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Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Ways Picking Your Clothes is Like Picking Your Friends

Lets take a moment to think about clothes not simply as material possessions or things we wear, but as actual life choices we make during various stages of our life. In many ways it is a relationship. Your style is never stagnant but a growing process of finding where you belong and who you are. As your life changes, your preferences and views will change. Fashion is the subconscious language of how we  relate to the world on an artistic level. 

The following are 3 Ways Fashion is Like Picking Your Friends.

1.) Comfort Zone.
We all have that level of "comfort" found in people that are quite similar to the way we think and live. This we know, but believe it or not we take a similar process when picking the clothes we choose to dress ourselves.
 It is a mutual understanding of "safety" and reliability. This is where we feel safe, but with consequence, it does hinder your abilities to step out of the box. Such safety nets can cause barriers on your ability to try or find something new about yourself.
Ever since we are kids, there is a genre or stereotype that we are casted in or perhaps cast ourselves as. Quite a select style, this is where we feel comfortable and it becomes habit. Shopping in the same stores, and gravitating to the usual brands, taking risk is nearly impossible. You see yourself as one way, and brand yourself as such.  You are clones of your clique, and thinking has now become routine. So safely in your perfect outfit, but so dangerously suffocating in your narrow mindset. 
Take a second to step away from who you think you are, and let yourself expand to the person you are meant to be.

2.) Friend or Foe?
Fashion like relationships is a love hate relationship. It's funny how at certain moments of your life, week, or day, you may love a certain look and think it is a good idea. Then, you awake from your momentary loss of sanity and realize, you are not friends at all. In fact, the fashion piece you thought you loved, is making you look like an idiot. We all have those ridiculous items in our closet that can only be marked by a "What was I thinking?" moment. However, just the same, it is one of those unavoidable experiences that serve only as a lesson learned. 

3.) Time Changes Things.
As I look back on my fashion history, and the evolution it has made, I find it interesting how I can distinguish specific segments in my style, and how it connected to my life experiences. It's like the friends you have as a kid, and the friends you have as adults are in many ways different, but innately similar. There is always a small core line of identity that does not completely, ever change. 
 For example, growing up as the youngest girl of two boys, I was quite a tomboy during my teens. I loved soccer, swimming, tennis, etc. and my style represented that. Living by the ocean, my style was casual,relaxed, and easy. Then I moved to NYC, and my entire style shifted to all black and white, linear lines,  and contemporary styles. When I moved to Germany, I wore bold bright colors, and took a rather artistic approach to my style. Near France and Belgium, my style became ultra feminine and more floral and and abundance of pastel.

Throughout all my changes in life and fashion, there has always been a formula or style  DNA that never seems to change. This has taught me how we are capable of adopting many styles and genres throughout a lifetime, but the one's that stick are the one's closest to our genetic code. Just like friends, the memory and experiences spent with those people are never wasted, or forgotten. They shape the person you are today, just as your fashion choices in the past, shape your styling abilities of today. 
With that said, don't be afraid to take chances, and try something scary and new. Open your eyes to what could be, and take a breather from what you know. Mistakes are lessons to be learned, and without them you learn little. Trial and error is all part of the process in discovering who you are.  

Take care,


Friday, February 20, 2015

Daniel Wellington Photo Shoot: Sexy vs. Sweet? (Part 2)

Often times women are categorized into types by how they are dressed. Are you the "sweet" girl, or the "sexy" girl? From there, society labels these "sweet" girls as trustable, kind, naive, or loving, verses the "sexy" girl, who is viewed as rebellious, loose and of low morality.

Stigmas such as these, limit women from embracing their vast array of personalities, and seeing themselves beyond one set category. The truth is, women have the ability to be a mixture of many "types" and the key to looking good lies in finding the right balance.

My sexy style is all about, sleek lines, simplicity, confidence, and feeling free. Sexy, is not something I ever thought I could be, but over time I realized every woman can. The difficulty is simply finding the right type of "sexiness"  for you. Personally, I would never feel comfortable in a tight mini dress, but I can attempt "sexy" in my own way.

