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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Applying Steve Jobs' Wisdom to Fashion

For those of you who may live in a box and have not heard about the Genius  Entrepreneur, and Innovator of the "i" Generation, Steve Jobs was CEO of IMAC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, literally transforming the World of Technology and placing it into the touch of our hands. 

Steve Jobs, in his signature, black top, jeans, and sneakers, may not be considered "fashionable" in conventional terms, nor may you see him grace  the pages of VOGUE. However, let's think outside of the box and apply his wisdom directly into Fashion. 

1. Have No Regrets

We all believe we have a long time to live. However, the reality is, we are never guaranteed, "tomorrow". How many times have you wished you could wear a certain look, and stopped ourself for whatever reason, or promised yourself you will put more effort on another day? 
Dress for today, and have no regrets. 

2.) Look deeper than the surface.

 People are so quick to judge Fashion as merely what you wear and what you look like. When in reality the focus should be placed on the intention, and desire to figuring  out who you really are. The result of what you look like, and the competition that follows is not nearly as important as the understanding of yourself as a unique being needing an outlet for expression.

3.) Ignore the opinions that drown your own. 

We are so quick to look to others for answers on who we are. From magazines, internet, television, celebrity, etc. someone is always placing their ideas on fashion as the "right" one creating a world wide web of "competition". 
Why is it, we avoid looking to ourselves for our own answers?

4.) Love What You Do.

I can't begin to tell you how "Love", connects you to life. Anything you "love", you will do your best. There have been countless times, that I have worn beautiful outfits that "looked" rather great. However, it was somehow, not me. It wasn't like a second skin, and it felt a bit like a costume. You know that feeling when you may "like" someone, but it definitely isn't "love". Finding a style is a similar process of understanding the difference between how you look from how you feel. There are many things that make you look good, but very few that make you feel like you've found yourself. 

4.) Money is not Everything.

Society places so much emphasis on making more money to buy more stuff. Fashion is not any different, and stepping up the fashion ladder should not be associated with buying more or spending more. This link between fashion and money is created to make you shop. When in reality, Fashion is always linked to you. 

5.) Have Courage.
Having a voice is hard, but making it heard can be terrifying. Wearing something that YOU like, and You think looks good, takes courage. In our pursuit to always be the "best", we immediately eliminate or hide our so called, "flaws". 
Instead of celebrating our thoughts we often times depend on trends to verify if our idea was good or bad. Does everyone agree it looks good? Is everyone wearing it now? 
If we ever want to live in a world not based on "popularity" why not step out of the "trend" line and start doing your own thing. 

6.) Editing is Necessary.

Just step into any department store, or google clothes, and you have literally a billion choices at your finger tips. Even Coco Chanel is famously known for saying, "Before you leave the house, remove one piece." 
Steve Jobs also accredits much of his success in his ability of eliminating what  NOT to do, over what to do. The process of "editing", is important in every element of life, and holds true for fashion as well. With such excess in our world, elimination is the key to success.

7.) Always follow your heart and intuition.

Most importantly, stay true to your fashion intuition. If something draws you in and you don't know why, don't let public opinion sway you away. Follow those instincts, and inch your way closer to a style custom designed for you. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

What's Your Fashion Formula?

It is often said that fashion is what you make it, and it is all a matter of good taste verses bad. Anne Wintour is famously known for saying, "You either have Style or you Don't".  The argument between what is fashion, or style is actually all relative. How well you know yourself and what your life motivations are the basis of your fashion style. So, what exactly is this fashion formula?
It's quite simple a type of A + B = C

Fashion formula:


If this is true what is the mysterious something that determines your fashion outcome? 
X is based on your own personal Motive. What is it that you want to do with your choice of clothes? What is your intent, inspiration, goal?
For example, here are various fashion types:

                               1.) FASHION NARCISSIST

Clothing + Selfies = Fashion Narcissist

A Fashion Narcissist are those who dress with the emphasis on receiving admiration. Their fashion choices are based on showcasing outer beauty with no regard to who is inside. In other words, the intent of fashion is purely physical. The projection of inner self, is not considered relevant. Unfortunately, fashion narcissism is currently taking over the fashion world, and "Selfies" have found their way onto the pages of every cult fashion magazines.

