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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Easy DIY Nail Art


1. Pick 3 Nail polish colors that you desire.
Use one color for your accent nail, and another color for the remaining 4 nails. 

2.)Use two paper ring stickers and place as the picture shows. 

3.) Take your third color, or the color you have not used yet, to paint the area that is not covered by the stickers.

4.) Check the photo to be sure it looks similar to this.

5.) Repeat step 2 but be sure to place stickers a bit lower.

6.) Paint the last color and you are finished. 

Blushing Hearts

1.) Pick three nail polish colors. Take one color and paint all your nails. 

2.) Take tape and cut out a single heart. 

3.) Place the tape on your finger where you desire the heart to be.

4.)Take the remaining two colors, and paint them onto a sponge.

5.) Sponge the color onto the tape.

6.) Remove tape.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my God, this is soooo cute!! :-)
    Really gonna try this on Valentine's Day!