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Friday, March 3, 2017


Are you Anti-Social? If you said, "Yes", how do you feel about fashion trends? 
Most likely, if you are anything like my anti-social self, you will detest any inclination of following any type of "popular" idea. I value individualism and have always pushed the importance of remaining pure to your thoughts and creativity, despite the popular pull of the majority.  

However, lately I catch myself getting more and more reclusive, and deeper into my isolated ideology, and it made me think. 

How beneficial can you be, without a decent understanding of popular social instincts?

Anti-social people, often feel like they don't belong anywhere, and the natural response is to isolate. Instead of living in a comfortable cave, why not use fashion trends for a bit of help. Think of it as extending an olive branch back into society. 

Antagonistic to sociable instincts. 

  Fashion Trends
   A popular social habit found in the practice of what people wear at a given time. 

The thing is, fashion trends represent the "popular" mindset of society and its reaction to the current state of the world. Just as Art is the most honest description of all historical time periods, there is no denying fashion trends are equally representative to the expressive summary of its given moment. 

This does not mean you should copy a fashion trend like a brainless zombie and start looking like everyone else.  It simply means to be "inspired" by a fashion trend and make it your  own. For example, chokers have made a huge come back as one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016. Everyone was rocking them 90's style with ripped boyfriends jean, white Tee, and Dior sunnies. Instead of picking the same fashion algorithm, keep a LOT of you while adding a bit of everyone else. 

Take care and much Love.


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