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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Impressions: What is Your Fashion Style Saying About You?

According to Forbes magazine, the average human being takes only 7 seconds to make major assumptions about people they meet for the first time.
These so called, "first impressions" are immediate and unavoidable. No matter how much we say things like, "Don't judge a book by its cover", in those first seconds of a meeting, we will. It all stems from our animal instincts and our need for survival. Does this person look threatening or approachable? Are they powerful or weaker than you? Do they look trustworthy, competent, like able, confident? 

When you live in an era where time moves so quickly, a "first impression" may be all you get. Like a walking "visual profile" be sure the way you dress is how you want to be viewed. 

1.) No Style vs. Style

The first question is do you have a Style? Not putting in any effort in your "look", also means you showcase none of your character. This makes you less noticeable, and more likely to blend with the crowd, and be forgotten. People will focus less on you, and what you have to say. Which means you will have to work twice as hard to be understood. 

2.)Mature vs. Childish

The next question going through your mind is maturity. How old is this person? Normally the thought process immediately categorizes into groups: kids, teens, college student, after college, middle age, and seniors. If you want immediate respect and to appear reliable and educated, then avoid anything childish. Leave the hearts, and happy faces for your pj's and, pull out your more muted colors and elegant  lines. This is especially handy for business meetings or interviews. 

3.) Classy Elegant vs. Sexy Seductress

Often times women can't understand why they seem to attract the wrong kind of guy. Sometimes, it can be as simple as what you are wearing. If you are dressed like a sexy seductress, you are oozing with sex appeal. It is the quickest way to get attention, but the hardest way to get people to hear what you say.  Dressing classy or elegant gives an impression of femininity and sophistication. The people who approach you are most likely interested in getting to know who you are. 

4.) Masculine vs. Feminine

Here you can clearly see how fashion can severely effect how powerful you may look. Wearing a man's suit, blocks out a woman's natural femininity and gives the effect of strength. Slicking one's hair back verses soft curls also enhances the entire effect.

5.) Good Student vs. Wild Child

 There is something about a tweed blazer with a formal collar that gives off the impression of a reliable, trustable, student. A black leather jacket and sneakers gives off the opposite effect showcasing a bit of attitude and edge. 

6.) Sporty Cool vs. High Maintenance Princess

It always amazes me how different the same girl can appear when they are just in a simple tank, jeans and some ray bans, They immediately appear, more down to earth, sportier, and approachable. Now dress her up in Chanel, trendy sunnies, curled hair, make up, and shopping bags, and instantly, they appear as a high maintenance princess, much less approachable, and no longer down to earth.

7.) Dark Poet vs. Girly Girl

Wearing all black with dark lips, will immediately make you less approachable than the girly girl in pastels. It gives off the impression of an introvert, not looking to make friends. You appear as a thinker and that can be quite intimidating. The girly girl, that looks like she popped out of a fashion magazine, will appear less intelligent, and superficial. 

A girl in a black hat always  appears mysterious. Perhaps, we have mental connotations connected to a witch, but there is something about a big black hat that is fearful and intriguing at the same time. 

The point of this article is not to say that "Fashion" defines you, but that you should define yourself through fashion. Learning the power of fashion through perception  determines the success of your goals. Of course, ability and knowledge is an obvious necessity but do not deny yourself the fact, looks do open or close those "initial" doors. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fashion Culture: India

India is a culture that celebrates color, it breaths life into the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions. In Religion, Politics, and Celebrations, the symbolism of color stands out and controls every aspect of life.   
India | A Country of Symbolic ColorsThere love of color however, is not purely aesthetic. There is meaning behind each specific color, which may be surprising for most western cultures. For example, Black has connotations of being ugly, evil, negative, and inertia. It symbolizes anger and darkness and is associated with the absence of energy, barrenness, and death. Surprisingly different from Western fashions, and attitudes, "Black" is not a desirable

Base garments: Sari and kurta

A sari is the traditional Indian Garment. It is wrapped around one's shoulder to accentuate the female figure. The kurta is a tunic that can be worn for casual occasions. Both are richly embroidered and come in vibrant colors.

Theses are a modern take on a traditional sari gracing the runway of India. A sari is a strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine meters in length, that is draped over the body in various styles. 

India | A Country of Symbolic ColorsThe color Red is translated in India as a dynamic and a creator of fire in the eyes of the beholder. It incites fear and is the color associated with one of the most revered goddesses in Hindu mythology , Durga. She is a fiery image with a  red tongue and almost red eyes.
Red also stands for purity and is the preferred color for a bride’s garment. Red has a deep meaning in the Indian psyche. It commemorates the union between two people and is visible right from the wedding, where the bride is decked in brilliant hues of red. A red tikka (spot on forehead) that she adorns after the wedding as a sign of her commitment. It is perhaps easy to see why red also symbolizes fertility and prosperity.

