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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Late Night Gift Wrapping: Gift for My Niece!

Being an "Auntie" during Christmas time, is a wonderful thing!
My adorable niece is a little over one years old, and to my personal delight, my access into the world of baby-toddler fashion. 
To my surprise, fashion for these little people, called babies/toddlers, has evolved into a mega industry.      
Pretty much anything you can imagine in the adult world, has been created and styled into adorable "mini" perfection. With limitless variables of possible style combinations, fashion is alive among the younger generation!

For my little niece, who will be spending Christmas with me, I have styled for her a festive, casual "Christmas inspired" outfit. Her headband is a Christmas tree, which I hand sewn several little bells. In all honesty, the headpiece may annoy her, but I am secretly looking forward to putting it on her and hear her jingle all the way. 


Blogmas FAIL or Save?

Blogmas FAIL!?

 Like a holiday curse, as soon as Blogmas began, I was plagued with a horrible case of the flu, then bronchitis. Spending the last two weeks sipping digusting cough syrup, I have basically missed all the holiday festivities.

Basically, I have two choices. I could very easily throw in the towel and just let the holidays slide right on by. Or, I could try to save what I have left, by making the final week the best ever! 

Join me as I try to get as festive as I can, and celebrate the final countdown till Christmas!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Blogmas Day 5: My Favorite Holiday Concert Style!

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", is a popular holiday song sung by Andy Wlliams, and it has me questioning every year, why the holidays make me smile?

One very good reason, is performing in a series of Christmas concerts! Every year, I take part in the joyous celebration of performing Holiday classics, accompanied by singers. As a violinist, I have played in many different types of shows, but there is something very special about the holiday ones. The stage is lit up, decorated and adorned with fresh poinsettia. The feeling is fresh, cheerful, and heartfelt. There is nothing overly complicated or  manipulated. No need to think, just feel.

When you play in an orchestra, you are almost always required to wear head to toe, black. However, during the holidays I push the rules a bit, and add a tiny bit of color and crystals. The above outfit is my favorite holiday orchestra attire. It is the second year I have worn it, and I still love it.

The dress is by TADASHI and the neck and sleeves are embroidered with lace and hand sewn glass beads.The shoes are by Ferragamo and embellished with crystals. The red belt is from Accessorize, and the hair clips are made of crystals. 



Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blogmas Day 4: A Winter Secret

In a world dying to be perfect, and cloning ourselves to be just like everyone else, snowflakes whisper the secret style tips on phenomenal style. 

What makes a snowflake a natural phenomena?
No two snowflakes in the world are found to be the same. The possible snowflake patterns are infinite. This is how nature works. Just like the fingerprints on our hands, varying circumstance create various outcomes.

The thing is, snowflakes follow different journeys through the clouds, and thus the patterns are represented in it's own unique way. 
A snow crystal may begin as a tiny hexagonal prism, but as it flies through the clouds,varying temperatures and humidity, variate possibilities of individualism and artistry.

So what's this ultra secret message sent from the sky?
You may not see the beauty in your own individualism, but wanting to dress or be exactly like someone else, is the equivalent to a plastical ornamental snowflake. You may look similar to it but you hold no essence of it. 
Just like a snow crystal, your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and ideas are individual. These are characteristics that will help you develop your secret formula of style. Society will tell you to be cookie cutter and do as everyone else does. However, fight the urge, and embrace your ability to be phenomenal.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blogmas Day 3: 5 Style Factors on Snowflake Style

1.) Icy 

Snowflakes style has an icy element, and therefore incorporating that aspect into style is key. You can recreate the essence of it, by using elements that sparkle. Whether it be beads, sequins, or glitter it is an excellent way to achieve a icy effect.

2.) Geometric

It is important to note the beauty of nature lies in symmetry. Snowflakes have one very common trait found in their hexagonal formation. With that in mind, play around with geometric shapes, that are uniquely dividable.

3.) Light 

Have you ever noticed how snowflakes just flutter through the sky? There is a lightness to its character that makes it appear weightless. You can achieve this style by picking light materials such as chiffon, lace, feathers, or knit. 

4.) Fragile

Snowflakes by character are extremely fragile. Just as soon as you may see one, it can just as easily melt into oblivion. This aspect of beauty in the moment, gives it a unique fragility that is intoxicating. Mimic this breathtaking display of innocence by mixing different soft textures of white. Keep make up simple, and natural, and really let your beaut shine through. 

5.) Unique

Above all else, snowflake style is all about being the star you were born to be. Celebrate your ideas, and what you find interesting to wear. Let your mind wonder to the unknown, and find yourself finding who you really are. 


Friday, December 4, 2015

Blogmas Day 2: Holiday Hair Goals

Ever since I cut off over 10 inches in the summer, I have been in a bit of a hair rut. I either leave it down, or throw it up in a ponytail, but old hair favorites just no longer work.
I have selected 5 of my favorite hair styles, and have challenged myself to attempt all of them throughout this holiday season!

1.) Winter Rose.
This is my favorite hairstyle. There is something quite feminine and sweet about it, and I imagine myself wearing this style with chunky sweaters and blanket cardigans. The look is easy, and natural.

2.) Braided Side Swipe

This braid is incredibly easy, but a beautiful touch to any holiday attire. I enjoy it when I wear cashmere neutrals, tucked into high wasted jeans. Very casual, sweet, and easy.

3.) Triple Braid Christmas bun

The triple braid Christmas bun looks rather complicated but it is actually quite easy. I plan on trying it for special occasions and events . It gives off a ethereal and whimsical touch. Perfect for the holidays!

4.) Braided crown. Depending on how long your hair is, the crown will be either single or doubled. A fun look I love to wear with festive sweaters and a red lip. I actually wore this style today!

5.) Bardot Pony Tail

This is a romantic interpretation on the sporty "ponytail". I would love to try this style with a nude lip, smokey eye, and an all black ensemble. A pop of color in my accessories, and the look is complete. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blogmas Day 1: "Frosty the Snowman" Nail Tutorial!

Blogmas Day 1:

Holiday nails are the perfect way to jumpstart your mood and start feeling festive! Todays tutorial is so quick and easy, you will be amazed at how quickly you can start feeling festive. Inspired largely by "Frosty the Snowman", this is my take on a more mature way to mask a childlike spirit. 

All you will need is:
-black nail polish
-white nail polish
-frosted white, glitter nail polish
-nail dot making tool

Step 1:
Paint all your nails with a frosted clear nail lacquer. I used Sally Hansens, "Crystalline" 02. 

Step 2. 
Use your dotting tool or a tooth pick to paint little white dots all over the crystalized lacquer. 

Step 3.
Use your tooth pick of nail dotting tool to pain a small snowman on one finger. 

Voila!  You are finished. 



Talk Fashion Featured Artist: Mally Lou

Mally Lou, is a singer/ songwriter, and this months featured artist on Talk Fashion. She is an artist that defines beauty, talent, and style; undoubtedly, ready to burst into the music scene. Her voice is rare and sultry sweet, making her love songs ring true to many hearts.

Check out her new original song, "Say Something" , produced by Stefan James. Now on sound cloud, go check it out and support this amazing girl!