Monday, June 13, 2016


Fashion is a world filled with false illusions, and unrequited desires. The need to be admired, will almost aways find yourself in a type of fashion prison. 
Unfortunately, people are rather simple minded, and wearing the latest labels, and brands, will get you a quick glance of admiration. Now you are somebody, and now you are successful. Having something that others cannot afford, gives you this false sticker of superiority. However, like everything in life, there is a price to pay, and in this case a high price. 

When you find self worth through the exclusivity of trends and luxury items, there will never be a sense of content or fulfillment. Fashion is a well oiled machine, and every second, something shiny, and new is waiting for you to swipe your card. Nothing will ever be enough, and paying for it all will leave you feeling desperate. 
It is in this desire alone, millions of people trade in their life of freedom, and exchange it for one of debt, endless work or unethical choices.

When fashion controls you, it will destroy you. Be creative with fashion, and it will free you. Find life long pieces, and cherish them. Minimize the need for mindless shopping, and carelessly replacing your entire wardrobe each season. 

Living in a prison is not easy to see. The walls are invisible, but the power is real. 



  1. I am so with you on this one. It is hard to silence the consummation voices out there. But finding your identity and stuck to it is the key. Great article!

    1. Hi Ele Nuki-Blog Mode,

      Thank you! I hope to hear form you again!