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Friday, August 23, 2013

Style Tip 6: New Trend: Man's Bowtie!

Hello Darlings! You heard it here first! Bow ties are the next hot thing! Believe it or not, bow chokers have been popular since the 18th century, and why not? Everyone cannot deny the charm of a good bow. It adds immediate feminity to boyish charm. I love to wear them with blazers, and a crisp white shirt. You can also wear them as chokers, with flowy dresses or blouses. The only thing to be careful are the accessories. A bow should not be over styled. Do not add too many accesories, or colors. This could make you come off looking like a clown. If a Bow tie is too much of a leap, try tying a cute little bow around your neck, it can be tight, or lose. I guarantee it will add immediate charm! Good luck. Xo maya

Looks Styled around, "Man's Bow Tie"

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Style Tip 5: How to style a look around your shoe!

Hello darlings.We have all experienced the moment where we stand in front of our closet and say the famous words, "I have nothing to wear". The truth is, you have more than enough clothing, but you just lack inspiration. When you simply cannot think of an outfit in your head, look to your shoes for some help. Try to find your most unique pair and work an outfit around it. If all your shoes are strictly black or nothing interesting, and you have no money to go buy yourself a new pair, there are tons of DIYs on YouTube to help you out. One idea would be to paint the bottom of your shoe any color. Christian Louboutin is famous for the RED soles, and it adds instant sex appeal. Choose any color you like and paint away. From here we are ready to begin styling an outfit. Let's start out by assuming you have a very ordinary black stiletto, and you decided to paint the sole a classic red to mimic a Louboutin. From there you could be inspired to put peeks of sexy red in your accessories. Maybe wear a classic Black and White dress, with Ruby red lips, and a red bag. Whatever outfit you choose, I would choose a RED accessory. Whether it be a belt, jewelry, a scarf or a bag. Be careful not to over do it. Remember it is sexy because there is only a peekaboo of red. Have fun with it! Xo Maya

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Styling Tip 4: How to Layer Necklaces

Hello darlings! One of the quickest ways to bring your "look" to the next level is by using statement jewelry. I often layer my jewelry and then have that inspire the rest of the outfit. Layering at first can be a bit tricky so I have some helpful tips to help you from looking like a Christmas tree. *Tip* The jewelry you layer should somehow make sense. If you have never layered jewelry, start out by matching same materials or colors. For example, all gold, or all beads, or all black...etc. *Tip* Lengths. Play with different lengths when choker, one long, etc. *Tip* If you use one bulky statement piece, the rest should accompany it. Think a little longer, and lighter. *Tip* Keep your outfit simple. When you make such a statement with your jewelry, keep your outfit and shoes neutral or one color. Let your Jewelry be the featured piece of Art. If you can't decide, just wear head to toe black and have some crazy statement jewelry. *Tip* Be Creative! Trust your eye. Think outside of what you know, and bring out your inner Fashionista! Xo Maya

3 Styled looks: Layering Necklaces

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7 styled looks for "My Boyfriends White Shirt"

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Style Tip 3 : How to Style "Boyfriend's White Shirt"

Hello dolls! My favorite wardrobe staple is the white buttoned down shirt! It is the most versatile clothing item and can change almost every look. I suggest you buy one that is made well, and fits you in a flattering way. The title " boyfriends white shirt" doesnt mean to go get a man's shirt. You should get one that fits you snuggly, so you can layer things over it without looking bulky. *TIP* Statement jewelry! They are a quick way to tie in a white shirt with a skirt, or a dress. *Tip* Layer. Wear a cool t-shirt or crop top over it and you can easily transition summer favorites into fall. *TIP* Flirty dresses. Don't be scared to wear your shirt under a girly dress. It will add some quick boyish charm and contradict the sweetness. *Tip* Strapless. Don't be scared to pull out your strapless tops or dresses. It is a quick way to warm up your favorite dresses from summer into fall. *Tip* Play around. Keep an open mind. Have fun with playing around with my favorite wardrobe piece! Xo maya