My sweet style is a category I have dressed in all my life. Currently it has evolved to a mature interpretation of my girly style.  I mix and match many textures, and play with shape and volume, but the look is always soft and elegant. Sweet style celebrates a remembrance of my past and the girl I really am. Enjoy!


                                     My SEXY STYLE 

                                        My SWEET STYLE

Daniel Wellington  has offered the readers of Talk Fashion a discount code: MayaTalksFashion
It will provide all readers of Talk Fashion a 15% discount which will expire on March 15, 2015. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daniel Wellington Photo Shoot: Part 1 of 2

Now a days, time is a suffocating matter. With every tick of the clock, it is one second less to the obligations, deadlines, and responsibilities we hold in this world. Seconds are all perfectly in sync with all our electronic devices, and no moment  seems to be our own.

 This is why I particularly love my Daniel Wellington watch, 'Classy Sheffield' . I know it is ironic to show love for a watch when I detest the monotony of time itself. However, this watch is unique in the sense that there are no numbers and in replacement, are the most beautiful, glistening, Swarovski crystals. Every time I check the hour, my eyes are rewarded with a soft sparkle of optimism, and a cheerful fleck of light. Time is no longer dissected into seconds, but an estimation within each 5 minute mark. Flexibility is now existent in our life and time management contains freedom.
 Not knowing the exact minute and second of the day allows me a breather from the natural push of our competitive world, and a break from the control it holds.

Daniel Wellington has offered the readers at Talk Fashion a personalized discount code: MayaTalksFashion
It will provide all readers of Talk Fashion a 15% discount which will expire on March 15, 2015. 

Like a chameleon, the watch blends, and compliments all my various characters, and styles. In this 2 part photo shoot, I will display how it seamlessly adds a touch of splendor to almost any look, from edgy, casual, to glamorous.

                               Girl at FASHION WEEK

This look is perfect for Fashion week. It is a perfect accessory to jump from show to show, and it adds a bit of masculinity that compliments a timeless biker jacket. Currently, I am loving the mixing of harsh and soft textures, and have chosen to wear a ivory chiffon blouse that ties in a rather sweet bow. 

                                     CASUAL SUNDAY

Cashmere, cashmere, and cashmere! Relaxing weekends do not have to be a mixture of jersey and baggy T-shirts. The true luxuries of life are found  in cashmere. With that said, you will often find me on the weekends in a simple cashmere sweater, white jeggings, and ballerina flats. Accessories are minimal and easy. The watch blends effortless, while adding just the right touch of sophistication. A look that appears far more impressive than it really is. 

                                    ARTSY GLAMOUR

A look  that is channeling a crumble of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and a pinch of Karl Lagerfeld, this is a fun, artsy way, to accessorize with a watch in a glamorous way. It is elegant, unusual, and interesting for the eye to spot a circular shape on the wrist. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of DW photo shoot featured tomorrow on Talk Fashion. 
To read about behind the scene prep work on this photo shoot click: Behind the Scenes : Wellington


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot: Styling for Daniel WellingtonCollaboration

Recently, I was approached by Swedish Watch Brand, Daniel Wellington, and was pleasantly surprised to find a new brand favorite! Stylish, elegant, and timeless this is a brand that delivers quickly, smoothly and effortlessly. 
 As I have written in yesterday's post, and in many other past articles, here on TALK FASHION, honest journalism is taken very seriously, and no products will ever be falsely promoted. Only the products of the highest standards and quality will be recommended to you. 

The watch I have chosen from Daniel Wellington Collection, is the 'Classy Sheffield', in Silver, 34 mm. It is priced at $199, and is made of excellent quality. The strap is of genuine leather, and the watch is delicately embellished with Swarovski crystals. I was drawn to this watch due to it's elegant glamour. It is equally feminine, professional, glitzy, and a bit masculine. The juxtaposed personalities in this watch is perfect for my character and a unique accessory to add to my equally interesting collection. 

