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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Storytime: お盆 Obon and Childhood Memories in Japan


In this episode of Fashion Storytime, I discuss my childhood memories in Japan. Obon is a time for remembrance of loved ones, and it is particularly special for me because it reminds me of my beloved grandfather. All my memories spent in Japan flood back to me through smells, food, and fashion. With a quick blink of an eye, it's as if the present and past blend into an alternate reality.




Did you ever think of fashion as not just fashion you buy or wear, but an actual art form? What would that even mean? 
For me, sentimental style, is one way I express fashion style as a form of art. 
 Fashion by nature is intrinsically intertwined with art. However, loss of sentiment in what we wear has pushed us further from the value of expression, and individuality. 

This kimono was a gift from my grandfather to my mother, when she was 5 years old, and this photograph is a photo of me wearing the same kimono at the same age. To this very day I still wear this kimono as a loose cardigan with jeans, or over a sweet summer dress. 

Sentimental style is all about fashion pieces that spark ideas, memories, inspiration, or emotions. Our society somehow rejects these "sentiments" as useless attachments to objects that hold no real value. However, it is a proven fact that human brain, is formed with memory codes, that certain smells, objects, or sounds can trigger. Specific memories and emotions would otherwise stay buried and forgotten.
The value placed on fashion pieces that hold memories, should not be treated as useless old clothes, but treasure pieces that hold the key to memories that are often lost. 


Monday, August 22, 2016



Obon is a beautiful custom celebrated in Japan, and by far my favorite moment of the Summer season. It is a time of remembrance, soul, togetherness, and love. The moment is reflective, personal, and a time to observe one's own life meaning.
There are so many things in life that give you instant satisfaction, and enjoyment. However, it is in the moments that touch your heart, that make you realize how precious life really is. We are infinitely connected to our past, and all the decisions of today, are processing our tomorrow.

I hope you like my short film based on how I style from the soul.



Sunday, August 21, 2016


OBON is a Japanese Budhist custom, honoring the spirits of loved one's who have past. It is celebrated in Japan during the summer months of July or August (depending on which prefecture) and usually lasts 3 days. 
It is believed at this time, the spirits of ancestor's will return to homes lit with a welcoming light, and will leave again on the third day. Families gather, homes are cleaned, and alters are adorned with delicious snacks, fruit, and flowers. 

 Obon takes place in the hottest months of Summer, and the traditional kimono is created in a light cotton textile, called a yukata. 
The waist is wrapped in a stiff, sash type belt called a obi, and the back is tide into a beautiful bow. 
Shoes are a sandal type clog, called geta, and the bag is a traditional basket based, drawstring, called kinchaku. 

The hair is adorned with beautiful handmade hair accessories called, kanzashi
Kanzashi are usually floral in design, and often worn corresponding to the appropriate season. 

When I wear a yukata, it is a reminder in the power of clothing on one's composure, thoughts, and demeanor. The clothes demand certain character traits to emerge. For example, walking in a yukata requires you to shorten your steps, and angle your feet inwards. If you do not walk this way, the yukata will open, and unravel. The obi belt is restricting on the abdomen and puts a pressure around the waist that finds me less open in my movement. In general, I find myself behaving much more demure, and introverted. However, in the restriction creates a great deal of mystery mixed with beauty that finds me intrigued by the power of the things we wear. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016





How To Style Your Outfit Around Your Bathing Suit

Learning how to style your bathing suit into your daily look, is a fabulous way to enjoy the final stretch of the Summer season! 
Very similar to Superman and his super suit, bathing suit style will allow you to be ready for water, anytime, anywhere.

Whenever we think of swimwear with fashion, the furthest our mind may take us is a colorful sarong, a beach dress, or some sort of cover up. 
However, what about the idea of including a bathing suit as part of your fashion look?

Here are my top 4 tips on styling a look around your bathing suit:

Tip 1: Dress Light

Nothing is worse than wearing a bathing suit under another outfit on a hot day. When you style a look like this, pick the lightest fabrics, and let the suit peak through.
The more airflow around your body, the easier it will be to stay cool. 

Tip 2: Do not wear expensive or sentimental jewelry. 
Never forget the purpose of wearing a swimsuit, is to spontaneously swim or jump into a body of water. This bracelet by Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite pieces of costume jewelry and a nice compliment to the pink swimsuit. 
In general, keep jewelry as limited as possible.

Tip 3: Pick a Color Palette Around Your Bathing Suit:

Rather than covering your bathing suit, think about featuring it. 
My style inspiration for this look, was completely inspired by the vibrant orchid pink found in my suit. Because, the color is full of energy, I counter balanced the effect by pairing it with a neutral white lace dress, and white vintage bag. I tied a silk Pink Pucci scarf in reference to the color palette. 

Tip 4: Have fun and enjoy life!


To see the entire look check out the new video on TALKFASHION TV