finding a true representation of your style, you  are representing a different story, and attracting a very different audience. 
Only one person in the universe can dress the person who lives inside of you. Tell your story!




  1. I couldn't agree more! I love your blog posts :) as usual
    By the way, I just wrote about creativity and style on my blog, if you want to check it out I'll leave you the link HERE


    1. Hey Barbs!

      Thanks for your comments! I will go check out your blog post now!