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Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall Daily: Thankful Style

As I spent this Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, gathering around glorious food, warm chatter, and humble festivities, I couldn't help deny the warmth the holiday season brings. Such genuine cheer, laughter, and positivity, that our world can definitely use more of. 
 I started to wonder about the possibilities of implementing kindness into a statement of fashion. What would  it even look like?

A simple "Thank you", when spoken genuinely, is incredibly moving to the heart. Therefore, thankful style should also be an image of warmth. Neither too flashy or trying to hard, it is a style that sparks the human side of people. 

Elements of a Thankful Style?

Be genuine.

Being genuine is like a forgotten art, and for most of us, it is not so highly placed on our list of priorities. Sometimes the greatest challenge of all, is knowing what your core is, and then having the courage to embrace it. For me, I find my core through feelings of love. Favorite people, places, music, and history are all forms of inspiration that strengthen my core.

Embrace your past.

 Pay respect to who you are and where you come from. Whether this maybe your social, economic, cultural, or ethnic background, embrace it. Don't try so hard to be someone else, while denying who you were. If you are a bit ghetto but now a bit posh, find a healthy medium that keeps you real.

No more Manipulation.

Fashion is often used as a tool of manipulation. Whether it be to appear richer, smarter, cooler, or sexier, say no to manipulation. Try embracing the best parts of who you are, rather than manipulating the parts you least appreciate. 

Like a second skin, thankful style will find you celebrating the aspects that make you unique. When you treat yourself with love,  you are more open to giving  it.

Take care.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall Daily: Eyeglass Style and Firmoo Review

Buy 1 Get 1 for Free Black Friday sale right now. 

Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyewear store, and the second time I have worked with them. All the prices of their eyewear is remarkably affordable, while still maintaing high quality. 
With such reasonable prices, eyewear is no longer simply functional but fashionable. You can mix and match outfits to feature or compliment all your outfits. Inspiring new forms of fashion styling! 

To compliment my frames I styled my outfit with the same pink and black combination. The only difference is a slightly lighter pink hue found in my trench coat. The lining of black mimics the movement and waves found in the design of the frame. 
My nails, also inspired by the textures found in the frames added an edgier touch. This look is in every way classic, modern, edgy, and fun. 



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall Daily: Nail Tutorial Inspired by Firmoo Eyewear

Inspired by my Firmoo Eyewear, I created a nail look using the same textures and colors found in my frames. The final outcome was a 3D Nail Art, that acted as a pairing accessory to my glasses.

You will need:
-Nail Clippers
-Nail File
-Nail Dot stick
-Black Nail Polish
-Pink glitter and gold glitter polish
-Pink Nail Polish 

NAIL HARDENER (optional)

Recently, I have been loving Sally Hansens 18K Gold Hardener. After I cut, and file down my nails, I just apply 1 or 2 coats, and my nails are stronger than ever.


Take any pink polish and paint all your Nails. 


Now comes the fun part, start dotting black dots wherever you like. I was going for a ombre look and placed more dots at the base, and less at the tip.


Apply 1 or 2 coats of glitter over your nail. After your glitter coat dries, add a couple of more black and pink dots. It will give a 3D effect that make the dots appear in different dimensions.



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Daily: Confessions of a #SELFIE


Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies, and thanks to her, the world has adopted the shameless embrace of human vanity. 
So this is me joining the ferris wheel of vanity, and posting a #selfie. 
Join me as I explore all the shameful little secrets of a confessing Selfie. 

1.) Duck Face Joke.
Oops! If there was ever a more hilarious joke played on mankind, it would be the falsified rumor of "duck face" as being sexy.
 If it would have stopped as a ridiculous protruding of the lips it would have been fine. However,  now duck lips has become the real deal? The bigger the pout the better. The lips are puffed up with fillers and overly lined to extremes. Yes, you look like a duck. Congratulations?

2.) It's All About the Angles.
I think by now we all know photos taken from above, will slim the face, while the reverse happens as the angle lowers. Therefore, whether you have  a double chin or a perfect shaped head, it is in the angles alone that the best selfie view is created.

3.) Filter it Different.
Filters are used on almost everyones photos. They are tools of manipulation and the images you see are not true to life. The right filter on the right selfie, tells two totally different stories.

4.) #nofilter #no makeup.
Just because you see flawless skin on a no filter or no makeup selfie, it doesn't mean it is true.
The answer to flawless skin is in catching the light on your face, and it will magically buff out imperfections on your skin.

