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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas Day 21: Holiday Colors verses Winter Style

With Winter officially upon us for the third day, it has me thinking about the irony between the glamour and glitz of Christmas, verses the quiet, serene nature of Winter itself. 

Normally, I always receive my fashion cues from Nature. Whatever, the seasons are doing, regarding, textures, colors, and design, is what I go by. This sense of dressing with the movements of the Earth help me feel grounded to the Earth and in tune with the world as a part of me rather than where I live. 

However, December is the one month in in the entire year, I go against the hushed tones of a darkening Autumn, and silent Winter. I look at December as the sparkly exception to my golden fashion rule. 
Christmas is all about playful bold colors, glitz, and light. I find myself, being bold and desiring warm fiery tones, and adding sparkling glitzy accessories. It is a month of love, celebration, joy and hope. I believe it is a needed necessity for the bridge into the darkest season of the year. The entire act of adding Christmas lights, to a tree that has lost it's leaves and color, is a way we add hope and joy to  the finale of another year. 
However, this does not mean Winter is not beautiful in itself. In fact, it  is one of the most self reflecting, and  serenely beautiful. Winter style is more relaxed and toned down. I find myself craving mostly grays, black, white, and darker tones after the Holidays have passed. 


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