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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Make-up Straight from the Runway

It is time to take your pinky pinks and beachy corals, and put them aside. Fall is here, and this means its time for warm earth tones and bewitching jewel tones. The 2 Fall must haves are, 1) a dark burgundy/red lipstick 2) a warm jewel or earth tone eye shadow. Lips: Now is the time to pull out your sexy red lips. Normally the rule is to wear a darker red during fall, and a brighter one near Winter/Xmas. Eyes: Smoke them out. One tip is to balance the power of eyes vs. lips. If you are wearing a strong lip, then wear a smoke earth toned eyeshadow. If you want to wear a bold jewel toned eyeshadow, stick to a lip tint, or gloss xx -m

Autumn Nails

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Royal Affair!

Currently my favorite trend are the fabulously luxurious fabrics of 18th century, French aristocracy. Think embroidery, silks, and decadence. The designers have geniously entwined modern cuts with fabrics from the past. Nothing makes a woman feel as feminine and regal as a beautiful tapestered look. Add some statement jewelry and the only thing missing is a regal red carpet to adorn your precious little feet. xx - maya

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Animal Print!

Now that Fall is here, do you ever wonder, how you can spice up your look? Sometimes I have those days where I am sick of wearing my typical look and expected outfits. The quickest way I quirk up a look is by wearing my leopard ballet flats. Currently my go to outfit is: favorite pearl earings, black boat neck top, tight black jeggings, Red Burberry bag and leopard flats. Without these flats, the look is completely ordinary, you will be surprised what a little animal print can do for you. xx - m

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Style!

Hi dolls! When we travel, most of us think, long hours, stuffy cramped chairs, and uncomfortable airports. of course this means, fashion flies out the door, and slumpy hot mess here we come. I'm here to say, "No!" You can look amazing and still be comfortable. Proudly sport a face with no make up, but still look great! My recommendations are leggings, and a cool loose oversized funky tee. I prefer 100% cotton made of jersey, it is the best and most comfortable. On top of that a nice fitted blazer of choice. You will also need a scarf to protect you from getting a chill, sometimes the airconditions are crazy in the aircraft. If you have contacts, dont wear them, they will just burn out your eyeballs. This is the time to pull out those funky eyeglasses, and put your hair up in a crazy bun. have a nice sized messenger bag, and slap on some lip balm and moisturizer! You are now a jet setting fashionista. As far as shoes, if you are brave, and can handle a high heel, opt for a flat platform, but as for me, I jut wear some cute ballet flats . xo and happy traveling! - Maya

Thursday, September 19, 2013


As promised, I am adding some DIY's on my blog to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season, FALL! One of the things I always tell my clients, is to always be creative. Of course it is much easier to look great with a lot of money, but the truth is everyone can look amazing as long as they use their imagination and a little bit of work. One of my favorite things to do is to "make-over" my old clothing. For example, I had the most beautiful, cream cashmere sweater, honestly the softest material you will ever touch in the world. Anyways, I ruined it, there is a huge red pen mark near the stomach area, and I was devastated. However, before throwing it away, I cut off the sleeves and made some gloves very similar to my previous DIY. The quickest way to add some sparkle or some edge is to add studs. It is so easy you will be amazed at how much fun you will have! I have taken some photos to give you an idea of different types of studs, and tools you may need. All items can be found in local craft stores. Good luck! xoxo - Maya

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FALL DIY: How to get Style back into your old Glove!

As the leaves start to Change color, and the air starts to get cooler, we realize FALL has arrived. Before you throw away your old clothes from last year, let me help you bring it back to life. With a shoe-string budget, I will be doing a series of FALL/WINTER DIY's to revamp your wardrobe without seriously bruising the bank. Take care and xoxo - Maya

Monday, September 9, 2013

My top 5 Runway Picks

The first dress is by Zac POSEN. By far my most favorite collection so far, a work of pure genius! Like soft petals of flowers, all the models were divine, elegant, and feminine. All edges were softly done and the feminity of being a woman were celebrated. A collection of pure poetry. The models, were so light and airy they might as well have been floating. The second dress is by Charlotte Ronson. Her collection was young, flirty, and floral. A very vivacious and youthful collection, giving all the models a bounce in their step. The floral prints fluttered through the runway with playful attitude and I don't think there was a girl at fashion Week who didn't want to walk away with one of these mini dresses. The third dress is by Custo Barcelona, and this collection was clever. It celebrated geometric shapes and bright colors. It was fun and new. The lines were harder than POSEN but it left an impression in my mind making it my 3rd top pick. The fourth dress is by Desigual. A collection bursting with color, best described as looking through a kaleidoscope. Every model, walking past with edge, but whimsical fun. Textile graphics were new and fresh. The fifth dress is by Rebecca Minkoff. This collection is Flowy, foral, and alive! The colors represent spring and the life that it holds. Like a garden of color, every dress in the collection, stood as beautiful reflection on Spring.

NY Fashion Week 2014 Spring

As the rest of the world prepares their closests for Fall, Fashionistas from all over the world flock to Fashion week to prepare for SPring! From Charlotte Ronsons flirty fun to Custo Barcelona's Colorful, fun edge, Fashion Week is stirring up a storm. From backstage sneak peeks, and hairdos, new twists on messy braids are everywhere. Spring has never been, flirtier, lighter, softer, and more inspired than ever before. xx -Maya

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New York Fashion Week Sneak Peek!

Scarf Love for Fall!

The summer months have ended and Fall has arrived. The go to fashion accessory for Fall 2013 is a scarf. You can tie it in a bow, wrap it around, or let it hang lose. Whatever you do it is the perfect touch to transition your summer ways to chilly Fall months. 
How do you find the perfect Fall scarf? Well, first consider your climate. How cold does it get? If you live in California like I do, I would suggest a light silk scarf with warm earthy tones. If you live in a colder climate, buy a thicker material but not too bulky. Remember the scarf is used as an accessory to enhance your outfit.  If you always wear black opt for a pop of color in your scarf. If you usually wear color, then perhaps opt for black or nude. Enjoy. xx