During weddings and festivals like Holi or the Featival of Color and Diwali (festival of lights), women decorate their hands, arms and feet with mehndi, or intricate patterns drawn onto the skin using henna. Here, skill is an equalizer; the rich and poor can have equally beautiful patterns.

White is actually a color specificially worn for widows. It is the selected color at funerals and ceremonies that mark death in the family. Widow white symbolizes her disconnecting from the pleasures and luxuries of active and normal participation in society and life around her. White is also widely accepted as the color of peace and purity.

Street Style: India

Street Style in India is bursting with color! Flowing in light cotton materials, there is something effortless and invigorating about their fashion choices. 

Here you can see Western Influence meeting traditional Indian elements. This girl has matched up her vibrant sarong, with a modern day blazer. 

There is a dynamic quality in the way Indian Fashion always showcase color and textures.

Bold Textiles and textures are also favorites in Indian Style.

Street Style in India is always full of life, and color. To understand why they love color so much you need to understand a bit of their culture. India is a highly spiritual society, and color has a deeper meaning than simple trends or style. 
For example, black is considered evil while white is meant for death, and Red is worn at weddings. These beliefs highly effect the "fashion of India" and create a society thriving on Colors. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style 2014

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion Week is a fashion festival held twice a year,hosted by JFW Organization. In March and October, collections from famous Japanese designers are born, and trends for next season are set.
The "slogan" for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO, was to become a gateway for designers to be showcased to the world. It is also a time when fashion lovers take to the street to showcase  their interpretation of fashion trends, and interpretation on what fashion means to them. Always innovative and creative, there is never a dull moment.
Elegant and stylish, the pop of color is done beautifully. I am loving the sleekness and simplicity of their looks, while still remaining elegant and modern.

Quirky and whimsical. These two looks showcase their individual uniqueness in a way that their personal style is celebrated.

These guys are killing it with their mixture of futuristic lines, blended with the classic black white traditions. The pop of color seen in the socks are a fun touch that gives playful and serious a new look.

I appreciate the following looks, for the artsiness, and commitment to the art form. However, this is borderline costume, and I can't help but see "Charlie and the Chochlate Factory" and "Lord of the Rings". 

Surprisingly, these two looks I like. It is completely, aesthetically not my cup of tea. However, it is interesting, and well down. 

Honestly, what happened here? Let me make one thing clear, I have a strong dislike for people who appreciate or create fashion simply for "shock value". Yes, mixing textures, colorblocking, and the layered look is "trendy", but it doesn't mean you should ever do them all at once. 


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Angela Rachelle: Fashion and Life from the perspective of an Actress

Connect with Angela Rachelle
twitter: @angrachelle
instagram: daisydream17

Angela Rachelle, actress/singer, is a fresh faced, South Dakota born, beauty that is so down to earth you would never realize all her accomplishments. She is winner of best actress at Barebones International Independent Film & Music Festival, and more recently, you can spot her in CBS hit show, "The Mentalist", TBS series "10 dates from Hell" or American dark comedy film "Sexy Evil Genius".

Recently, I met with the lovely Angela Rachelle, and she agreed to an exclusive Q&A with "Lets Talk Fashion". 

So what does an actress like Angela wear to an audition?

" I dress how I think the character would dress. Sometimes this gets hard for me. I often would go and buy new outfits just so that I didn't feel like myself in them. If I've gotten an identity at all in the clothes I own, it would become very difficult for me to pretend I was someone else in them. This was always hard for me too, when I'd have to bring my own clothes to set."

How about your own personal style, how would you describe it?

"Bohemian, french-chic. I like really girly outfits, soft colors and lots of bracelets and accessories.  Think modern day little girl with a mature flair."

How much does the costume, make-up, hair affect your ability to transform into another character?

"Costume: Affects me greatly. I don't really 100% get into character until I have the costume on … and then suddenly, something changes and it all comes together. It's a magical thing. Make-up and hair: hard one for me. I'm so critical about how I look. Stage wise, the makeup for me was much more convincing and much easier for me to slide into character - screen–wise: I generally hate people doing my makeup and always felt like a clown when they got done my face. (ironic because generally you wear so much more makeup on stage). However – feeling like a clown on screen is my greatest downfall – I can't tell you the times looking in the mirror before going onto set took me out of character.  Looking back, it was all in my head though. I'd see the finished product and I'd think … I didn't not look NEARLY as bad as I thought I did the day of the shoot. Hair is much the same for me. On stage you can be bold and creative – on screen, because I have curly hair – they would ALWAYS straighten my hair because the curls were just too much for them to deal with. Flat, straight hair is not my forte."

