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Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Summer Shoe Collection

Closet Confessions

Shoes, shoes, shoes!  
My Summer shoe collection is perhaps some of my favorite shoes in my entire wardrobe. The price range from extravagant to super inexpensive. I never discriminate a shoe by price or brand. If the shoe speaks to me, then obviously, I will have to have it. Which is great when the shoe is cheap and not so great when they are expensive.

In the Summer I gravitate to colors that are more vibrant or a bit more sparkly. The energy is high and whimsical, and perfect for the scorching Summer sun!

Check Out My Fashion Shoe Style...

                            WHIMSICAL SNEAKERS

These High Top Rose Gold Sneakers are by MICHAEL KORS. They are my "Go-To" shoe on most days I feel casual. Usually I style it with a relaxed white tee, bf jeans, and my hair in a loose pony. 

                                   VINTAGE TREASURES

Vintage shoes are by far my most beloved shoes. Why? Simply because I love having things nobody else has, and in my opinion, things in general were made better in the past.

From left to right GIVENCHY vintage from a Boutique in Paris, BALLY vintage from a Boutique in Brussels, Designer unknown but from a Boutique in Brussels, and BRUNO MAGLI from Vintage shop in California. 

                                        ARTSY/ QUIRKY

If there is anything that will draw me faster to a shoe, is if there is something artsy or different going on with the shoe. I love artistic references and details. 
The top left shoe is actually my own creation. I basically painted sunflower field all over my CHARLES JOURDAN boots and it somehow always reminds me of Summer. 
The turquoise ballet flats next to them  are from Germany and were from a street market. I'm pretty sure they were just 15 euros, but they have lasted me over 10 years. Proof, that price, doesn't always matter. The detail work is also gorgeous and they are always my go to shoe when I wear turquoise jewelry, and all white outfits.
The bottom left is by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO and they are in my opinion, a work of art. 
The blue flip flops are a recent purchase from a street vendor, and they are perfect on those days I am wearing a bit of denim.

                               PLATFORMS/ HIGH HEELS 

As you can probably tell, platform sandals are my preference for a heel, and what I always wear with my Summer dresses. 
I personally gravitate to a thicker heel/wedges  simply because I am quite clumsy. I fall all the time so basically the added surface area reduces my chances of falling over. They are also less painful on my feet due to the smaller arch toward the heel.

The top two are by ZARA, the Rose Gold Sandal below is by LUCKY BRAND, the red/orange shoe is by GUESS, and the bottom white Mary Janes are by MARNI. 


The first sandal is by PRADA and I bought them several years ago in Europe, but they have aged quite nicely over the years. 
The silver pair next to them are by SERGIO ROSSI, and I also bought them in Europe several years back but they are still in perfect condition. The shoe always reminds me of Adam and Eve, and what I would imagine Eve would wear.
The golden sandal on the bottom left is by GUISEPPE ZANOTTI. They are by far the most gorgeous and extravagant sandals I have ever seen. Adorned with orange,yellow, and white crystals, they are a mixture of casual and ultra glam. 




Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Dress to Impress YOURSELF

There are countless articles on ways to impress "others" through fashion. However, the most important way to do fashion, is to impress yourself, but how do we do it?

First of all, think of the world as a massive 'High School'. Most problems stem from the fact that we all just want to be accepted, and therefore admired. Fame is just another word for 'popular' and it is no coincidence almost every social media out lit has a 'like' button. It no longer seems to matter whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, but simple how popular it is. Knowing this, can prevent you from following the trend of opinions that have no substance what so ever. 

When you dress,  it is a moment of mental dialogue with yourself. Ask yourself what you think. Do you like it? Does it make you feel good? Does it represent who you are? This is a moment for you and only you. Do not ask others and then conform to what they think is better for you. Grow your confidence by sticking up for what you believe is right for you, but first, figure out your true voice and this is how you can do it:

    1.) Don't be a Sex Object

Avoid clothes that are overly sexual and reveal too much. This maybe a cheap and easy way to "attract" others, but it speaks nothing about who you really are. It may make you feel great for a short moment, but like fast food it will leave a bad after taste. 

2.) Fresh Faced Make-Up

Natural make-up believe it or not, is what will build your true confidence. Contouring this, and that, to make your nose thinner or longer, and your cheek bones higher or lower, can make you quite insecure about your actual face. I actually suffered from the power of make-up and for awhile I would not dare to be seen without it. Even if I was told how beautiful I was, I didn't believe it was true. I knew I looked good with make-up but I felt it was more of a "mask" and no one knew my true face. 
Make-up should be minimal and meant to enhance your features, not change them. I can't tell you enough how much more it means to me when people compliment my looks, and I actually look like myself. 

