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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Placebo: a beneficial effect, produced by a placebo drug or treatment, that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient's belief in the treatment. 

Let's talk placebos!
We have all had those days when we felt absolutely miserable, and resorted to some form of retail therapy. Funny enough, the "high" is a welcomed distraction, but never really treats the initial problem. Similar to the study of the Placebo Effect, we often mistake fashion as a quick fix to what our problems actually are. 

A fashion placebo, gives the illusion of powerful mood boosters. Whether it be confidence, happiness, success, superiority, or body image, clothes have a powerful impact on how we see ourselves and ultimately result in how we feel. These quick fixes never last long, and disappear as quickly as you created them. 

The concept is simple. When fashion is used as a placebo, you are believing in the power of an object, verses yourself. You may believe you look better, but realistically, the change is not so significant. It should be understood that it is in the thought process that holds the power.  

What you believe you are, creates the reality of who you are. Think of fashion as a personal relationship. Everything you choose to wear should come from a real place of love, rather than the desire for image, status, or power. Cultivate this relationship and you will experience miraculous innovation and inspiration. 
Now imagine a relationship with a "drug", that provides you with a sense of fulfillment. Like broken illusions, the feeling never last , and leaves you chasing nothing but an illusion.



Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Looking in the mirror is a reflective experience (literally, and figuratively).
There is this strange psychological banter between what you see, feel, and identify with. Who is that person you see?

From quite early on, we learn the powers of fashion. It can make you look like anyone you choose to be. Just pick and idol, watch what he/she wears and copy it. This is the nature of how people dress, and it focuses primarily on how you look, regardless of the person inside. 

The question is, why do we do this? Why do we dress without considering what we represent on the inside? Do we even know who that person is?

When I look at people, I see them as books. What is their story? Each person has this mysterious past, present, and future, and it is constantly changing and shaping them into this unique being.  

What would your book cover look like? This is the question people should ask themselves when they try to find their personal style. What would be on that cover? What would represent your current lifestyle, and events? 
When you start approaching fashion with this kind of mindset you will see how strange it is to desire to look like someone else. Maybe you think Kylie Jenner is gorgeous, but your responsibility lies in representing your story. 
 Listen, I have gone through my fair share of fashion trends, and style snatching. I admit, copying beautiful people is a super easy way to look better. Their tips work, and compliment almost everyone instantly. However, the satisfaction lies only in your ability to please others. You feel better, because others view you as better. The person you actually are, is left ignored. 
For me, it was a feeling of detachment.  On the outside, I could look like this "cool, trendy" girl, but  on the inside, I was this awkward girl sitting in the corner reading a book that told a very different story. 

 Dressing to look good verses dressing to cultivate your character, may seem like a small difference but it holds two entirely different outcomes. Anyone, can look sexy, or beautiful, "physically", but to feel it from the inside out, is a different story. 
It is only when you choose to be a copy that you become boring. Who wants to read the book, The Girl Who Pretended To Be Helen Keller? (Not going to lie, that sounds pretty hilarious. I might read it.)

You might be thinking, I am not defined by what I wear, it doesn't matter. Which can be true if you live in complete seclusion on an island somewhere. However, in this fast paced world, an accurate representation of who you are, will open the right doors to the places and people suited for you.   By not putting importance on finding a true representation of your style, you  are representing a different story, and attracting a very different audience. 
Only one person in the universe can dress the person who lives inside of you. Tell your story!



Monday, June 13, 2016


Fashion is a world filled with false illusions, and unrequited desires. The need to be admired, will almost aways find yourself in a type of fashion prison. 
Unfortunately, people are rather simple minded, and wearing the latest labels, and brands, will get you a quick glance of admiration. Now you are somebody, and now you are successful. Having something that others cannot afford, gives you this false sticker of superiority. However, like everything in life, there is a price to pay, and in this case a high price. 

When you find self worth through the exclusivity of trends and luxury items, there will never be a sense of content or fulfillment. Fashion is a well oiled machine, and every second, something shiny, and new is waiting for you to swipe your card. Nothing will ever be enough, and paying for it all will leave you feeling desperate. 
It is in this desire alone, millions of people trade in their life of freedom, and exchange it for one of debt, endless work or unethical choices.

When fashion controls you, it will destroy you. Be creative with fashion, and it will free you. Find life long pieces, and cherish them. Minimize the need for mindless shopping, and carelessly replacing your entire wardrobe each season. 

Living in a prison is not easy to see. The walls are invisible, but the power is real. 


Thursday, June 9, 2016


We all have those moments when our outfit is incomplete, and a quick change would be a life saver.

On today's episode of TALKFASHION TV, I discuss how to create and use a bag filled with fashion accessories. Whether you use it to dress your outfit up, change your mood, add a pop of color, or go from day to night, this tiny little red bag will keep your creative juices flowing all day.

Check out last weeks episode: WHAT'S IN MY BAG?




Sunday, June 5, 2016



"SELF EXPRESSION- the expression of your thoughts or feelings especially through artistic activities, ( such as painting, writing, dancing, etc. )

                                                       -Merriam Webster Dictionary

In order to express yourself through fashion, one must understand what it is to do so. Interestingly enough, when I looked up this word in various locations, fashion, was never written as a possible artistic activity that would lead to expressing one's self. Why is that?

The truth is, the act of self expression is an extremely vulnerable place, and very few actually practice it in fashion or life. Yes, many people boast at how original they are and how they self express through fashion, but in actuality, they look and behave exactly like everyone else.

The mindset of fashion in our society is largely a surface issue. Does it make your figure look nice? Does it look expensive? Does it make you look successful? etc.

Fashion should not be used as a form of "armor", nor should it be used to create confidence and self worth. Any sense of power or strength, created by what you wear, is not power that belongs to you. It is an illusion that creates an unhealthy relationship with fashion that is highly profitable. You need clothes to feel like the person you want to be, and now the co-dependent relationship of "buying" self worth is born.

The process of true power and self confidence, is a journey of self expression. No one is just born knowing who they are, or what they like. It takes daily practice within yourself, and a constant battle of self discovery. What do you like, feel, want?

There is such a constant blur of white noise in our lives, that it is difficult to hear ourselves think. Dig deep within yourself and invite that tiny little inner voice to come to the surface. Yes, you can fool the world into thinking you are someone else, but you can never fool yourself.

Originality, is the celebration of discovering bits and pieces of the priceless qualities within you.



Thursday, June 2, 2016



What's in my Bag?!

Check out the random items found in my bag on TALKFASHION TV youtube!

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Girls and handbags, are quite the mysterious combination. Every single day we tote around our life and stress about what we need and how we can fit it all. A bag is either too big, too small, too heavy, or just not the right color. If you take one moment away from the obvious, and dump the contents of your bag, what do you see?

The truth is, your bag is a solid representation of where your mind is at. Is it cluttered, chaotic and messy? If yes, then your mind is also having trouble processing, organizing and rationalizing. 

What about the contents?  
When we are students, our bags or backpacks, represent the mindset of learning, and education. After school, the contents of our bag say a lot about what you set as your highest priorities.
If your bag is mainly beauty or grooming products, it means you have set your looks as your highest priority.
What about items that inspire you? Why do we not value our own perceptions? What about items that remind you to look for beauty in the world, or open your mindset to things you would normally forget to notice? Why is it, we value so much of our attention on how we are seen, verses how we see the world?

Join me tomorrow as WHAT'S IN MY BAG goes live on TALKFASHION TV, and you can see the random items I carry to live INSPIRED.