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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year Eve Nails: Falling Stars!

Feeling quite inspired by stars, I created a super easy nail tutorial perfect for those who want to add a bit of glamour this New Years Eve. 
This is a perfect nail for a casual evening with friends or family, enjoying a low key night in. 

What you will need: 
You will need two polish colors plus a top coat. I have chosen a clear coat with sparkles and opted out for clear. Finally, a sheet of star shaped stickers.

Cut out your desired number of stars. 

Place your stickers as you desire, and be sure they are firmly placed on the surface of your nails. 
Any spaces, will prevent a well defined star. 

Now you are ready to paint your polish in  the areas with the exposed nail. I brushed the coat very lightly, because I wanted a washed out, natural vibe. However, if you double coat it, the intensity and clarity will increase. 

After dry, color the entire nail with one coat of a varnish that is some what transparent. This one has a pearl effect, and builds to a natural nude. Finish off with top coat and enjoy!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Blogmas Day 25: My Christmas Past

I came across these old photos of my first Christmas, and found it rather comical to the amount of trauma I seemed to have gone through. Much thanks to my oldest brother for the choking, nose pulling, and my other brother for posing so beautifully for photos whilst it all happened to me. 

Another year, another Christmas. It is hard to imagine this is the final entry of Blogmas 2014, but it has been a lot of fun, and a tradition I hope to continue.
Thanks again and I hope you also join me for style ideas for the New Years!

What did I wear at 1?

 As unbelievable as this may sound, I can actually remember my obsession with Care Bears. Here you can see I am wearing my favorite Care Bears Onesie, and I must admit, I was rather shocked to learn Primark currently has a line of Care Bears nightwear for adults. The blue rain Care Bear was my favorite. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Blogmas Day 24: My Relaxed Xmas Style

Between, the shopping, gift wrapping, and family/ business parties, Christmas Eve is always rather stressful, and hectic. It has become a bit of a tradition of mine, to spend Christmas Day as relaxed as possible. No make-up, no fuss, and definitely, no work. 
My Christmas style was festive but completely relaxed. I snuggled up in my favorite fuzzy sweater, ultra soft sparkly slippers, and super comfortable white jeggings. I then spent the day snuggled up with my favorite Christmas Classics, a large cup of Godiva coffee, and tons of Christmas cookies!
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas Day 23: Make a Christmas Hair Band in less than 10 Minutes

If you are looking for a last minute idea to add instant festive cheer to any holiday party look, be sure try out this super easy DIY. 

All you will need is two rather long ribbons, a hair tie, and scissors. I have not provided measurements simply because head size, and creative preference should be left subjective.

Step 1: Fold each ribbon in half. find your needed length by applying the ribbon around the desired part of your head, keeping in mind that half of it will be occupied by the hair tie. 
(Tip: braids call for longer lengths, so keeping it a bit longer is always safer. You can always trim it shorter at the end.)

Step 2: Loop one ribbon around the scissors, or any stick form. Then tie a knot around it with the second ribbon. The key is to create a loop which you will need at the end. 

Step 3: Begin to braid. You can either do it with 4 parts and braid a classic "fish tail" or go for the basic three and simply keep one ribbon together while braiding. 

Step 4: at the end of the ribbon, choose the same ribbon you looped around the scissors, to create another loop. Tie and secure the loop with the other ribbon.

Step 5: Cut the hair tie.
Step 6: Take the hair tie and place it through the ends of braids. 
Step 7: Secure the ties with a double knot.

Voila! You are done.


Blogmas Day 22: My Festive Christmas Eve Party Nails!

My Christmas Eve Part Nails are fun, festive, and most importantly quick and easy. This is a no fuss easy tutorial that will take no more than 5 minutes to apply. 

All you will need is three polishes (2 glitter and one solid color) and a top coat. 

You may wonder why I chose cranberry verses the traditional red or burgundy, however, there is a reason behind my choice to go for a bit lighter. 

I then added a coat of "Grand Finale" 69 over the "Cranberry"  and it maybe hard to notice in this photo, but glitter cuts the light and darkens the shade. This is why I prefer placing a lighter tone of pinkish red under a glitter, because it creates a very vibrant red instead.

Finally, I added a coat of "24 Carat" on my nails, and they are refracting light every which way. Perfect for a Glitzy Holiday Party!




Blogmas Day 21: Holiday Colors verses Winter Style

With Winter officially upon us for the third day, it has me thinking about the irony between the glamour and glitz of Christmas, verses the quiet, serene nature of Winter itself. 

Normally, I always receive my fashion cues from Nature. Whatever, the seasons are doing, regarding, textures, colors, and design, is what I go by. This sense of dressing with the movements of the Earth help me feel grounded to the Earth and in tune with the world as a part of me rather than where I live. 