                                2.) FASHION ARTIST

Clothing + self Expression = Fashion Artist

A Fashion Artist are those who dress with the motive to express. These are people who look at clothing as a way to share about their inner self with their outer being.  Don't mistake this as only eccentric people who look like cubist paintings. In fact often times, people try to fake their artistic ability by simply picking or wearing anything that is eccentric.  It is also considered artistic if you take inspiration from life, art, color, etc. and shape it to fit you aesthetically.  Whatever the case, it has to be true to who you are. The hardest part is knowing who that is. 

                                 3.) FASHION MATERIALIST

FASHION + Shopping = Fashion Materialist

A Fashion Materialist believes fashion is directly related to shopping. They are highly effected by what is current and on trend, and their style is usually dependent on money. The more expensive, the more stuff, equates in their brain as a higher level of fashion. 

Of course there are many more types, and the formula can be made more complex by containing multiple motivations. but my point is simple, like life, fashion is what you make of it. Whether you choose to live pursuing your own ego, finding who you are, or simply buying your way through it, the choice is yours. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How I Conduct Fashion Surgery

Have you ever received a gift that you rather like, but it some how is not quite right for you?  
What usually happens is the piece of jewelry is either never worn, re-gifted, or thrown out, but wait!
What if I  told you there are easy ways to customize it, and turn it into something you love. 

The following necklace was gifted to me by and there were many things I liked about it. The quality of materials used is on par with such notable brands as "Zara", and the mint green color is something I rather adore. However, some things were just not right for me, and I knew it was time for some fashion surgery. 


All I need are a pair of scissors, ribbon, and pliers. I chose a  "mint green" ribbon for two reasons. Firstly, I love to wear mint green, and secondly, I wanted to magnify the center medallion that shares that same mint green color. 

The whole process is done in 3 easy steps, and takes less than 30 minutes.

1.) I took the mint green  ribbon and threaded it into the chain. I like the look of a little color popping through the chain and it adds a touch of feminity when you tie a sweet bow at the back of the neck. 

2.)The charms are connected by tiny circular rings, and with your pliers it is rather easy to move them around. For my own personal taste, my eye wants to move them closer to the center. 

3.) Although I love myself some pink, for some reason, I don't like it on this necklace. It distracts my eyeballs to go every which way not knowing where to focus. That is why I opted to take them out, but I have saved them to use for another necklace since  they are good quality charms. 

and Voila! 

I wouldn't say that this necklace is better or worse than the original. It is all a matter of personal choice and now it is customized to what I like. Thinking outside of the box, allows you the freedom to change little things you may not like, while still keeping the things you do.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's in My bag? *Summer Edition*

This Golden Yellow, Christian Dior bag was a gift from my grandfather when I graduated High School. It is by far my most favorite, and cherished bag. My grandfather passed several years ago, but It's amazing  how such "things" can bring back such fond memories and some how make him feel very near to me. 

The bag itself is not very large, and is perfect for my off days. I have a bad habit of carrying way too much and so a smaller bag is always a smart idea when you really do not need much. 

This little embroidered pouch is from France, and inside, I carry my iPod, card case, perfume case, and heart shaped "Marie Antoinette" case.  

The butterfly case is actually a lipstick case but I use it to carry one of my most prized purchases. It is a parfume snuff box from the 18th century, France. I purchased it while I was in Belgium, at a Antique store,and I always imagine some 18th century French Princess once carried it in her silk laced sleeve. The details are truly amazing and it contains my favorite scent. 
A bit of sad information. The day I purchased it, I was so excited, I showed a friend and dropped it. The crystal cap is forever cracked, and it brings a twinge of regret every time I see it. 

