Friday, October 28, 2016


"Beauty?... To me its a word without sense because I do not know where its meaning comes from nor where it leads to." 
-Pablo Picasso 

Did you ever think about the face you see in the mirror every morning? 
Most of us do not give our reflection much thought, but the reality is, what you see is largely influenced by what you value in your thoughts, experiences, and moods. 
What you may love or hate about yourself is completely effected and filtered into an illusion of what you see.

"Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don't start measuring her limbs."
-Pablo Picasso

Master painter, Pablo Picasso has painted a vast collection of self portraits throughout his lifetime and they teach us how dramatically perceptions of self can alter through age and experiences.
When we are younger, we are largely influenced by the standard conventions of beauty, and the shell that contains us. 
However, through life, hardships, heartbreak, failures, and knowledge, what we see in ourselves will evolve into more complex forms.

Beauty is not what you see, but what you feel. 


Saturday, October 22, 2016

#NYFW : REEM ACRA SS 2017 RTW (The Secret Garden)

"If you look the right way you can see the whole world is a garden."

-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Reem Acra, ready to wear SS2017, is inspired by the The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. As one of my favorite books from when I was a little girl, it is filled with poetic symbolism, useful life lessons, and love. 
When we think of secrets, we often imagine a heavy, negative, flow of darkness. However the secrets of the garden, are filled with blooms of hope, miracles, and light. 

Enjoy the collection of Reem Acra side by side with the words of Frances Hodgson Burnett!

"When you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow."

-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

"Thoughts- just mere thoughts - are as powerful as electric batteries - as good for one as sunlight is, or as bad as for one as poison. "

-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

"And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles."

-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

"Then sometimes the immense quiet of the dark blue at night with the millions of stars waiting and watching makes one sure; and sometimes a sound of far-off music makes it true; and sometimes a look inside someone's eyes."

-Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

#NYFW : DELPOZO SS2017 (FT Joaquín Sorolla and Soo Sunny Park)

DELPOZO SS2017 is a collection that envelops you into a bubble of light, shapes and movement. 
There is a nostalgic feeling of tradition that runs through the blood of Delpozo, and yet there is also an undeniable pull towards the contemporary. The mind remains fresh, stable, and invigorated. 

  Creative Director, Joseph Font displays inspiration by the works of Contemporary Artist, Soo Sunny Park, and Spanish Impressionist,  Joaquin Sorolla, in his SS 2017 Collection.

Boundary Conditions, 2014
 Soo Sunny Park 
stainless steel, plexi, paint, daylight
Britain Museum of American Art

The creations of contemporary art that is then inspired into the fashions of Delpozo, leave the viewers breathless and awe struck. 
Boundary Conditions, 2014 is displayed at the New Britain Museum of American Art. It is a geometric wonder that displays the capricious characters of light itself. Contrasting the painting of pigment verses the painting of light, the artwork changes constantly throughout the day. 

Unwoven Light, 2013 
Soo Sunny Park
plexi glass, daylight, wire, 

Delpoza accessories strongly resemble the Soo Young Park's 2013 creation of Unwoven Light. 
Iridescent bags, earrings and shoes evoke the power of refraction. 
Viewing such changeable factors in a light exhibition, one contemplates the relationship of ephemeral fashion verses the nature of light itself.
Unwoven Light, is featured at Rice Gallery and experiments with the character of man made light verses natural light. Manipulating light that remains constant and adding the element of natural light, creates an art piece that reveals who it really is on multiple levels.

Clothilde at the Beach, 1904, Joaquin Sorrel

Inspired by Spanish impressionist, Joaquin Sorolla, Joseph Font beautifully structured white dresses embody the essence of Sorolla's infamous seaside paintings filled with light. 

 Depolzo's white dresses capture the beauty of sun-bleached sundresses and  gravity defying silhouettes. 
One can almost feel, smell, and hear the seaside. 


Saturday, October 15, 2016


Alice and Olivia SS2017 RTW, is inspired by the mystical world of Tarot cards, rainbows, and magical gardens. 
Designer, Stacey Bendet was greatly inspired by her recent trip to Italy, and in particular, the Gardens of Bomarzo. 
Influences and inspirations run wildly throughout her collection and also in the scenic background of her #NYFW Presentation. 


Located in northern Italy, Gardens of Bomarzo, were created in the 16th century. Also known as, Park dei Monstri, the sculptures are created not to please but astonish. 

Sculptures in the garden include: Pegasus, Two Sirens, Proserpina, Orcus, a whale, 2 bears, a dragon, Proteus, Hannibal's elephant, Cerberus, a turtle, small theater, giant, triton, ceres, nymph, Aphrodite, and giant fruit. 

The garden was created by Pier Francesco Orsini after the death of his beloved wife. 
The garden has even inspired surrealist painter Salvador Dali to make a short movie and painting. 

Look carefully and you can spot various spots from the Garden of Bomarzo in this Alice + Olivia dress. 


"I kept thinking about how tarot cards are really about the power of interpretation, and so is clothing."

-Stacey Bendet

On her trip to Italy with artist, Lola Schnabel, she became intrigued and inspired by the Tarot cards Schnabel painted. 
Tarot cards can be found throughout the collection as symbols, prints, and accessories. 
As an empowering movement of interpretation and expression, Bendet allows one to use fashion to control one's personal reality. 

"Your outfit each day is your personal art---it's the way you express yourself to the world each morning....So be a rainbow!"
-Alice and Olivia


"Ever day should have a rainbow!" 

-Alice and Olivia


Alice + Olivia designer, Stacey Bendet, can be spotted in caricature form through out the SS 2017 Collection. 