Daniel Wellington has provided a personalized discount code: MayaTalksFashion 
It will provide all readers of Talk Fashion a 15% discount which will expire on March 15, 2015.

If you are going to buy only one watch, I suggest always starting with a leather strap. They are more durable, and age beautifully. Another interesting quality about this brand is that the straps within each collection are interchangeable. Currently, I have my eye on the blue and white strap! It would go perfectly with my wardrobe in the Summer. 

                      PHOTO SHOOT PREP-WORK
Planning a photo shoot is not something I take lightly. For my collaboration with Daniel Wellington, I chose a monochromatic color scheme that featured the colors black, white and grey. Also inspired by the Swarovski crystal elements, accessories are full glitz! 
Here are some stylist tips for setting up a photoshoot.

As a Stylist, the best way to get your creative juices flowing is to first decide a color scheme, and then start to pull all items that you think will work.

From there arrange all clothes on a rack, so you can easily see what you have. 

Organize accessories on a large table,  in categories of scarves, necklaces, earrings, rings, shoes, bags, sunglasses, and bracelets. 

Inspired by the Swarovski crystals used in the watch, most jewelry chosen was also inspired by it.

With everything organized you save time, and allows you to focus on the desired color scheme based around  the watch. It also inspires a lot of creativity because it is easy to see all the possibilities with patterns, and accessories. It may seem like a lot of work, but in the long run it is easier and more effective.

Stay tuned to tomorrow for pictures of the photoshoot and how I style Outfits around the watch!


Top 5 Tips on Collaborating with Brands!

One of the many perks about have a fashion blog, is the opportunities to collaborate with fashion brands. You can either seek brands yourself, or the more common choice, simply wait for them to find you. Either way, sooner or later you will be approached and it is essential to be prepared when it does. 

Here are my Top 5 Tips on What to Do When Approached by a Brand

Tip 1: Be Professional, and expect Professionalism back.
Make it a high priority to use correct grammar, spelling, etc. Respond to inquiries as quick as possible, and always do as you promise. On the flip side, you should also expect the fashion brands to approach you with a high level of professionalism back. Several times I have been sent emails, with sloppy grammar, and informal chatter, and it has almost always been followed up with a lot of wasted time. Collaborations are partnerships, and therefore they need the respect from both parties. 

Tip 2: Make Sure You Are Compatible?
One of the first things I do whenever I am approached by a brand is to check out their website. Even before you reply back look through their site, and get a feel of their taste, and aesthetic. Is it somewhere you would shop? Does it interest you? I know it is always tempting to say yes to anything FREE, but I promise you, things you don't like, you don't need. 

Tip 3: Do your Research.
The second thing I do after I have checked out their site, is to do a little research. By this, I mean a simple google check, and focusing on customer reviews. The more you know about the brand the better. If the company has a high level of complaints and is being called a scam, you should know about it. Recently, something very similar happened to me, and I chose not to represent a company with such a high level of dissatisfied customers. 

Tip 4: Writing back.
If you have decided the brand is compatible with you, it is time to write back. From here, you should not be shy to discuss what your ideas for the collaboration will be. Some companies, can be quite pushy, and even ask you to "hide" the partnership in an "organic" post. These types of requests are not acceptable and should not be allowed. Here on TALK FASHION, all partnerships are clearly stated, and represented with full honesty. Not to mention posts with sponsorships are required by law to be openly shared with the viewers. You owe it to your readers to be honest. Never support a product simply because it is free, or you will be paid.

Tip 5: How to Receive the Product and Creating Content for your Blog.
As soon as you receive the product make sure the quality is up to your level. Is it made well? Is it made of high quality material and is it a good deal for the price? Also, observe the time it took to receive the product. Was it quick and easy, or a pain in the..?
Once quality check is completed, it is time to create your content. 
 I only choose brands or products that excite me, and therefore, fill my head with creative ideas. The typical outfit of the day, or brand facts, is over done, and quite frankly, boring. Take a product you love and run with it. Show how you make the product unique, and why you truly love it!