Monday, August 19, 2013

Style Tip 2: Styling the Little Black Dress

Hello darlings! We have all heard about the necessity of all girls, of any age to find that special, "Little black dress". But do we really know why it is so important? The truth is, it is extremely versatile, and it can be styled in every possible occasion. If you can only invest in one, I suggest going for a fabric that can go either day or night. Choose a shape that flatters your body type and not too long. Stay away from added embellishments such as beads, flowers, or decorations. The key is to pick a dress that is simple. If you follow these rules, you will get more opportunities to wear it. Casual day: Take your little black dress and match it with some sneakers, a cool scarf and matching bag. It is effortless cool, and you will be comfortable all day. If you want to dress down the look quickly, take a simple flannel shirt, wear it open, and sitch the waste with a belt. Date Night: The looks I have prepared, are great for business women who want a cool outfit that is sexy enough to go on a quick lunch date, or after work. A quick style tip, wear your most unique pumps and work your outfit around the shoe. The simplicity of the black dress will showcase the shoe and give immediate sex appeal. Special Occasion: If you pick a mini for your dress, you can simply add a longer, light weight skirt over it. This will add some length and give a more "formal" look. Have fun playing around with your Littleblack dress! Xo maya

Little Black Dress: Styled 5 ways

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My 3 styled looks using a White Tee

Style Tip 1: How to style a Simple White Tee

Hello darlings! We can all safely say we own a simple, white tee, right? If you don't I highly recommend you go get one. Not only is a white tee a wardrobe staple, but they are just as comfortable as PJ's. I have styled for you 3 looks that take a simple tee to a whole new level. 1) Simple Day Look.Sweet. Innocent. Fresh. I recommend taking you're white tee and tucking it into a flowy long skirt, and add a complimentary scarf. Remember everything should be comfortable, light and flowy. Finish off with a nice statement necklace, a beachy hat and you are perfectly styled. 2) Date Night. Sexy. Edgy. Trendy. Take your white tee and pair it with a leather jegging. Add a sparkly cardigan or romper and instant , "Rock Glam". Finish off the look with ethnic jewelry and you will be a show stopper! 30) Black tie. Elegant. Sophisticated. Quirky. Who knew you could wear a white tee to a black tie? Take your tee tuck it into a long formal skirt, and pair with a short cropped, jacket with a bow. Match the jacket with a sexy heal and go ultra glam with your jewlery. Pick statement jewelry that sparkle, and you will be receiving compliments all night. Good luck! Xo Maya

Friday, August 16, 2013

How to get connected with Maya

Maya Horikawa is a fashion stylist that creates custom looks for specific needs. She began her career styling for photo shoots, music videos, award shows, and press events. She has a great eye for color, textures, and beauty. Her fashion styling is not based on following trends, but enhancing your personal beauty. She is inspired by Artwork, Music, Vintage pieces, and Nature. She believes, each person is a character in their"story" and their wardrobe should correspond in a positive way. It is her job to take you from the sidelines and put you in the spotlight. As a newly joined stylist of Keaton and Row, you can receive customized looks for whatever event you desire. There is no personal consultation fee, everything is free. You simply, sign up, complete a style profile and Maya will become your personal stylist. You can get to know her better on her personal stylist page at Click, "Get styled by Me" and the rest is history!

Q&A Interview with Keaton Row Stylist: Maya Horikawa


Q: What one item in your wardrobe could you never live without, and why? 
A: My must have clothing item would be my Gucci, military jacket. It is cropped short, and is perfect for my body type. It can be styled casual, or formal, but always adds the perfect touch. 
Q: What's been your biggest investment piece thus far? What is one investment piece you hope to one day call your own? 
A: My biggest splurge would be my vintage Christian Lacroix, silk green coat. It is the most perfect coat to wear during a Autumn stroll in the park. I hope to one day add an Hermes Berkin Cream bag. They are such a timeless piece and the right touch of sophistication. 
Q: What is your universal style tip (something every woman can benefit from)? 
A: Quick Style Tip: Always consider the surroundings of the event you are dressing for. You may look great at home, but consider what your backdrop will be. Will you be at a gala event with mostly black tie? Then whip out some beautiful jewelry with a bold splash of color. Will you be strolling in the Autumn leaves for a romantic date? Then be sure to wear warm orange, brown, yellow, reds, and let your beauty be enhanced by the falling leaves around you!
Q: Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
A: On Saturday afternoons, you can find me blogging in a cafe, with my labtop, favorite Valentino backpack , topbun, and sipping a Matcha Latte. Come say hi, and lets exchange style tips!

Check out Maya's first Look Book, "Parisian Beauty".