5.) Face Obsession
Whether you like it or not, taking selfies makes you more aware of your face. The problem is, what you see and what you may or may not like is not reality. We all know how angles, light, and filters are just a few ways an image can be manipulated. Therefore, so much attention should not be focused around what you think you look like, but how you feel despite what you "think".


Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Daily: 4 Ways to Style All Black

Wearing all black is often misunderstood as simply "gothic", but in reality it is an extremely chic way to play with textures, attitudes, and moods. It is a powerful, professional, and  cool styling skill every fashion lover should master.

First of all, in order to style black well, we must understand the very nature of it. Black unlike color, does not reflect light but absorbs it. Visual impressions experienced while looking at black is the lack of light itself.
So how does this, scientific mumbo jumbo have anything to do with fashion?
Fashion is all about the visual expression and manipulation of what we see and feel. The more you understand it, the more interesting your style will evolve.

Here my 4 Ways to Style Black:

                                 SHINY and EMBELLISHED

With black being the absence of light, nothing catches your eye quite like shiny, or reflective black material. Materials like, leather, pleather, vinyl, silk, or velvet are all edgy ways to attract attention while deflecting it. This look can be styled from ultra chic to rocker cool in a matter of seconds. 

                                           MATTE BLACK

Wearing loose, matte black is an excellent  way to pull off an elegant and sophisticated look. It is a combination of modesty while still maintaining high level of  mystery and seduction. There is an air of confidence and simplicity to the various layering of black on black.

                             SHEER BLACK & SHOE STYLE

Sheer black strategically maneuvered with matte black is an interesting way to play with visual textures. Add a fun shoe and your entire look is elevated to a visual museum. 

                                   COVER ME BLACK

A colorful hat with all black is a cool way to spice up an outfit and add playfulness. However, if the hat is dark and covers most of your face, while wearing dark sunglasses, be aware of the message you are sending to the world. "Leave me Alone."
This is definitely my go to look when I feel like being anti-social, and pretending I'm deaf and cannot recognize anyone. Dont deny,we've all done it. 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall Daily: Why Not so Daily?

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for being such great supporters of Talk Fashion, and continuously visiting my site. I appreciate your loyalty very much and I feel I owe you an explanation for why "Fall Daily", is not quite so daily?

Of course, there is no excuse for not keeping a promise and posts should go up every single day. For this factor alone, I am sorry. 
However, I do not want you to believe I do not care, or that my words hold no integrity. Posting everyday, is something I take very seriously and I am working very hard to not miss anymore days. Missed days will be made up with daily doubles. 

Thank you for your support and kindness. 



Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall Daily: 4 Ways to Wear Knee High Socks

Fall style is all about warm colors and cozy comfort. Soft knee high socks are a fun, easy way to quickly add spice to any outfit. Depending on your styling choices, it can be worn soft and romantic, extra girly, tomboy cool, or preppy chic.
Either way you chose to wear this very snuggly style, you are guaranteed to feel flirtatious and feminine. 

4 Ways to Wear Knee High Socks:

                                   SOFT And ROMANTIC

Soft and Romantic is personally my favorite, and closest to my Fall Style. The entire look is effortless, and ultra feminine. There are no rough edges or harsh fabrics. Everything is soft and snuggly, styled with quirky blouses, and blanket sweaters. Make up is worn minimal and hair is styled in relaxed waves. 

                                            GIRLY GIRL

The girly girl, usually styles knee high socks with a A-line mini skirt. It is feminine and flirtatious without being overtly sexy. There is a level of innocence that keeps the look tasteful, and sweet.

                                          TOMBOY COOL

Tomboy Cool, is also one of my favorite styles to pair knee high socks with shorts. The entire look is interesting due to the opposing characters of boyish charm, and sexy sweetness. This look is effortless cool and fun to pair with loose cotton Tees and a stylish hat. 

                                        PREPPY CHIC

Preppy Chic is inspired by school uniforms. It is a fun translation on a rather orthodox look. Pair your knee high socks with plaid skirts, blazers, and collared shirts. 
The look is elegant, sophisticated and playful!



Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Daily: I Feel Fat

I know I am not fat, but I feel fat. 
Truth be told, my attempt at dieting and eating healthy has been a gigantic fail this month. (Hence, the "Healthy Recipes" or diet updates, have gone non-existent.)
The patterns are always the same in my life, things  get stressful, I get tired, and then I get sloppy. 
Like a room that gets messy, feeling fat is me being lazy and feeling out of control. I eat an entire bag of chips not because I want or need it, but because it is oddly therapeutic. It feels good to crunch your sorrows away, but as we all know, such actions have consequences. Like laundry, that is piled on the floor, one day you will have to deal with it. The longer you wait the more work that piles on. 