Friday, February 13, 2015

3 V-Day Outfits: Which Girl Type Are You?

Lets take a new approach to Valentine's Day Style, and rethink the meaning of this very selective day. Valentine's day is a day of love and therefore, interpreted as a day only for those with a "lover". Yes, some people celebrate amongst "loved ones", such as family or friends; however, what about loving you? Let this be not another day where you dress to impress someone else, but a day to discover yourself. 
Try loving yourself for a day?

The Relaxed Thinker, is a girl who is low maintenance, earthy, and loves to read. She cares about others, and holds empathy for the world, and the future. She may not be the girl everyone notices, but she is definitely quietly loved and appreciated by others. 
Complimenting her character, this type of girl is suited wearing loose flowing blouses, simple stretch jeggings, and a no fuss shoe. Make up is natural, hair is loose and flowing. Everything anout this girl is natural, fresh, and simple.

The Independent girl is a modernist, and a 'go getter'. Very much a realist, she is not the type to wait around for a prince on a white horse. She sets a goal and goes for it. Usually the type to be noticed and chosen as a leader, she is fearless. 
Living in the now, she is fashion forward, and bold. Suited to business, she looks amazing in pencil skirts, leather attire, power suits, high boots/heels and contemporary style. She is confident, and her hair is pulled back or worn in a way that never covers or hides any part of her face. 

The Romantic, is a girl who loves poetry, history, art, music, and love. She is an idealist, and believes in the impossible. Often times, accused of having her head in the clouds, she is a dreamer. She loves, "love" and holds it to the highest esteem. 
With romance on her mind, her style is soft, feminine, and ethereal. She gravitates to whimsical style, and is suited to ombré textiles, chiffon dresses, and flower crowns. As a creative soul, her style is unique, vintage, and artsy. 

Which girl are you?
To be honest, this is not enough "types" to cover all of you, and most of you are probably mixtures of many. However, the point is to think about how your "character" should influence your style. When your inner being and outer style synch up, then you have personal harmony. You look, feel, and will be treated as you naturally are. You can be many "types" of girls, but the important thing is figuring out all levels to your preferences and what you desire from a deeper level.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Romantic Valentine's Day Hairstyles

                                     FLOWER CROWN

Flower crowns are fun, easy, and whimsical. The one I am wearing is actually made of fresh water pearls and rose quartz. It is originally a necklace which I simply added light ribbon to tie into a soft sweet bow. 

                                  SIMPLE BRAID CROWN 

Today's hair tutorial is more like a hair journey. There are a total of 12 steps, but along the way you may choose to stop at whatever hair style you like. All the looks are romantic, sweet, and feminine, perfect for Valentine's Day! 

Step 1: Curl you entire hair as usual. Spray with hair spray, and dry shampoo for added volume. 

Step 2: Part your hair down the center of your fore head. Then grab a small section of hair near the base of the forehead. 

Step 3: Take that small piece and braid it. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Tie them together in the back forming a simple braid that looks like a crown. If you like this look you can  stop here, or continue to go further and achieve a different look.

                                  TRIPLE BRAID CROWN

Step 5: Take another section of hair next to the previous braid.

Step 6: Braid and secure. Repeat on the other side, and secure with ties in the back forming a double braid. 

Step 7: Take a new section of hair near the ear, braid, and secure.

Step 8: You have now achieved the triple braid crown, which is one of my favorite hairstyles to wear with a boho style look.
(You can  choose to wear this look or to continue on and achieve something more intricate.)

                                   BRAIDED VARIATIONS

Step 9: Split the remaining hair in two sides. Braid one of those sides with two braids.

Step 10: Braid the other side with one braid. (Which side does not really matter)

Step 11: Take the side with only one braid and wrap it around the side with two braids. Secure with pins. ( This is a look I adore, and I often stop after this step)

Step 12: Wrap the remaining two braids around and secure with pins. You have now completed the entire look and have achieved the ethereal romantic bun.

