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Friday, March 11, 2016


Chateau de Versailles is a place of inspiration and dreams. A reality so unreal, it takes your breath away. It is no surprise to me that such a place, continuously creates inspiration in the world of high fashion. 

Marie Antoinette, or the Queen of fashion, was known for her quirky innovative style and trendsetting ways. Is it possible that she was also inspired by her home? 


When you walk through the private rooms of Marie Antoinette, take your time to see the details. 
The intricate blending of textures, colors, and shapes will leave you in awe. No detail is overlooked, and it is as if you are living in a work of art. 


The colors found at the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon are exhilarating. Combinations of colors you would never imagine to cohesively work, somehow create such beauty. 
My current obsession with adding turquoise to burgundy, is highly inspired by these very rooms.


By far, the most inspiration is found in the long walks around the grounds of versailles. 
I know it maybe tempting to rent the little golf cars or pay to be driven to each destination, but it is in these silent long walks that you get a true taste of the magic that exists. 

Some of my most inspirational moments have occurred just walking in puddles, and imagining Marie Antoinette's life. 

Fashion is most beautiful when it coexists with its surroundings. It never tries to hard, and has a melodious harmony.


The main Chateau is vibrant, imaginative, and powerful. It is extremely reminiscent of Louis the XIV,  or more famously known as the Sun King. 
The energy is strong, and dynamic. 
The famous "Hall of Mirrors" is filled with glorious chandeliers and optical illusions, created by the strategic use of mirrors. 
The wooden floors are beautifully arranged in geometric design. 


The use of Geometric patterns is cleverly used throughout the parks and rooms. It creates a beauty that mimics nature with a contemporary touch. 
It amazes me how such techniques of shapes and geometry are still being used in modern day fashion. 


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WHAT I WORE: Versailles

My style is entirely inspired by the grandeur, romance, whimsy, and mystique of Versailles. There is no place in the world that ignites my soul, and imagination, quite like Chateau de Versailles.

By borrowing from the old world, and mixing with the new, I feel my style is timelessly eclectic. 


The choker is by CHINE, and made of silk, faux fur, and vintage ornaments. It is quite similar to the chokers worn by Marie Antoinette and add a unique texture of glamour that is something quite different from a modern day necklace. 

The cardigan is by MOSCHINO and a vintage treasure! As soon as I found this turquoise delight I knew it belonged to me. Like roses bursting in the wind, it shares an air of whimsy that leaves me imagining leaves dancing along the winds of Versailles. 

My coat is created by one of my favorite Scandinavian brands, Noa Noa. I bought it several years ago in Antwerp and fell in love with it largely for the color, and delicate turquoise embroidery. 

There is something about the color palette of burgundy and turquoise that excites my eyes. It is unpredictable and yet pleasing. 
To my surprise, the color duo is found all over the Versailles interiors. 

My dress is by BCBG and is turquoise wrap dress adorned with short silk sleeves. The burgundy turtleneck is by Zara and a basic winter essential.

The boots are by Kenneth Cole and the softest, most comfortable boots I own. 

My gloves are simple vintage velvet in a red toned burgundy. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A "King's Tea Time" at ANGELINA

A King's Tea Time

For the celebration of Louis the XIV, Chateau de Versailles exclusively designed a very special gourmet treat fit for a "King's Tea Time".

Hot Beverage
Assortment of mini pastries
Macaroons and madeleines


ANGELINA is famous for their decadent hot chocolate, and by far my favorite in the world. 
I must admit, a nice cup of tea would have accompanied the "King's TEA time", much more harmoniously. 
Together it was all a bit too sweet, but nevertheless a most regal past time. Be sure to try this most decadent collection if visiting Chateau Versailles this year!


Monday, March 7, 2016




As soon as I spotted this dress, it was love at first site. It reminded me of classic Audrey Hepburn. A subtle mixture of her regal role in Roman Holiday, and high fashion quirk of Sabrina. To my delight, the sumptuous gown is completely detachable, making it decadent while remaining impulsively practical.  

The entire dress is hand beaded with delicately hand sewn lace over gentle stretch tulle. 
A dress fit for any modern queen, it is by far the dress I was ready to buy and take home. Despite having no upcoming nuptial, such a dress can make any girl feel weak in the knees.


I imagine if I were a mermaid, and gave up my fishtail to marry a prince, this would be my dress. Such a magical dress that oozes romantic bubbles. The optical illusion of strategically placed lace creates a whimsical feeling of dreams. 

Always dreaming of a princess cut gown, I was quite surprised how flattering this form fitting shape hugged my particular body type. 

 Oddly enough, I felt more like a "bride" in this gown. The first dress, left me majestically regal, hearing trumpets and red carpets rolling by my glass slippers, but this one was much softer. 

Quietly glamorous, the innocence of the dress makes it feel intimate and romantic. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Pronovias Fashion Group recently invited me to preview their 2017 Collection in Belgium. The beautiful gowns were presented and individually explained, allowing for an intimate review of each handmade garment. 

Hervé Moreau is the creative director at Pronovias. Born in Nice, France, he developed most of his career in Haute Couture Companies, working along side such leading designers as Jean-Louis Scherrer.

The Pronovias bride is dressed in light fabrics, flowing lines, and an air of contemporary elegance. Nothing is ever trying too hard, and comfort is the secret to ultimate beauty. 

The 2017 Collection contains three dominating styles. 

Empire Dresses, Mermaid Dresses, and dresses of great volumes. The maison's favorite optical effect is delicate lace applied over tulle. 


Many gowns feature dramatic displays of jeweled embellishments, embroidery, or appliqués of plumeti tulle. 


Dramatic, romantic, and whimsical, trains are effortlessly placed on gowns providing the right touch of glamour and allure. Some of the more dramatic trains have cleverly been created to be removable.


Jeweled embellishments, embroidery, and details in gold celebrate the star color of 2017. Adding just the right touch of magic, childhood dreams of fairytale weddings can be spotted. 


All designs are made to flatter the figure, with light touches of lace, and elegant chantilly gently cascading like flower petals. 


Lace has been gently manipulated into a contemporary formation of geometric shapes. It is a playful marriage of something old, with something quite new. 


An evolution of crystal tulle into gauze, creates the perfect effect of romantic second skin.

PRONOVIAS is a family company born in "El Suizo" Barcelona, founded by Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste. As a leader of worldwide bridals sales, PRONOVIAS gowns, can be spotted in more than 90 countries and flagship stores in Barcelona, Milan, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Lisbon, and Belgium.

Sneak Peak!

Join me tomorrow as I try on the PRONOVIAS 2017 Collection!