To eat or not to eat?
In High School, I found it amusing how my beautiful friends would nibble on their carrots and celery, while other girls envied them for their "perfect physique." 
The truth is, everyone struggles with their body image. Whether you are fat, chubby,or stick thin, we all have our own issues. The importance is therefore not on your body, but your lifestyle. You know what you eat, and you know how you live your life.
 When I am in control and I cook deliciously "healthy" meals, I feel radiant from the inside out. I can feel the positivity multiply and the boost in my energy. I internally know I am treating my life in a loving way, and that makes me feel good. 
When I throw in the towel, and binge on pizza, chips, and donuts, I feel like a hot mess. Don't get me wrong, a happy mess, but quickly followed by a heavy dose of regret and negativity. 

Here's to eating smart, and loving our bodies.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Daily: Designing with a Children's Toy?

It's always around this time of year, that knitting becomes a bit of an obsession of mine.There is something rather therapeutic about repetitive motions of needling soft yarn through my fingers while sipping a cup of hot tea. 
Currently, I discovered this children's toy that I purchased several years ago in Brussels. It creates a rope type effect, with selected yarn and currently my guilty pleasure. 
Ironically, my mom saw my toy and informed me that she also played with a similar toy when she was a child. It made me laugh, because here I thought it was new, and yet again, I have realized I was born in the wrong generation. 

Inspiring several accessories of my winter collection, here is one I recently finished. It is a black and gold, chain necklace adorned by two vintage pins, and currently my favorite. 

Currently I am working on this varying shade of moss green, and feeling rather inspired to adding some beading details. 

Will keep you posted!


Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fashion of Lights

Light partnered with darkness, has mesmerized humans since the beginning of time. Like stars that dance through the darkness of night, fashion illuminated, holds no limits. 

Unlike fabric or structured materials, the natural nature of lights, can illuminate the positive while blending the negative into the darkness. Mimicking limitless structures, illusions, and whimsical mystery, one cannot help but debate what is real and what is not. 

The movement of light, and the rhythm it holds, is a unique characteristic for designers to play with. It gives fashion the ability to feel and react. The experience of fashion is no longer stagnant but an ever evolving display of virtual style.

Involving lights into what we wear, awakens a new visual sense. it heightens new possibilities of creativity and stretches the boundaries of what we know, and where we can go. 

Like light, life holds no limits. It is only in the boundaries of darkness, that our possibilities lie hidden.


Paris Is About Life

For those of you who are long time readers of Talk Fashion, are aware of my love for France. 
My heart, once set on fire by this breathtaking city of lights, it is electric, breathtaking and unforgettable. Paris is LIFE. 
Unlike anywhere else in the world, Paris is buzzing with dreams, beauty, and love. Supremely poetic, and infinitely free in artistic nature, it is no surprise it is a strong leader of fashion, literature, art, and music. The attack on such a place of "Life" is the biggest tragedy of all.

Such a tragedy in a social media world, has quickly led the world to send prayers under the #prayforfrance . However, should we really pray for France?

Interestingly enough, French cartoonist, and ex Charlie Hebdo artist, Joann Sfar,has asked the world not to pray for the city of lights, but rather understand what paris is really about.


Rejecting prayers from around the world is controversial, and it is no surprise that it has stirred quite a global debate. 
Sfar brings an interesting point about how we easily create hashtags about things we know nothing about. "Praying" for an issue revolving around religion itself, is logically not the most sensitive nor smartest choice of words. However, do any of us actually think beyond what we feel, and what we want to do? Perhaps, largely this very human characteristic is the cause of most of our problems. 
 Sending thoughts of love is a beautiful thing, but, creating a positive change requires global empathy and universal understandings. Research the real issues of how and what is happening to our world. Write about it, speak about it, and together, lets find REAL solutions.

Take care, be safe, and spread love. #parisisaboutlife


Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Daily: "A Touch of Love"

Jewelry is often a simple fashion statement. However,  sometimes, if you are lucky, you will be gifted a piece that is a touch of love.  These pieces are magical, sentimental, and heartfelt. They touch you in a way that goes beyond fashion, and straight to your heart. 

My "touch of love" pieces, were gifted to me by my mother. She received the the ring from her mother, and the necklace from her father when she was a young girl. I loop the ring into the necklace, and wear them together, and something about it, fills my heart with magic. 

My mind is flooded with imagery of what it must have been like to be my grandfather as he went shopping around stores looking for this very necklace to gift to my mother. What must have rushed through his head as he debated which item to choose, and what she would like. I wonder what it must have been like to see my mother's reaction as she opened this very gift, and now to have it strung around my very neck, I cannot help but melt into smiles. 

