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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas Day 20: Addicted to Red?

The month of December has me seeing and craving all things red. The color Burgundy, or mauve is a color I love during late Fall and all of Winter, but a color never worn in my Spring or Summer Wardrobe. This started me thinking, why is it so many of us crave the color red during the colder months? 

The color red is consistently the most loved color of Winter, and it appears not as a trend, but a definitive fact year after year. Why do we crave the color, and why is it so appropriate for the Holidays?
Awhile back, I wrote an article based on the psychology behind colors, and the emotions behind them. The color red is scientifically proven to raise your body temperature, giving the sensation of warmth. Mentally and emotionally we translate red as the color of passion and love. It is also widely used to grab your attention, and spark urgency. All facts rather appropriate to all things "Christmas". 

The color red is even debated as the color choice of Santa Clause, but like the chicken  and the egg, which came first? Do we love red because of Santa, or love Santa and therefore, made him red? Some people say it is simple  propaganda created by a Coca Cola Campaign, while others debate Santa has been wearing red from years back. I say, it doesn't matter who first colored Santa's suit red, the color sticks because it  works. Red represents everything we desire during the Holidays. Warmth, Love, and Joy. This is what we crave as the Winter months freeze over, and this is what makes us happy. 


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