3.) Don't Be Outshined By YourClothes

You may be thinking, what is wrong with dressing as you like, is this not a version of self expression? The trick with dressing to impress yourself is to always acknowledge your existence. Often times people get lost in their own creativity and forget they are important as well. Never use your clothes hide yourself, or to distract.  Learning how to edit your look without sacrificing your self expression will determine the success of your delivery. 

4.) Don't Be Afraid to Be Different

It can be very daunting to try something new,  especially if no body seems to like it or currently even know about. However, always take risks if your gut is telling you yes. It may end up as a fashion fail, but so much is always learned from failure. Give it a try. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kendall Jenner Follows Kim Kardashian's Slitty PR Tactics

Call it sibling rivalry, or sibling stupidity but Kendall Jenner was obviously inspired by Kim Kardashian's panty showing slit incident. It was only a couple of months ago, Kim Kardashian showed up to the Met Gala in a Lanvin dress with a sky high slit that exposed her panties. 
 The formula is simple, show your naked bits, and get a lot of press. However, if you are gonna copy, why not do it better? Kendall not only doubled the slit power but made it beyond clear to everyone she had ditched her panties on her recent red carpet at the VMMA's. 

                            PROOF SHE DID IT FOR PUBLICITY

If you compare Kendall's Slits to the 2014 Fausto Puglisi Campaign model, it is beyond obvious the slits were intentionally widened significantly to emphasize she was commando. The slits are already sky high, do you really need to widen them even more? Really? Obviously, a deliberate stunt to get more pictures taken and more people talking. 
Changes like these to a designers vision is exactly what is wrong with the mix of fashion and celebrities addicted to fame. If you look at the photo on the right it is obvious, Puglisi's vision was a twist of regal, and punk rock edge. The dress is meant to be worn looser as if a regal queen took some scissors and freed herself from restriction. The slits are risqué, but not vulgar.
 However, when the slits were doubled in width, and the proportions were tightened around her hips, the entire dress fell apart. Now the eye can only stare at the the naked bits and the beautiful flow of the A-line is lost. The look transformed from powerful woman, to slutty naked girl.
This is a classic example of people who sell themselves seeking a platform, even though they have absolutely nothing to say. 


Saturday, June 14, 2014

How To Shop Like a Fashion Pro

Summer is here and it's time to revamp that wardrobe. However, before you go mindlessly shopping for something you might regret, why not shop this season like a fashion pro? 

                                DON'T BREAK THE BANK

BUDGET. The first thing you need to do is have some kind of budget. It doesn't matter whether you are a millionaire or a student, having a budget organizes your mind. Knowing clearly where you stand financially before  you shop, will avoid impulse shopping, and purchases you may later regret.  

                                  WARDROBE CHECK
Right before you go shopping, do a quick wardrobe refresh. This means, do a visual check of what you own and refresh your memory. This will prevent you from buying items that you naturally gravitate to. You can't imagine how common it is for people to collect pieces that look exactly the same, over and over again. Try to figure out what items would enhance the pieces you already own, and what fashion pieces would most benefit your collection. Keep a mental note of these items, and shop with the intention to find them.

                                          BODY SIZE

This is never fun, but trust me, it's better to figure out your size at home than in a dressing room with awful lighting. The key is to try your most form fitting outfit, and get an idea of whether you have gained weight or lost it. From here you can decide whether to postpone shopping till you are back to your normal weight or to go anyway but step up or down a size. Pre sizing yourself will prevent those depressing, "nothing fits me" moments. 

                       SCAN THE PLAYGROUND
The first thing you should do when you enter a store is to scan the entire store. Literally stand in a good spot and visually summarizes the whole shop. If you like nothing, and the vibe feels wrong, then don't waste your time. Some stores, organize sections by type or style and scanning will allow you to directly go to the spot that fits you. 


SALES are the first place I always go. After all, this is where you can find the best deals, and get so much more for your money. However, be careful! Sometimes shops use the word "sale" to make you impulse buy. If you really don't need it, then don't buy it. I especially am careful on gimmics like "buy 1 get 1 1/2 off" this is just a fancy way of saying 25% off. Stores always do math tricks like this, to make you believe it is a bigger deal than it really is. Clearance racks are usually the best place to find great deals, but usually not in the best shape. If you are not good at fixing up clothes or love to sew and craft like me, then perhaps pass on a fixer upper.

                          IMPULSE SHOPPING BEWARE

I don't know what happens to our brains when we shop, but you cannot imagine the weird stuff I have come home with. For some reason at the store it seems so amazing. Then as you return home and your brain re-enters your body you awaken to a ridiculous purchase you cannot believe you made. The only way to prevent crazy purchases is to have a strong grip on what you need and what you are looking for.
 Don't let the glamour of shopping centers pull you into the abyss of clothing you don't need and will never wear. 