What is it you love about acting?

"What I love most about acting is being able to create and  to get lost in a world that is not my own. I love finding the nuances of a new character and creating a backstory that blends with my own. I love how therapeutic some roles can be and I enjoy being able to play."

What would you say was your favorite role?
 " My favorite role of all time was playing Charity in Sweet Charity. I identified with her on so many levels – her hopeless zeal for life and love, her spirit, her heartache – her joy. Dancing and singing used to be all that I lived for. Those were the best moments of my life, doing that play. "

What inspires you?

"Love inspires me. My mother's strength is also an inspiration to me. Empathy also inspires me because it teaches me so much about the human spirit. However, at the end of the day … I am a lover of love and use it as my guidepost to be a better person every day. Most days, I fail, but it gives me the hope to try again tomorrow."

Is there a role that you haven't play that you deeply desire? 

"Alma in Summer and Smoke. I have plans to produce the play myself with a friend later this year – but it's one of those roles that I HAVE to do before I get too old. It speaks to me like a necessity. And, I feel like I'm in the perfect place to act in it. I'm not looking for an agent or fame. I need to do it because the story needs to be told."

When asked about the future, Angela speaks of the importance of "authenticity" and being on a path that is right for her. Completely, untarnished by the plastic, fake world of "Hollywood", Angela remains true to the art form that is acting.

"The journey has always been about love.  I find myself quietly immersed in a sea of optimism and grace.  I have been fortunate to work on projects that allow me to showcase my funny side while also giving hope and encouragement to those around me. "

Also involved in charitable organizations through her church and Samoshel you can often spot Angela, serving up some  ice cream to the homeless. 
Sweet, funny, and insightful, Angela Rachelle is for sure an actress that will make a difference in our world. 

    Angela and Me taking photos for "Miss Me Jeans" #alwaysshine

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Luckyfabb Event: Who Wore What and How to Be Photo Ready.


      Karolina Kurkova       Coco Rocha       Maya Horikawa
          Nicole Richie       Sophia Amoruso     January Jones
          Ingrid Nilsen        Wendy Nguyen        Chriselle Lim
            Aimee Song             Eva Chen         Cassandra Grey

When choosing what you wear to an event, always have in mind a lot of photos will be taken. The most important thing is the "fit". Does it fit you well and enhance your figure? This is not the time to force yourself into a dress that is a bit too tight. Unless you have an amazing set of Spanx, the camera will pick up every bulge and wrinkle. 
Think color as well. If you are like me and have long black hair and plan on wearing it down then do not wear a black top or dress. You will be devoured in a sea of blackness. Know what colors enhance your skin tones,and pick accordingly. Every person has a different set of colors that work for them so never assume something you see in the magazines will work for you.
Know your assets. Showcase what you like, and detract from what you do not. For example if you love your legs but not your mid section, opt for an A-line high waisted halter dress with a slight slit. 

Lastly, keep your style true to yourself. True beauty comes from how comfortable you are in your own skin.

Shoes have three Benefits:
1.) They add a pop of color or interesting elements to your outfit. 
2.) They detract from your focal point and allow your outfit to shine.
3.) They give you length and elongate your body lines.

Tip: I know it is "trendy" right now to mix and match everything, especially textures. However, you must always edit. Often times, less is more. Don't be afraid to be simple, elegant, and tasteful. Too much of a good idea can end up making you look like a mess. 


The thing I always notice at fashion events is, the sleekness and beauty of putting your hair up. It doesn't really matter whether it is loose, tight, a french twist, etc. The key is to have it off your face and expose your gorgeous cheek bones and neck. 
The other reason I suggest putting it up is because the majority of women will have their hair down, and usually curled. This is all psychological. We feel sexier, and more beautiful with our hair down, but the reality is, you end up blending into the crowd of a billion sexy women. 
Remember, you are at a "Fashion" event and being 'sexually' attractive is rather useless. There is a reason most women on the runway have their hair pulled back with very natural looking make up. Its really about the clothes and the styling art form.

                                            What I Wore

My look was a type of, "Cinderella meets Westwood". The shoes are by Badgley Mischka and the the bag is by Valentino. The rather large pearl on the clasp of the bag is something I purchased in an antique market in Belgium. I added it to the bag, as I do love me some pearls, and having a bit of vintage always inspires me. The dress is a bluish grey, two piece Vivienne Westwood. I bought it many years ago in New York, and it has become a bit of a "lucky" dress. The SLS hotel actually lost this dress, so you can imagine my panic and anger when that happened. After a lot of 'elegant' yelling, they found it. FYI even if you stay at a 5 star hotel, never trust hotel employees with valuables. 
In my purse, I carried all my business essentials. 