However, December is the one month in in the entire year, I go against the hushed tones of a darkening Autumn, and silent Winter. I look at December as the sparkly exception to my golden fashion rule. 
Christmas is all about playful bold colors, glitz, and light. I find myself, being bold and desiring warm fiery tones, and adding sparkling glitzy accessories. It is a month of love, celebration, joy and hope. I believe it is a needed necessity for the bridge into the darkest season of the year. The entire act of adding Christmas lights, to a tree that has lost it's leaves and color, is a way we add hope and joy to  the finale of another year. 
However, this does not mean Winter is not beautiful in itself. In fact, it  is one of the most self reflecting, and  serenely beautiful. Winter style is more relaxed and toned down. I find myself craving mostly grays, black, white, and darker tones after the Holidays have passed. 


Blogmas Day 20: Addicted to Red?

The month of December has me seeing and craving all things red. The color Burgundy, or mauve is a color I love during late Fall and all of Winter, but a color never worn in my Spring or Summer Wardrobe. This started me thinking, why is it so many of us crave the color red during the colder months? 

The color red is consistently the most loved color of Winter, and it appears not as a trend, but a definitive fact year after year. Why do we crave the color, and why is it so appropriate for the Holidays?
Awhile back, I wrote an article based on the psychology behind colors, and the emotions behind them. The color red is scientifically proven to raise your body temperature, giving the sensation of warmth. Mentally and emotionally we translate red as the color of passion and love. It is also widely used to grab your attention, and spark urgency. All facts rather appropriate to all things "Christmas". 

The color red is even debated as the color choice of Santa Clause, but like the chicken  and the egg, which came first? Do we love red because of Santa, or love Santa and therefore, made him red? Some people say it is simple  propaganda created by a Coca Cola Campaign, while others debate Santa has been wearing red from years back. I say, it doesn't matter who first colored Santa's suit red, the color sticks because it  works. Red represents everything we desire during the Holidays. Warmth, Love, and Joy. This is what we crave as the Winter months freeze over, and this is what makes us happy. 


Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas Day 19: My Holiday Styling Secrets Using a Flower Pin

The key to my style is rooted in my imagination. I never set limits on an accessory and what it could be.  
A pin is not simply meant to be slapped onto a blouse with two possibilities of either pinning it on the right or left side. The possibilities are actually limitless, and should be viewed as such. 

This vibrant pink flower pin is made of silk, and purchased in France. It is one of my favorite accessories and it is used in limitless ways to add just the right amount of color, and glamour. 
I have collected today my top 4 favorite ways I use this flower pin to transform ordinary pieces into something extraordinary.

Pinning it through necklaces is super easy and quick. It will take an ordinary necklace and transform it into a statement. 

Corsage for my wrist? Yes, thank you. 
There is something rather glamorous and old Hollywood about a beautiful flower on a woman's wrist. It is a fun way to add a pop of color to any look and sure to get you many compliments.

With Holiday parties among us, there is nothing more I love than wearing a no fuss simple "little black dress" and accessorizing with a fabulous hair accessory. Simply pin it through a hairband lined with fabric, and it instantly transforms into a fabulous work of art.

For a relaxed look, pin the flower into one of your wired hair combs. It is a soft touch of color, and it will look beautiful tucked softly behind your ear. 

Other ways I love to style any type of flower pin is, with scarves, hats, shoes, bags, clutches, and even through the laces of my shoes! Your options are limitless. 


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blogmas Day 18: "Christmas Lights" Nail DIY

Today's Nail DIY is inspired by my favorite little Christmas tree. It is basically a French Manicure injected with a tiny bit of Christmas spice. I find this look very easy to wear, as it is mostly neutral. It adds just the right amount of festive cheer, while maintaining sophistication, and charm. Best of all, it is very easy. 

Step 1: Use a neutral nail color. My favorite is by collistar, 47 madreperla. It is literally my favorite color in the world. It is a neutral gloss with a pink under sheen, and pearl essence tint. 

You will then need a collection of nail polishes in vibrant colors. Silver is a nice one to add for its sparkling effect. 
You will also need a toothpick, plastic bag, and scissors.

Along the tips of the nail, dab tiny dots of nail polish in random order as you like. 

Voila! :)
Enjoy your festive nail. 

I also played with variations on dabbing the various colors. This look is more playful and fun. 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas Day 17: 5 Tips for Last Minute Gift Ideas

Today and tomorrow, is officially the last weekend before Christmas. Translation: pretty much every one will be out "panic" shopping all weekend long. 

There is nothing I dread more than herds of people, long lines, flashing lights, and endless selections/options that create an awful ringing in my head. 
Over the years, I have learned a thing or two, and I've decided to share with you my top 5 tips for the last minute shopper. 

Tip 1: Avoid buying bulk.
I know we are all stressed and nothing would be better than just getting all your shopping done in one go, but please stop yourself and think. 
I'm pretty sure we have all done this at least once to some degree, simply because the temptation is pretty irresistible. Stores almost always have a promotional deal, "buy one get one free", or something a long those lines. It is cheap, quick and easy, but more importantly gets the "job" done. Just yesterday, I saw a lady buy 10 cashmere scarfs in different colors, and another purchased a half a dozen fuzzy blankets. Yes, they are individually a good gift, however, during the holidays I believe it is all about the personal touches. It is not so much the present that holds value as the "thought" process you go through while selecting the perfect gift for each loved one. 