Have fun.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Breaking the Fashion Stereotype

The "Fashion Stereotype", is basically the views of society that fashion people, are some how, vain, empty-headed vessels that only care about how they look. 
I wish I could say this was completely false, but unfortunately, many fashion lovers have a misconception that it's all about what you wear and what you look like. This attitude leads to wanting whatever is the most expensive and some how buying your self a higher status. This is what needs to change. People need to understand fashion should not be used as a system of hierarchy where money reigns supreme and identity can be bought.

 Defining yourself through fashion, is a process of self discovery. After all what is the purpose of life if not to find ourselves? Our days are packed full with work, responsibilities, paying bills, etc. Who has time anymore to figure out who the heck we really are? The fact is, just because you are successful and make a lot of money, it does not mean you have a clue about this person called, me, myself, and I. 

Knowing how to dress yourself is a lesson in life that everyone should go through. It is not about being the prettiest or the sexiest but knowing what feels right for you. What colors do you like? What fabrics? What designers seems to read your mind and produce garments your soul desires? What kind of clothes makes you feel like you?
 The problem is, so many women believe they have no talent when it comes to fashion and therefore no business even trying. However, just like anything in life, difficult does not mean impossible. The root of the problem is always yourself, and taking time to figure out the mess inside is something we all hate to do. 

The truth about fashion is, it is what you make of it. If you want to buy the most expensive designers simply because it labels you as wealthy, then that is what defines you. It will work as a glamorous mask that hides the contents of who you are. However, if you choose to dress in a style that celebrates your inner being into your outer style, the mind and soul will combine to emerge your inner BUTTERFLY. This is when you become unforgettable. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Are You a Fashion Hoarder or Fashion Collector? +Functional Wardrobe Tips

Are you a fashion hoarder? 

I chuckle at this question simply because in many ways I could be charged, sentenced, and convicted of first degree fashion hoarding, simply based on the size of my enormous wardrobe. 

However, I am never one to go down without a fight, and I have created quite a strong defense.
I am a 'fashion collector' not a hoarder. What determines the difference? 

 A fashion collector, collects clothes as if they are treasures. They are kept organized, and clean at all times. 
A fashion hoarder, treats clothes as trash, leaving them dirty, wrinkled, and piled on the floor. Not only does this damage the clothing, but it makes it next to impossible to wear again. The motivation is driven by a combination of laziness, and material escapism. 

My issue is, I cannot easily throw away clothing. However, I argue, is it not just as sinister to treat your clothes like useless candy wrappers and trash them every season? This attitude is wasteful, and environmentally hazardous. We cannot continue to mindlessly throw away trash without thinking about the consequences.
 If you buy quality clothing, that are made from good fabrics, and stitched well, they can last you a lifetime. Yes, thats right a lifetime. 
Some items in my closet are dated as far back as High School. I even have a section for my mom's old clothing when she was my age. The key is to invest in "quality" pieces.  Trendy, low end brands like "H&M" is a waste of your money. It would be wiser to simply buy less or save longer and opt for something at Zara. I kid you not, NONE of my H&M survived longer than 1 year, a complete waste. 
My fashion desire is to create a treasure trove of fashion pieces that define everything about what I love, where I've been and what I love. Everyday I mix and match pieces from my life. 

The following are 3 Basic Steps to maintain a healthy functional wardrobe.

                                    DONATE or CLEAN IT
First Step is to decide, to either donate or to wash it. You should always always donate any clothes you wish to not keep. If you decide to keep it, then you must wash it, steam or iron. Keeping it clean is all about respecting your clothes, and the longevity it will bring.

                                              STORE IT

2nd Step is to store what you can. Most people will have a limited amount of space dedicated for their clothes, and storing it will be a must. For example, over 60% of my wardrobe are beautiful knit wear. However, I moved from a cold climate, to sunny California, and basically this means         
Spring/Summer everyday. I have neatly washed and organized all of these knits in boxes, color coded and stacked in a corner. It takes up very little safe, will remain clean and remain very easy to access if I ever need to. 

                                           ORGANIZE IT

Last Step is to Organize. Organizing your closet is a huge factor in how well you style yourself. The larger the wardrobe the more detailed your categories. For example, you may organize a section for your shirts. However, if you have a big collection you will have to break it down further. For example, t-shirts, button down, blouses, crop, short sleeves, long sleeves, etc. From there you should color code each section. It may seem tedious and time consuming, but you will be thankful every time you get dressed.