                             ETHEREAL ROMANTIC BUN

The final look is soft, romantic, and elegant. A simple look, that can be achieved in less than 10 minutes, it is perfect for a romantic Valentine's day dinner. Keep your make up look warm, soft and natural. Enjoy!



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Top 3 Facts All Fashion Bloggers Should Consider

The world of fashion bloggers, has exploded, and it is undeniable the impact they now hold. With millions of views daily, and trends waiting to pop with the click of each bloggers instagram, there is no denying fashion bloggers are now world influencers. 
With such power comes responsibility and it boggles my blogging mind that nobody talks about it. 

Here are my Top 3 Facts that all fashion bloggers should consider. 

1.) Brand Honesty:

The beauty of blogging is the honesty that is involved. This form of publication is extremely powerful and should be used in an authentic way. Now a days, there is so much advertisement in everything we see and watch, it is hard to trust anyone, or anything as being truly authentic. As your blog fan base will grow, you will be approached by brands that request a collaboration. It is at this time, you must prevent yourself from accepting a deal that you do not believe in. Honesty, in your brand recommendations is not only a matter of good taste, but also a matter of personal ethics. Never sell the freedom of your words, and opinions, in exchange for items or a paycheck. 

2) Popularity is Not Everything:

Yes, it is true that the more followers you have on your Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, bloglovin' does equate to the 'power' you hold as a blogger. This leads to money, success, and other business deals. However, the thing I always remind myself is this. What does it matter how much influence you have if you do nothing with it? Even if you have only 2 followers, if you some how share your views or ideas with those two, it holds more meaning than sending out meaningless selfies to a million followers. 
In other words, content on your site should always dominate over success. Stop following your analytics, and posting only topics that get the most hits. We live in a generation where success is measured by popularity, power, and money, but this is not the formula for a positive change. Take a risk, and start making a site based on something more important than being 'popular'.

3.) Be Original:

Am I the only one who seems to notice that most fashion bloggers promote the same fashion items, and dress in the same style? Well, I guess this is what we call a 'trend' but in my opinion it is simply a bunch of hopelessly unoriginal copycats. Shake things up, and don't be afraid to do something you never seen before. Fashion bloggers or fashion sites are not the only place to grab inspiration. There is an entire world out their bursting with style inspiration. Whether it be necklaces of traditional tribes in Africa, Mongolian hats, or the Renaissance ruffle, let your mind wander to bigger , better places, further and then beyond. 


Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 Tips on Dressing Fashionable with a Limited Budget

It is easy to look good if you have a lot of money. You can literally buy your "fashion image" and appear to be quite the little fashion genius. Professionals scramble around, dressing, primping and preparing you, and all you have to do is hand them your shiny plastic card. Everyone admires you and praises the image that you paid for, but is this image even real?

Meanwhile, the majority of fashion lovers live their lives feeling helpless and forever unable to reach the perfection of these girls with unlimited credit cards. How can an average girl, with very little to spend, be fashionable?

Here are my top 5 tips on Being Fashionable with a Very Limited Budget:

1) Change Your Attitude: 
The most important step is to change the mindset that fashion and money are interchangeable. Fashion's golden partner is measured by the creativity it draws out of you, and therefore, how much money you have really does not matter. Get crafty, re-use old items in new ways, and never be afraid to try new ideas.

2) Couture-Inspiration:
Fashion like any subject matter can be studied and improved. Studying the runway collections of famous designers is an easy way to increase the level of your fashion and style aesthetics. Pick a look you adore, print it out, and go on a mission to recreate the look on your budget. You will be surprised how many style techniques you can learn by doing this very affordable task!

3) Accessories!:
The secret of fashion style lies in the accessories. Lucky for our budget, accessories can be found extremely affordable and can be mixed and matched throughout your entire wardrobe. Finding the perfect accessory should be like a treasure hunt. Look for unique pieces that create a conversation topic, or enhance a look in a unusual way. Little touches like these, easily add a boost to a rther ordinary style.

