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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fashion Debate: Are Tattoos Fashionable?

There is no debate that times have changed. In the past, tattoos and fashion did not ever mix. A models' career would have been highly jeopardized if they were "inked" anywhere on their body. Models were meant to be blank canvases with beautiful silhouettes, and their purpose was simply to promote the brand in the image the brand chose. They're "inner being" was not to be exposed, and tattoos would have always been removed. 
However, with charismatic models like Cara Delevigne coming to the forefront of fashion, tattoos have sort of become a "thing". Her "Made in England" and lion imprint, are just a few of her tattoos that have become her trademark symbol. This is a huge shift in the fashion worlds of brands, and labels, merging their identities onto the trademarks of celebrity models. Models are now given opportunities to promote fashion houses as themselves rather than beautiful people that do not exist.

Pro's and Cons of Tattoo Trend:

 The attempt to achieve self identity and discovery through finding a symbol, saying, or picture to represent what is inside of you, is in many ways a form of self discovery. It is a positive attempt to display a quality within you that you identify with so deeply that you want it etched in your blood. 
Tattoos as an art form, allow you to embrace something within you and place it on the surface as a reminder of what you cannot see. 

Tattoos in many ways are risky. The reason being, people are not stagnant. Who you are today, is very different than who you will be in 5, 10, 20, years. With time and experiences, you evolve, and change. Yes, there are many aspects to people that are coded so deep in their DNA, that a lifetime would not change it. However, knowing what those elements are, usually takes a lifetime to figure out. Quotations, pictures, symbols, that may speak to you now, may annoy you later on. 

Tattoos and fashion are similar in artistic form but different in the aspects of change. The beauty of fashion is its ability to evolve through self expression. Your style changes with your life, and certain aspects will always remain, but in the end fashion lives in its ability to change. Tattoos lack this character of "flexibility" and could end up hindering your desire to evolve and grow. 


Monday, January 26, 2015


The French fashion house of Chanel is famously known for revolutionizing the art of haute couture and everyday fashion "prêt-à-porter". The fashion house disregarded structured-silhouettes, corsets and bodices, and replaced them with garments that were functional and flattering to the curves of a woman’s silhouette. Iconically known for their tweed jackets, little black dress, and masterful use of the classic black and white, Chanel is the maestro of balancing the classics while maintaining the forward thinking of the modern woman.

My personal love for Chanel is found in their classic black and white elements, mixed with pearl embellishments. I was recently invited to try a collection of Chanel pieces, and my favorites land me always with the the classic black and white style. Chanel couture always has a level of elegance, sophistication, and power. Coco Chanel herself, was a powerful, independent, business woman, revolutionizing the male dominated fashion world in her iconic, "tweed jacket".
 There is something about Chanel style,  that allows you to remain feminine, while embracing the power within every woman. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 15: OOTD "Shall We Dance?"

Today is the final day of my 15 day, "Fashion Challenge 2015". I decided to end the challenge with a bang and created a look that is fun, sassy, and colorful. It is perfect for going out and dancing a sexy tango or upbeat salsa.

The spanish influences in my style today, can be found in the silhouette of the the skirt which is high waisted, form fitting, and flared at the end. The high waist creates the visual effect of a smaller waist, longer legs and overall curvier figure eight. The top is one of my favorite blouses from Carling and it was accessorized with a hot pink silk flower. This was a milder interpretation of the sexy tango dancers and their signature red rose. To keep warm, I pulled out my favorite hot pink cashmere pashmina and voila! 
Shall we dance?


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 14: OOTD "Parisian Black and White"

Fashion Challenge Day 14, is my love for wearing classic black and white with a quirky French twist. The colors, black and white are known for it's classic and orthodox qualities, but easily can be styled stiff, safe, and predictable. 
Today's look is highly influenced by leading French designers who use the classic black and white colors and playfully style their looks with various frills, textures, patterns, and ribbons. 
The skirt is from France, and one of my favorite black and white skirts. The textured patterns of black circles, is a fun way to play with shapes, linear stripes, and braids. The entire look is playful, fun, and quirky, while still remaining classic.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 13: OOTD "Ugly Duckling"

Today's look is inspired by one of my favorite children's book, "The Ugly Duckling". The "duckling" which is a baby swan, is made fun of by other barn animals, and labeled as ugly. Growing up he is frustrated with the label of "ugly" and yearns for the day to become "beautiful". In the end, the duckling grows into a beautiful swan and all pain is forgotten and happily ever after is achieved.

