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Friday, August 14, 2015

What's in My Summer Bag 2015? (Summer Tips on Packing Lighter)

Summer is one of those months with multiple personalities. It is fun and festive in one sense, but equally draining, and tiresome in other ways. The weather is hot and sticky and the last thing I want to carry around is a massive bag with a truckload of unnecessary items.

My summer love is for my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. It is compact, easy to carry, and surprisingly capable of holding more than I thought.  Nevertheless, it is small, and wise choices and heavy editing need to be made. 

Here are my tips on packing lighter for Summer:

The Essentials:
The first step to minimizing baggage is to pick out your essential items.
-wallet (If you have a larger wallet, it would be helpful to try minimizing to a smaller one.) 
-business cards

Staying Cool

This is totally not a necessity but having one quirky fun item is something I recommend to put a smile on your face. Currently, I am loving this beautiful Japanese fan and pulling it out to cool off. I spritz it with my favorite perfume and it is a great way to relax and escape from reality.


Keep food items at a minimum and stay away from any candies that melt. Pick one nutritional bar and and a small pack of minty gum. Nutrition bars are great at perking up your sugar levels, while minty gum is a great way to stay fresh and cool.The combination of the two is more than enough. 


During the Summer, less is more. The only make up I carry is a small foundation. I advise carrying some sunscreen and lip balm as it is essential at all times. 
Think, beachy, no fuss face make up with a sun kissed glow.

Take care.



  1. This is a great list! And I love the rule ~ no candies that melt! xx Zuma

    1. Thanks Zuma!
      haha. I learned about the "melting" rule the hard way. ;)
      take care.

  2. Wonderful what's in my bag post. You are very organized. I have to work on minimizing my wallet. :)

    1. hi Michele! :)

      Thank you! Minimizing my bag wasn't easy for me either, but it had made my life so much easier.

      Take care.