4) Less is More:
Most people believe the more you have the more stylish you are. Unfortunately, this method of buying without a plan, often leaves you with a bunch of gorgeous pieces that can't be matched with anything. You are basically left with a wardrobe full of things you love, and never wear. This equals, waste of money. Be smart, and buy pieces that can be matched up with several pieces in your current wardrobe and create a cohesive look. Believe it or not, style is also a simple game of mathematics. The more items that can be paired with your other items, the higher outcome of different complete looks. 

5) Sales!
Be a smart shopper and honor the sales. The secret about having less in life, is the skills you obtain by the challenges they bring. Don't look at them as obstacles but gifts. It is incredibly easy to go into Escada and buy a head to toe gorgeous look. Is it beautiful? Of course. Do you learn any skills? Not really. Creativity is pretty much on a all time low simply because the look is already complete by "fashion professionals", and the whole experience is rather predictable and effortless. Now flash back into my yearly sale trips, and rummaging through piles of amazing fashion pieces. So much creativity buzzes through my head, as I analyze the possibilities of how I can cut the dress in half, or chop off a sleeve. Not to mention the serious high of prices slashed to nothingness. electric. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Would You Sell Your Soul for Fashion?

If the Devil wears Prada, and women worldwide are losing their minds over shoes, bags, dresses, etc., who's to say how far one is willing to go for fashion? 

Is it possible one would sell their soul for a pair of Louboutins?

Sadly, this fact is true for many, and the epidemic is growing. With the recent rise of "sugarbabies", it is undeniable how far women are willing to go in order to have a certain bag or a collection of luxury shoes. Is this what fashion is all about? Sell your self, to buy pretty things? 

I think not. Fashion you obtain by selling yourself is not fashion at all. Why? Fashion is the pursuit of self discovery through the decisions you make in dressing yourself. It should promote the existence of one's soul rather than the deterioration of it. It is in every way, an art form, and therefore, an EQUAL opportunity for everyone to obtain. Even, a penniless homeless person can be fashion. Countless, runways have been inspired by the hobo look, including Gaultier's collection in '94. Avante garde designers constantly create couture piece from pop cans, garbage bags and newspaper, proving fashion has no price. 

Selling yourself to obtain fashion, is a myth created by the billion dollar fashion industry. They want you to mindlessly buy. They want you to believe, fashion is all about what you wear and how much you pay for it. They want this,  because they need your money. 
The truth is, fashion is NOT based on how much you spend, but how much creativity it pulls out of you. 
Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are worth no more than $5. True treasure pieces, found in Vintage shops, and 2nd hand stores, costing nearly nothing, but representing everything about me. My    "it" moment is when I find a piece and I can say, "If I were a fashion item this is what I'd be" .

Our society, of living to buy, and buying to live, needs to change. There is a core misunderstanding of the purpose of things, and how and why you obtain them. I am not saying Haute Couture, is not a magnificent work of art. I am simply reminding you, that there is no art quite as beneficial to oneself, as the one you create for yourself. 

If you can't afford Chanel, let it INSPIRE you, not DESTROY you.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: My 2015 Winter Style

This Winter I challenged myself by documenting 15 days of  what I wore. The purpose of the challenge was to approach 2015 with a new attitude and to push my limits of creativity.
Today, I have decided to review this Fashion Challenge and share with you what I learned and currently love from my Winter style. 

Currently Loving:
My Wintery color palette finds me loving black, white and grey. I enjoyed the textured patterns of knit fabrics, stripes, embroidery, and pops of color. I normally, am never known to wear black, but this year it seemed to be appropriate to my current mood. Nearly 90% of my Winter style contained partial black elements. During darker days, I found myself craving bursts of color.  Pops of electric blue, turquoise, magenta, and golden oranges can be found in my style. 

What I Learned: 
How you stand or pose for a picture, greatly effects the proportions of the body. It was a huge wake up call to see how angles can lengthen you or chop you in half.  Knowing where the camera is and how to take a good shot is truly a learning experience. 

Currently, what are you guys loving this Winter?