You can read about what I carry to fashion events and my networking tips here:
Read about my stay at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel here:

On the second day of the event I was invited to a networking brunch at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel.  This is me and Mallory Hunter, she is brand ambassador of Acquacai Water.
I chose to wear a blush pink/ nude skirt and top by Italian designer Laura Biagiotti. It is hard to see but it is a mixture of denim and chiffon. The blazer is by H&M and surprisingly a perfect match. For jewelry I am wearing a charm bracelet from Harrods London, and earrings by Lalique. 



Thursday, April 17, 2014

In Love with France Luxe!

For those of you who may not know me I have a bit of a hair obsession. My collection of hair accessories completely out weigh my jewelry, belt, or watch collection combined. 
You can only imagine when France Luxe gifted me with these gorgeous hair accessories, how excited I was. 

Very rarely do I fall in love with a brand but France Luxe I Love! 5 stars.  Stylish, Gorgeous, Elegant, and high Quality! 
See how I style my business side verses my romantic side using their fantastic Hair accessories!




As a business woman, I tend to wear a lot of black, and accent them with hints of gold or metallic accessories. When you go to business meetings you want to look and feel professional, powerful, and confident. However, as a woman you also want to feel stylish and fashionable. How do you achieve the best of both worlds? It's rather easy, it's all in the accessories. Pick accessories that are not too flashy,  or make too much noise. Clanking around can get rather annoying , not to mention distracting for you and others around you. 
Personally for me, my go to business ensemble is my Marc Jacobs Necklace, La Mer Watch, Adrienne Vittadini sunglasses, and L. Erickson Pony cuff. (All seen in above photo)

In my hair is a L. Erickson Atelier Enamel Cuff Pony which was recently gifted to me by France Luxe. Made of vibrantly colored enamel and a gold frame cuff, the ponytail holder opens to wrap around the base of your pony and covers it completely. 

Recently, it was even spotted in an issue of Harper's Bazar.

The Romantic

Inside of all women exists a bit of whimsy, and romance. 
As for me, I love my rose garden, especially now that it is spring time.
Let your hair into a soft braid, a light dress or top, soft make up and beautiful accessories. For me, I have chosen this magical butterfly pair clip accented by Swarovski crystals, sent to me by France Luxe.
Such a look transports me to a different time. A slower time, where life was measured by the sounds of the wind and the movements of the sun. 

France Luxe Small Double Butterfly Barrette with Crystals was handcrafted in France. Featuring a duet of delicate butterflies with elegant, crystal-encrusted wings.  MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jeremy Scott Makes a Mockery of Fashion

Recently, Jeremy Scott debut his first collection as Creative Director for the legendary Italian House, Moschino. What did he choose as inspiration for this coveted collection?

None other than, McDonalds, Candy wrappers, junkfood, and Sponge Bob Square Pants. 

Was this collection just a horrible joke, or is this really the new face of Moschino?

When asked why he created a collection with so little depth, Scott told the New York Times that he’s just trying to have a little fun, which will hopefully translate to clothes people crave. In his words: 

“Ultimately, we need no more clothes. We could function with everything that’s on the earth right now. So you have to have this reason to want things. To me, it’s to make you happy, and to me, that’s linked to humor.”

Moschino has always been a celebrated house of wit, quirkiness, and irony. Always a playful collection, but the humor is not the same as Jeremy Scott. Scott's humor is neither innovative nor artistic, it is cheap. Ironically, his aesthetic is a perfect match for junk food, and discardable candy wrappers. He represents everything going wrong with fashion and society. He is wonderfully marketable, and creates huge shock value but his creations have nothing to say. Useless noise. 

 If you compare his happy meal inspired handbag to an actual happy meal you pay $6 for, it looks almost identical. Where is the creativity, or artistry? This is simply a copy of a cheap child's meal. 

Mimicking, McDonald's workers, caused an uproar of complaints. The fashion house was accused of creating an ironic joke at the expense of McDonald's workers. The joke being, although the clothes are inspired by them, they could never afford it. 
Can we just take a second to re- think who the joke is on? The only person who should be laughed at is the person who spends $1000 for something that looks like fast food wrappers. Any employee of McDonald's would never desire paying thousands on their awful uniforms. 

I wish I could say this collection was a colossal failure, and  our society is too smart to feed into total garbage. Unfortunately, the collection is hitting magazine covers, selling out in stores, and proving there are a lot of ignorant people who pay a lot to look stupid. 
The fear is, what is next? Fashion is after all a business and they respond to demand. Should we look forward to pizza hut ball gowns, or frozen dinner purses? 

This is the danger of trends my friends. 
Don't Drink and Dress.