This is my book of Ideas. Sketches, designs, ideas, quotes, sonnets, or anything that inspires me is always jotted down in this very book. 

ABAHNA is one of my favorite hand lotions from UK. It is rather difficult to get in the US but I somehow managed to find it. For my lips, I love this tinted lip balm from DIOR. 

Since my bag is quite small, I do not bring my usual wallet and instead use this pink coin purse. I bought it at "Harrods" in London a couple of years ago.  I usually just put some cash, and a card or two, and that is honestly all I need. 

I always have pens and pencils with me and each one is actually collected from  somewhere, and brings back a memory. 

I never leave home without my business cards. 

This Marie Antoinette case is meant for pills. However, I have opted for candy instead, and it always carries exactly two. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

How Uniforms Manipulate Your Mind

For those that refuse to believe the power of what you wear and its direct link to your inner views, lets take a moment to analyze the effect of uniforms and how they are used to manipulate social behaviors. 

A school uniform seems harmless, right? I mean it does create an equal playing field where kids won't judge each other by clothing brands, and who can resist the time saved in the morning? Unfortunately, at what price do we pay for these minimal conveniences? What is it really doing to the mind of a child who is "preparing" to live in a society? 

Lets first think about when uniforms are applied in  society. Uniforms are used in a way to diminish the idea of "self" and replace it with the feeling of "team". This is why you see uniforms for the Army, Sports Teams, prisons, Communists, and any other "brand" identified occupation. 

Uniforms make you visually group yourself as a unit, and therefore, you are more easily manipulated. 
Instead of the mindset, "What do I feel?" your brain processes, "What do WE feel?" . Such situations create a practice, of waiting to see and read how others react in order to make a decision. This creates a type of "invisible barrier" of following orders, and thinking within the box. Imagination and ideas of 'Self' are restrained creating a fragile society that can easily be manipulated to believe almost anything.

What you wear, is highly influential to how you think and view the world. It should be encouraged from an early age to LEARN how to express your own opinions through fashion, and words, building strong  characters,  and encouraging individual thoughts and ideas. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Top 5 Summer Hairstyles to Try!

As much as I love the summer sun, I must admit, my hair is rather a nuisance during these extreme heat waves. My hair is very thick and very long and it can get quite suffocating during these summer months.
 First of all, my hair is always pulled off the shoulder and pulled back. It can be rather difficult to stay stylish when its boiling hot, and sticky humid.

The following are my top 5, go to Summer Hairstyles! They are guaranteed to keep you cool while still remaining stylish. 

                                  1.) FRENCH BRAID

The classic french braid. This is perhaps the easiest and quickest hairstyle to do, and my personal favorite. The secret with braids is, the tighter your braid the sportier the look. If you want a feminine, romantic look, pull the braids looser. It is also a personal favorite of mine to pull it to the side and to add a dainty silk ribbon.

                                 2.)   BRAID CROWN

The Braid Crown, is something girls with long hair should definitely try. It is also extremely quick and easy, but this look works perfectly for fancy nights out, or romantic beach days. The great thing is, even as it gets messy through the heat and humidity, there is something wonderfully fresh and enchanting about this look. I wear this look with a maxi dresses, dewy cheeks and lips, and a flower or clip in my hair. 

                             3.)    DETAILED PONY TAILS
I also enjoy putting my hair into pony tails, but I always add a little detail to avoid looking like a horse's rear. Whether it be a a braid, or many hair ties, I always add a bit of variation

                                  4.)   BRAIDED TOP BUN

This added  bottom braid to the top bun is a fantastic way to keep the bottom of your hair tight. It avoids fly aways and adds a bit of detail. Always a crowd pleaser, it is sure to get you some compliments!

                                  5.)   QUIRKY PIG TAILS

I haven't worn pig tails since  I was a little girl, but lately, I am rather enjoying this 60's inspired look. Add a bit of volume to the top of your head, curl the bottoms and arrange with cute little ties.