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Monday, September 9, 2013

My top 5 Runway Picks

The first dress is by Zac POSEN. By far my most favorite collection so far, a work of pure genius! Like soft petals of flowers, all the models were divine, elegant, and feminine. All edges were softly done and the feminity of being a woman were celebrated. A collection of pure poetry. The models, were so light and airy they might as well have been floating. The second dress is by Charlotte Ronson. Her collection was young, flirty, and floral. A very vivacious and youthful collection, giving all the models a bounce in their step. The floral prints fluttered through the runway with playful attitude and I don't think there was a girl at fashion Week who didn't want to walk away with one of these mini dresses. The third dress is by Custo Barcelona, and this collection was clever. It celebrated geometric shapes and bright colors. It was fun and new. The lines were harder than POSEN but it left an impression in my mind making it my 3rd top pick. The fourth dress is by Desigual. A collection bursting with color, best described as looking through a kaleidoscope. Every model, walking past with edge, but whimsical fun. Textile graphics were new and fresh. The fifth dress is by Rebecca Minkoff. This collection is Flowy, foral, and alive! The colors represent spring and the life that it holds. Like a garden of color, every dress in the collection, stood as beautiful reflection on Spring.

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