Tip 2: Think Outside the Box
If you want to avoid a crowd, don't think like everyone else. I think it is always fun to get a bit creative and make unusual gift packs, customized for the person. For example, a movie night kit would include some popcorn, candies, dvds, and maybe future movie tix. Luckily all items can be purchased in a grocery store, or local movie theater, avoiding any lines or crowds. Other kit ideas, can be personalized to the taste of each person. For example, if someone loves Italy, and wants to go there someday, purchase a basket filled with Italian pasta, Dictionary, Language Books, and Italian photos. 

Tip 3: A Gift Can Be an Experience

Often times we are so focused on a gift as being something we can touch, or keep but it can also be an experience. Future tickets to a show, a fancy dinner, or trip are some thoughtful ways to create memories together. However, if you do not have any money, you can create your own tickets of fun experiences. For example, a ticket for "Dinner for two in Paris". It wouldn't have to be a literal trip to Paris, but a menu of French Cuisine, cooked by you, with French music in the back ground, and a French themed Movie. 

Tip 4: Handmade

I know we live in the age where people place value of love in value of dollars, but, I still choose to believe in the power of good old fashion, hand crafted items. Whether it be a hand written letter, a drawing, or even a photo of a sentimental place, memory, or item. It is in the "personal" touches that shows the most love of all. 

Tip 5: Creating Memories

Most importantly, the Holidays for me are all about creating memories with those you love. As I get older, you realize the importance of  these "moments" and how precious they really are. Time is fleeting, and people you love may break off or vanish from your lives. Whether they are with you every Holiday or not, the memories you create now, will hold effect in your future. Keep that in mind when purchasing your gift. 
One of my favorite scenes in Home Alone 2 is when Kevin gives a turtle dove to the bird lady, and promises to never forget her. For those of you who never saw this movie, the turtle doves were given to him by the owner of a toy store, and they are meant to be given to the most special friend. You are suppose to keep one, and give the other to someone you love, and no matter what happens, the two of you will always be together.
 Many years ago, I gave a very special person a turtle dove tree ornament, inspired by this very scene. Although, I no longer speak to this person, my turtle dove ornament, floats on my tree and rushes warm memories of a person, still very special to me. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Blogmas Day 16: Remembering the Girl I Was

It's funny to think we all were once those tiny little creatures called a "kid". Everything I love most about Christmas is rooted from my childhood. Certain key Christmas songs bring a flush of memories, transporting me back to a time, where I viewed life in a much different way.
When I see little children smile and their eyes light up at the mere mention of Santa, it brings me back to my own memories of dreaming of the North Pole and hearing Santa's footsteps. It's hard to believe I was once filled with 98% imagination and 2% sugar. 
As an adult, I have experienced the harshness of reality and it is a constant challenge to keep your heart strong and willing to believe. The world can jade you, and it is in Christmas that we need to remember the vibrant child within all of us.
 Faith is to believe in what makes no sense at all. 


Blogmas Day 15: 4 Gifts to Buy For Yourself

We all know "Christmas Times", is the most hectic and tiring time of the year. 
Between all the shopping, parties, get togethers, and the work that amasses at the end of another year, stress is at level 10. 
The chances of actually enjoying the holidays and experiencing a "warm, fuzzy, Christmas moment", is slim to none. Or is it?

For so long, I just watched the holidays rush by, adding stress upon more stress, and forgetting to take a moment for myself. The holiday was actually more work, than pleasure.  If you want to enjoy even a moment, of holiday spirit, gift yourself one of these 4 items and take a moment for yourself to enjoy it. Make yourself a hot cup of tea, snuggle in a warm blanket and watch your favorite Christmas movie. Give yourself at least 2 hrs, of "Me time". Enjoy the true spirit of the Holidays stress free. 

1. Snuggly soft, festive sweater
2. warm, fuzzy slippers
3. festive jewelry 
4. holiday socks

Blogmas Day 14: Nail DIY "Presents"

Merry Presents Day!

When I was a kid, I remember, the excitement of spotting a new present under the tree. I would shake it, peek into gaps, and play mindless guessing games. As I look back now, I wonder what was more exciting, the anticipation of "what it could be", verses the actual present. 
Today's Nail DIY is in celebration of presents, not as objects, but by the mystery and excitement they bring. This year, before ripping, and shredding the gift wrap, take a moment to appreciate the excitement of the unknown. 

What you will need:
1. silver nail polish
2. 5 different color nail polish (optional) 
3. a toothpick
4. plastic bag
5. scissors

Step 1:
Paint all nails silver, and let dry.

Step 2:
Paint each nail a different color, while leaving a border of silver nail polish exposed. Let dry.

Step 3: Take your tooth pick and cut the pointed tip off. 
Step 4: Take your silver polish and dab two drops on your plastic bag. 
Step 5: Take your tooth pick and make a cross (+) on all nails. 
Step 6: Finally, draw a bow in the enter of each nail. This can be done by two large dots plus two tiny      flicks.