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Friday, January 26, 2018


Caking on makeup verses no makeup at all. Which one is the "real girl"?

Bare faced. Blemishes, discoloration, a bit of shine, we all have them, but like dirty secrets, no one would ever know.

A no makeup face in a cosmopolitan society, is translated as lazy, unhealthy, or unprofessional. While those who believe in the authentic life of a bare face, may deem a full face of makeup as fake, superficial, and manipulative. So, which one is it? Can these two worlds ever collide in a balanced harmony?

Yes. The truest form of balance is to learn the benefits of both worlds. 
Finding comfort in your own skin with no makeup is a valuable lesson of self acceptance, and confidence.  One should be comfortable to show their bare face in front of anyone, and understand the unique beauty of being completely natural. 

However, there is also value in understanding the benefits of wearing makeup and appreciating a different form of beauty. It is a valid tool of professionalism, attraction, expressionism, and artistry.
 Just as one decorates a table for a dinner party, makeup is an artistic exploration of colors, angles, textures, and the effects of aesthetics on human interaction. 

Practice the healthy balance of letting your skin breathe on a daily basis, while challenging yourself to explore the various variables of faces found in the unexpected playground of makeup.

Have fun!


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