However, I find the moral of the story a bit twisted, and I am here today to question the term ugly and beauty as interchangeable. After all, everything is subjective to preference, and sometimes what you perceive as ugly is simply your own inability to find the beauty that lies hidden.  Beauty can always be found within ugly and waiting for transformation, handicaps one to find those unexpected discoveries. A baby swan may not be as majestic and regal as a full grown swan but there is beauty in its own unexpected way. 

My look celebrates the signature grey tones found in a baby swan, mixed with various textures of lace, knits, and fur to get an effect of a cocoon type layering. 


Fashion Challenge Day 12: OOTD "My Heart is French"

Day 12 is still finding myself missing France. For me, French style, is artistic, feminine, elegant, and natural. I can remember walking down whimsical little streets in Paris, and stumbling across the most wonderful boutiques filled with the most beautiful accessories. The women in France, are stylish in their ability to add their own accessories and thus making a look their own. Whether it be a belt, a hat, a hair accessory, style seems to always celebrate their own beauty. 

 The hair band/hat that I am wearing is from France, and it is adorned with ostrich and peacock feathers. The belt was found in Belgium at Zara. The dress is Tadashi and boots by Valentino.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 11: OOTD "My Parisian Style"

Today's look is influenced by Parisian style. Paris is undeniably the capitol of romance and fashion, and the style is soft, whimsical, and elegant. Often mixing lace, embellishments, silk ribbons, and furs, Parisian fashion is always natural and spoken in the  language of love. 

My dress and fuzzy fur accessory is from France, and my lace (black and pink) hair accessory is my own creation. (headband to be featured shortly)
This look shows my softer side, while still staying true to my artistic preferances. My style enjoys mixing different inspirations, textures, and fabrics. 
What I consider beautiful, may not speak true to the patterns of trends, but more importantly it beats to the pace of my heart.


Fashion Challenge Day 10: OOTD "Tribal Influence"

Day 10 is an empowering look that makes me feel a bit like a warrior princess. The powerful tribal necklace was styled with a similar metallic belt and it adds a lot of power to a dress that can ordinarily be worn quite dainty and feminine. I decided a strong high pony was appropriate for such a strong look and opted for no other accessories. 
You would be surprised how what you wear can prepare, and change your mindset for the day. In this outfit, I felt powerful, independent, and ready to conquer the world. 
Take care.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 9: OOTD "If I Were a Snowflake"

If I were a snowflake and became a girl, I imagine this is what I would wear. The necklace has an icy, crystal effect, and the scarf is adorned with 3 dimensional circles and tiny white beads. The headband is made of silk and embellished with hand beaded pearls. The top is cropped with a back hoodie, and embellished with tiny crocheted balls throughout the sweater.  The entire look, celebrates the essence of Winter, and yet it is still light and cool for me to wear in sunny beach weather. The best of both world's? I think so. 


Fashion Challenge Day 8: OOTD "Lazy Day Glamour"

Today's OOTD is my lazy style. At first glance it is a fun, and stylish look, and you maybe thinking, what is she talking about "lazy style"?
Lazy Day Style has always been something I struggled with. We all have that favorite beat up T-shirt that is ultra comfortable and equally horrid, and the matching beat up sweats that puts us and everyone watching into a fashion coma. But, why? There is  no need now a days to look awful even on your days off. 
 Simply remember to pick stylish sweatshirts, and match them accordingly to cute leggings. Then throw your hair up in a cute top bun or pony and you are ready to have a relaxing day, in style!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 7: OOTD "Grecian Inspired Winter"

Day 7 of Fashion Challenge 2015, is one of my favorite looks. There is something about wearing a soft cream knit that puts you in a snuggly Winter mood. I was inspired by the Ancient Grecian style of a "toga". I chose to wear an elegant white knit dress and matching cardigan, that appears to just drape along the body. I accented the entire look with a metallic gold/silver belt and head band. For jewelry I used all turquoise, which are actually all purchased vintage or antique. 
If I lived in a colder region I would have opted out of MARNI Mary Janes, and worn a knee high boot. 

I hope you all had a great day and are enjoying Fashion Challenge 2015.