Friday, October 14, 2016


"MISS AMERICAN PIE", is a rather eclectic collection that parades a variety of interpretations and inspirations, based on American pop culture, and Folk Art. 
From a parade of cowboys, sailors, cheerleaders, and classic Hollywood glamour, Sui's Collection is like a gum ball machine of ideas and inspirations.


The  backdrop of her show is a beautiful antique doll house. The house is framed in lace and strawberry print. One can almost feel as if they are transported to their childhood, and playing with dolls and imagining various stages of of American History.

Kendra and Allan Daniel Collection
(American Folk Art Museum)

Contemporary American pop culture, contains a rather mysterious link to fraternal references. Secret societies, cryptic signs, gestures, and rituals, have been part of American history since the early eighteenth century.

Mystery and Benevolence, was an exhibition featured at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City, and viewed by  Anna Sui. The experience inspired her to use cryptic signs throughout her SS 2017. 
Whether it be, stars, hearts, eyes, or hands, try spotting them throughout her collection.


Having seen the Elie Nadelman's Sculptor Collection, at the New-York Historical Society, Anna Sui was inspired to include American iconography into her collection. 


Pennsylvania Dutch Country is well known for their exquisite handmade quilts since the mid 1800's and can be spotted in Anna Sui's Collection. 
Amish quilts are representative of the Amish way of life. Women spend their days socializing and relaxing around a gathered quilting bee, and the results are quite impressive.


Anna Sui has several pieces representing the patriotic, red, white, and blue. 


Anna Sui's finale is inspired by Jean Harlow. It is a tribute to her boudoir of deco print satin peignoirs, kimonos, silky bed jackets and lingerie slips. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#NYFW : RODARTE SS 2017 (The Spirit of the Beehive)

RODARTE SS 2017 is inspired by the acclaimed Spanish film, The Spirit of the Beehive, directed by Victor Erice (1973). 
The film centers around a small child named, Ana, and her haunted inner life. Her aging father is a bee caretaker and obsesses over the tending and caring of his beehives. 

Rodarte creators, Kate and Laura Mulleavy spent most of the summer tending sunflowers and observing the nature, beauty, and textures of a bees' life. 


The Mulleavy sisters used dotted appliqué throughout their collection to represent the fluttering glow of bees. 


Dresses were delicately tailored with fabric containing hexagonal honey combs. Careful layering of lace and beadwork resemble bees crowding over their honeycomb.


Just as Bees carry around its pollen, the RODARTE girl is also found to wear pollen inspired fashion. Fluttering, light, soft, and whimsical, these gowns are fun and delightful, singing the sweetest Spring songs. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


 Kim Kardashian is a media mogul and with over 84 million Instagram followers she is social media royalty. Seen at nearly every major fashion show of SS 2017, Kim K's presence weighed heavily at this years fashion week.

What are the pros and cons?


Publicity, publicity, publicity! 
The sole purpose for inviting Kim Kardashian, is for her undeniably strong media power. Whether it be her reality show, or her social media platforms, one tweet, photo, or shout-out, can yield instant success. 
In other words, MONEY can be made.


Drama, drama, drama!
Oh, the drama! There is no surprise that a seasoned reality pro will be dragging a LOT of drama everywhere she goes. 
Take for example,  her recent robbery during Paris Fashion week. 
Media coverage normally warranted to the biggest fashion houses of Paris, were completely out shined by the chaos over her multi million dollar heist.
Everywhere the Kardashian clan arises there is a media circus that causes chaos, confusion and misdirection. 

So the question is,
 how beneficial is Kim Kardashian's presence at Fashion Week?

Lets think for one second, not with our wallets, but with our minds and our artistic souls. How much do we sell, until we realize we have nothing left?  Every #NYFW, or fashion review, has some form of Kardashian take over, and it leaves you questioning, the price that fashion has paid.
Is it really worth the publicity, if fashion itself, dies in the social media game?


Thursday, October 6, 2016


ALTUZARRA SS2017, is inspired by David Lynch's 1990 comedy/thriller, Wild at Heart. 
The sexy, free style of the movie's two main characters (Sailor, and Lula), is spotted throughout his collection. 
One outfit could be spotted as a fusion of the python jacket from Sailor, and hot pink, hip hugging skirt, with knotted belt from Lula. 

The iconic python jacket worn by "Sailor", could be found in several pieces thourghout Altuzarra's collection.
He adds cheeky elements such as dancing fruits, and fun colors to counterbalance the strength and masculinity of the skins. 


"I wanted something that felt happy, joyous, flirty, and fun."

-Joseph Altuzarra

Random fruits are spotted throughout his collection creating a feeling of happiness, lightness, fun, and whimsy. 
Rather a strong contradiction to our current times, Altuzurra 2017 is a refreshing escape from reality. 


Sunday, October 2, 2016


MARCHESA SS2017 is a celebration of the beautiful marriage between water and light. The water represents purity and the collections shifts its moods and colors, variated by the time of day. 

The show begins in  complete darkness and the gentle beauty of a string quartet. Simple notes vibrate through an uncomfortable silence, and repeated 3 times. 
A gentle light is projected onto the runway with soft ripples representing water. 
As if transported 30 ft  under water, a gentle moonlit glow, transports the collection into another world.


Moonlight represents mystery, beauty, and darkness. The contradiction between light and dark is magnetic, as it absorbs darkness and reflects light.


One may look at the carefully embroidered flower dresses and immediately think Spring gardens, however, for me, I see crashing waves before a storm. 
The temperament of water is extremely varied and unique, based on water content and projection of sunlight, water adopts a whole new character.


Sunsets represent love, warmth, and peace. The movement is gentle and relaxed. The gliding of the slow waters is soothing to eye and mind, and the beauty is undeniable.


Water movements, shapes, and textures are based on rhythms and waves, that pulse through it.
Like a wild splash of the clearest water, this MARCHESA gown is a refreshing delight for the eyes.