Although, my grandfather is no longer with us, I still remember him daily. His relationship with my mother was a beautiful one, and something I admired greatly.  I am not close to my own father, and quite honestly, do not know much about what having a father is really like. Such love between father and daughter is a beautiful one, and although I may not have that in my life, I feel blessed to have a token of that love between my mom and grand-daddy. 

Join me tomorrow for more daily Fall style!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 Ways Not to be BORING!

It is so easy to preach, "Don't be Boring!", but what are some real solutions to solving this "snoozing" dilemma? Here are my top 5 tips to never be boring!

1.) Normal is Boring! 
Despite everything you have learned at school, "fitting in" is probably the worst behavioral skill we obsess over. "Normal" is a state of mind, and an idea cemented into our brain as "the way we all should be". It doesn't matter if the idea is ridiculous or lacking in logic, simply because we don't even realize we are doing it. 
Looking to others as guidelines for our own lives is normal, and almost all of us do it. However, is it the smartest way to live?
It really depends on what you want for your own life, but if creativity and individuality is something you desire you will have to shut off the desire to be "normal". Why not start desiring to be YOU?

2.) Understanding the Difference Between Copying and Being Inspired.
With social media in full swing, it is very hard to not be influenced by what the world is currently doing. Every second Instagram can be refreshed with new photos of other blogger/celebrity style. With so much information flooding our psyche how is it possible to know what is your idea and what is not?
The key to originality is to never copy and to find inspiration from a broader spectrum. 
Think bigger. Pick things you like from different designers, eras, nature, etc. Look in unlikely places. The more you limit who or what you are inspired by, the more likely, you will just end up copying. 

3.) Popular Does Not Mean Good.
Whether it be trends, like buttons, or social popularity, quality has nothing to do with how many people like you. Therefore, never base your judgements or desires by the humber of people who approve your decision. The most important thing is your own opinion. What do you THINK? Do any of us ever listen to that voice in our heart that sings with creativity? 

4.) Your Finger Print is a Reminder
Considering how many billions of people have roamed this earth, it is pretty amazing that not one has the same pattern of finger prints. This should be a constant reminder to all of us, that we have the potential for so much individuality. We were not born to be the same. If everyone truly cherished the uniqueness they are born with and stopped trying to fit into a one size fits all cookie cutter, we would all be far more interesting!

Take care.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Daily: What's in My Make Up Bag?

Over the years, I have learned that "simplifying" is the key to success. We all probably own more make up than we can handle, and the only way to actually use it, is to carefully edit. 
The system that has worked for me, is to take a moment when you have time and carefully pre-select key pieces to create a gorgeous look. They should be minimal enough that they comfortably fit into a normal size beauty bag. 
You can change it out per occasion, or by week, but all essential pieces are right at your finger tips. There is no need to shuffle through piles of lipstick, or panic over a certain pink blush. Everything is waiting and ready to go. 

Having good make up brushes is the difference between having a good day and a bad one. 
Think about it, the first thing you do in the morning is skincare, then make up. Good brushes, set your morning off with positivity. The ultra soft bristles, and well made grip are sure to get you smiling.

My personal choice is a travel brush set by AERIN. Interestingly, the case is not by AERIN but by Lisbeth Dahl and originally contained a nail kit. 

Chanel is my favorite make up brand, and travel palettes are my beauty weakness. Not only do you have quality at your finger tips, it is also a great way to take a day look into evening. 

This particular palette was a gift and is sold only online or duty free. It contains mascara, 5 eyeshadows, 5 lip colors, blush, and powder. 

My favorite day time lip is CHANEL Rouge Allure, 17 Emotion and lip liner, 49 Rose Corail.

My favorite spicy lip is COVERGIRL, 307 Seduce, with NARS lip pencil, Cruella.

For natural looking skin, I am currently loving tarte, full coverage Amazonian Clay foundation. As a concealer for spots I use physicians formula. For a soft glow, I use Too faced, Candlelight. 

For eyebrows, I am currently loving, Dolly Wink, brown and my favorite eyelash curler is by Cle de peau.

Join me tomorrow for more Daily Fall Style!


Fall Daily Apologies

Dear Readers,

I would like to send out my sincerest apologies for the absence of "Fall Daily" for an entire week. 
Although there really is no justified excuse for breaking a promise, my "explanation" is related entirely to stress from multiple projects, and weak will power. I am sorry. 
However, to make it up to all of you, I will be posting twice this week, and provide fresh new content with a more personal twist! 

Fall Daily will resume from tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Maya Horikawa