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Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas Day 19: My Holiday Styling Secrets Using a Flower Pin

The key to my style is rooted in my imagination. I never set limits on an accessory and what it could be.  
A pin is not simply meant to be slapped onto a blouse with two possibilities of either pinning it on the right or left side. The possibilities are actually limitless, and should be viewed as such. 

This vibrant pink flower pin is made of silk, and purchased in France. It is one of my favorite accessories and it is used in limitless ways to add just the right amount of color, and glamour. 
I have collected today my top 4 favorite ways I use this flower pin to transform ordinary pieces into something extraordinary.

Pinning it through necklaces is super easy and quick. It will take an ordinary necklace and transform it into a statement. 

Corsage for my wrist? Yes, thank you. 
There is something rather glamorous and old Hollywood about a beautiful flower on a woman's wrist. It is a fun way to add a pop of color to any look and sure to get you many compliments.

With Holiday parties among us, there is nothing more I love than wearing a no fuss simple "little black dress" and accessorizing with a fabulous hair accessory. Simply pin it through a hairband lined with fabric, and it instantly transforms into a fabulous work of art.

For a relaxed look, pin the flower into one of your wired hair combs. It is a soft touch of color, and it will look beautiful tucked softly behind your ear. 

Other ways I love to style any type of flower pin is, with scarves, hats, shoes, bags, clutches, and even through the laces of my shoes! Your options are limitless. 


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