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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Fashion Empowerment.
We are born into this world with an identity. A name given to us by our parents, and a life predestined by the hopes and circumstances placed by everyone around us. How do you define yourself? A race, a gender, a career, social status, fame or money?

Perhaps, the problem begins by the very fact we spend far too much time defining ourselves rather than creating our own identity. We have the power to mold our lives and ourselves into the shapes and colors we desire, but we lock ourselves into preconceived ideas that have been placed around us. Why?

Fashion. As superficial, meaningless, and vain as many people believe it to be, it is actually one of the most practical ways of discovering your identity on a daily basis. What you wear is a reflection of how you think and feel. This is why your style evolves alongside your experiences, confidence maturity and surroundings. 
Creating yourself neither begins nor ends with what you wear, but it is a progression of limitless ideas   and questions regarding yourself as a work of art. 
Who are you today and how would you express it? What are your limits, fears, and dreams? Break free from the mold of following everyone else around you, and start questioning and creating your own path. 
Mix and match things you like, and break free from the idea you must "fit" into a square that society has placed upon you. 
To be creative, means you no longer see yourself as a creature of attraction, but an ever-changing creation of ideas. Your primary goal is not to be beautiful, but to say something. Strengthen the ability to express ideas, and eliminate the need to conform. 
If you want to wear your skirt as a shirt, and your pants as a scarf, then do it. Challenge yourself by feeling uncomfortable, and push the boundaries to make people THINK.

Stay Tuned !
 In 2018, Talk Fashion Blog, will be exploring new and unique ways to explore the art of fashion expression. Fusing the fashion world with philosophy, psychology  literature, mathematics, music, and art, we will be exploring the limits of personal style. Join us!


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